Dorsey, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers

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Source: 1900 US Federal Census. District 38, Precinct #23. Dorsey, Colfax County, New Mexico.

Gavino Baca, February 1865, New Mexico, Railroad tie contractor; Luciana (wife) March 1868, New Mexico, married 12 years, 7 children, 6 living; Antonio (son) November 1889, New Mexico; Clarita (daughter) December 1891, New Mexico; Vicenta (daughter) August 1893, New Mexico; Margarito (son) July 1894, New Mexico; Adela (daughter) September 1896, New Mexico; Cleotilde (daughter) October 1897, New Mexico;

Ramon Blea, October 1875, New Mexico, Railroad laborer; Magdalena (wife) March 1875, New Mexico, married 1 year, no children; Miguel Quintana (step son) February 1899, New Mexico;

Sotera Blea see Eusebio Gonzales

Pedro Chavez, March 1850, New Mexico, Stock Raiser; Donaciana (wife) January 1855, New Mexico, married 30 years, 13 children, 9 living; Felix (son) February 1876, New Mexico, Ranch laborer; Eleuterio (son) April 1878, New Mexico, Ranch laborer; Severo (son) August 1880, New Mexico, Ranch laborer; Delfinia (daughter) May 1883, New Mexico; Matilde (daughter) April 1887, New Mexico; Antonio J. (son) April 1892, New Mexico; Placida D (daughter) March 1894, New Mexico; Eloisa (daughter) March 1896, New Mexico; Eduardo M (son) January 1898, New Mexico; Fares Fernandez (servant) March 1877, New Mexico, Sheep Herder;

William Edward see A.V. Mauby

Fares Fernandez see Pedro Chavez

Lino Fernandez, August 1856, New Mexico, Railroad laborer; Sinforosa (wife) September 1861, New Mexico, married 20 years, 7 children, 3 living; Jose D (son) June 1883, New Mexico; Emelina (daughter) March 1889, New Mexico; Aureliano (son) July 1894, New Mexico;

Eusebio Gonzales, December 1860, New Mexico, Wood chopper; Ambrosia (wife) December 1872, New Mexico, married 9 years, 2 children, 1 living; Juan D (son) August 1892, New Mexico; Sotera Blea (aunt) March 1860, New Mexico.

Alma and Louise Hendel see Fredrick Miller

Sarah Johnson see A.V. Mauby

Claudio Lopez, November 1870, New Mexico, Day laborer; Isabel (wife) October 1877, New Mexico, married 7 years, 4 children, 3 living; Doroteo (son) July 1896, New Mexico; Teresa (daughter) March 1898, New Mexico; Cleotilde (daughter) August 1899, New Mexico;

Francisco Lopez see A.V. Mauby

GabrielLopez, March 1856, New Mexico, Teamster; Adelaida (wife) December 1854, New Mexico, married 19 years, 14 children, 10 living; Lazaro (son) November 1872, New Mexico, Teamster; Trinidad (daughter) November 1874, New Mexico; Margarito (son) November 1879, New Mexico, Teamster; Josefita (daughter) March 1886, New Mexico; Lucinda (daughter) February 1889, New Mexico; Luisa (daughter) June 1891, New Mexico; Tomasa (mother, widow) May 1820, New Mexico, 1 child living; Manuel Tafoya (adopted son) January 1889, New Mexico;

Guadalupe Lopez, December 1850, New Mexico, Day laborer; Maria (wife) June 1854, New Mexico, married 30 years, 14 childrren, 10 living; Francisco (son) October 1874, New Mexico, Day laborer; Rafaelita (daughter) April 1883, New Mexico; Bersabe (daughter) February 1886, New Mexico; Eleuterio (son) November 1888, New Mexico; Pedro (son) April 1893, New Mexico; Felicita (daughter) February 1895, New Mexico; Ignacio (son) February 1897, New Mexico.

Juan Lopez, June 1861, New Mexico, Sheep Herder; Alcaria (wife) August 1865, New Mexico, married 19 years, 10 children, 5 living; Abel (son) September 1883, New Mexico, Sheep Herder; Adolfo (son) January 1888, New Mexico, Sheep Herder; Aniceta (daughter) April 1893, New Mexico; Jose L. (son) March 1898, New Mexico;

Macedonio Lopez, September 1868, New Mexico, Teamster; Carolina (wife) January 1876, New Mexico, married 8 years, 6 children, 4 living; Cleotilde (daughter) August 1894, New Mexico; Pablo (son) January 1896, New Mexico, New Mexico; Viviana (daughter) November 1897, New Mexico; Senaida (daughter) January 1900, New Mexico.

Salvador Lopez (widower), February 1876,  New Mexico, Day laborer; Reyes C (grandmother, widow) December 1831, 10 children, 5 living; Miguel Martinez (cousin) March 1892, New Mexico; Guillermo Martinez (cousin) June 1893, New Mexico; Isidoro Martinez (cousin) January 1897, New Mexico; Alcaria Martinez (cousin) September 1898, New Mexico;

Miguel, Guillermo, Isidoro, and Alcaria Martinez see Salvador Lopez.

A.V. Mauby, April 1858, England, emigrated 1882, Stock Raiser; Margaret (wife) July 1869, Ireland, emigrated 1890, married 3 years, 1 child, living; Emily F (daughter) May 1898, New Mexico; Sarah Johnson (servant) August 1875, Ireland, emigrated 1892, Domestic; William Edward (servant) January 1877, England, emigrated 1899, Ranch laborer; Francisco Lopez (servant) October 1874, New Mexico, Ranch laborer;

Fredrick Miller, March 1870, Austria, emigrated 1893, Farmer; Alma Hendel (mother, widowed) April 1840, Austria, emigrated 1893, 10 children, 9 living;   Louise Hendel (sister) June 1873, Austria, emigrated 1893,

Robert Morris, December 1860, Missouri, Ranch laborer; Melvina (wife) October 1874, Utah, married 2 years, 1 child, living; Philip (son) December 1898, Arizona;

Miguel Quintana see Ramon Blea

Eugene Robert see John Welch,

Desiderio Sanchez, February 1870, New Mexico, Railroad laborer; Rebeca (wife) April 1881, New Mexico, married 1 year, no children.

Eugenio Sanchez, November 1849, New Mexico, Teamster; Catarina (wife) April 1876, New Mexico, married 2 years, no children; Desiderio (son) February 1876, New Mexico, Railroad laborer.

Julio Sandoval, December 1876, New Mexico, Railroad laborer; Amada (wife) December 1877, New Mexico, married 4 years, 2 children, 1 lilving; Dionicio (son) April 1899, New Mexico.

Manuel Tafoya see Gabriel Lopez

John Welch, October 1867, Ohio, Railroad laborer; Annie (wife) October 1868, Wyoming, married 2 years, no children; Charles Wickenburg (boarder) January 1852, Sweden, emigrated 1869, Railroad laborer; Eugene Robert (boarder) July 1860, French Canada, emigrated 1879, Railroad laborer;

Charles Wickenburg see John Welch,