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United States Gotoarrow.png Kansas Gotoarrow.png Doniphan County

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Online Records

County Courthouse

Doniphan County Courthouse
Main Street
Troy, KS 66087
Phone: 785.985.3513 

Clerk District Court has birth and death reords1898-1910, marriage, divorce, probate and court records from 1856.
Register of Deeds has land records from 1858.
A yearly county census is taken.[1]


Named for Col. Alexander W. Doniphan, of Missouri. He commanded a regiment of cavalry during the Mexican War, marching across the plains, and taking a very prominent part in the conquest of New Mexico. He was a zealous partisan in the effort made to extend slavery into Kansas.

Wikipedia has more about this subject: Doniphan County, Kansas

Parent County

1855--Doniphan County was created 30 August 1855 as an original county. County seat: Troy [2]

Boundary Changes

Record Loss


Populated Places

Iowa Point
White Cloud

Extinct Communities

Arizona, Belmont Trading post, Bryan, Buffalo, Charlestown, Cold Spring Pony Express Station, Columbus, Cottonwood Springs, Evansville, Fairview, Green Top, Iola, Lafayette, LaPorte, Lawrence, LeRoy, Lewiston, Mount Vernon, Normanville, Palermo, Petersburgh, Rogersville, Smithton, Syracuse, Walnut Grove.

Kansas Heritage gives details on all these locations.

Neighboring Counties
Doniphan and surrounding counties

Note: The wandering Missouri River forms Dohiphan's northern and eastern borders separating it from the Missouri counties of Holt, Andrew, and Buchanan. The main population center for the area is St Joseph, Buchanan, Missouri which, because of the meander of the river, almost surrounds the Doniphan town of Elwood. Doniphan's larger towns; Elwood, Wathena, and Troy; all lay in the vicinity of St Joseph, Missouri.  It is important to look for records of residence of Doniphan in these surrounding Nebraska and Missouri counties especially Buchanan, Missouri.



Kansas State Historical Society holds these titles on microfilm.  They may be available through interlibrary loan:

  • Cemetery record, Mt. Olive Cemetery, Troy, KS, 1871-1913 [AR 6783]

List of Doniphan cemeteries in 1906 according to  Transactions of the Kansas State Horticultural Society, vol. XXVIII (1906), pp. 325-377.[3] With additions from Doniphan County, Kansas, GenWeb and Doniphan County Cemeteries.  A surname index to many of these cemeteries, "Cemetery Readings of Doniphan Co., KS" by Speedy & Gail Stewart,  can be found at Doniphan County Cemeteries.

Andersons - Denton
Bellemont - Wathena
Bitner - Bendena
Carters - Blair
Chapple (Abbett)
Charleston - Troy
Columbus - Wathena
Courter-Ritchey - Troy
Denton - Denton
Doniphan - Doniphan
Edwards (Buzard)
France (family)
Fanning (St James) - Sparks
Fanning (Prot) - Sparks
German Reform C
Hedrick (Jenkins)
Highland - Highland
Iola - Sparks
Iowa Point - Oregon
Jackson - Wathena
Jordan Creek Baptist Church - Bendena
King Hill - Doniphan
Lafayette Cemetery and Others - Sparks
Martin - Oregon
Moskau - Wathena
Mosquito Creek
Mt. Calvary - Oneida
Mt. Olive - Troy
New Hope
Oak Hill - Highland
Old Home - Troy
Olive Branch (White Cloud) - White Cloud
Pleasant Hill
Robertsons - Bendena
Rosedale (Cordonier) - Gear City
St. Benedict - Bendena
St. Charles (Catholic Cemetery) - Troy
St. Mary's - Denton
Syracuse - Fanning
Tambor (Hartman) - Wathena
Victory - Bendena
Walnut Grove
Wolf River
Zion (Smith Creek)


LDS Ward and Branch Records

  • Wathena

Court - District and Probate

Doniphan County Clerk

(785) 985- 3513 Fax (785) 985-3723
Mailing Address – P.O. Box 278 - Troy, Kansas 66087
Physical Address – 120 East Chestnut - South Side 1st Floor - County Courthouse - Troy, Kansas
Office Hours: Monday-Friday 8:00 A.M. - 5:00 P.M.

District Court

(785) 985-3582 & (785) 985-3583 Fax (785) 985-2402
Mailing Address - P.O. Box 295 - Troy, Kansas 66087
Physical Address - 120 East Chestnut - 2nd Floor County Courthouse -Troy, Kansas

Kansas State Historical Society holds these titles on microfilm.  They may be available through interlibrary loan:

  • Civil appearance dockets, 1858-1923 [AR 6751-6755]
  • District court journals, 1858-1918 [AR 6755-6762]
  • Judgement docket and record book, 1858-1926 [AR 6762-6763]
  • Marriage records, 1856-1921 [AR 6746-6749]
  • Naturalization index, 1881-1942 [AR 6750]
  • Naturalization certificate stubs, 1925-1928 [AR 6750]
  • Naturalization declaration of intention, petitions, and record, 1906-1934 [AR 6750]
  • Naturalization final record, 1859-1910 [AR 6763-6766]
  • Naturalization miscellaneous citizenship papers, 1905-1934 [AR 6750]
  • Probate court index and abstracts, 1855-1938 [AR 6767, AR 6778]
  • Probate court journals, 1858-1923 [AR 6778-6783]
  • Probate case files, 1857-1917 [AR 6796-6797, AR 6784-6793, AR 6798, AR 7066-7067, AR 11934]
  • Will records, 1882-1915 [AR 6767-6769]
  • Other probate records, 1858-1935 [AR 6766-6778, AR 6784-6798, AR 7066-7067]


Register of Deeds

Phone - (785) 985-3932
Mailing Address - P.O. Box 73 - Troy, Kansas 66087
Physical Address - 120 E Chestnut Troy, Kansas 66087

Kansas State Historical Society holds these titles on microfilm. They may be available through interlibrary loan:

  • Indexes, 1856-1908 [AR 6651-6652, AR 6681-6683]
  • Deed and mortgage records, 1856-1919 [AR 6649, AR 6652-6683, AR 6698]
  • Troy City Cemetery record, Mt. Olive Cemetery, 1871-1913 [AR 6783]

Local Histories

  • Bendena Centennial Committee. Bendena, Kansas, Centennial, 1887-1987. N.p.: 1988. (K978.1/-D71/B432).
  • Brazelton, Ralph. History of Wathena, Kansas. N.p.: 1978. (K978.1/-D71/ Pam.v.1/no. 4).
  • Bridges, C.G. A Sketch of Doniphan County, Kansas. Troy, KS: Bulletin Office, 1878. (K978.1/-D71/ Pam.v.1/no. 2).
  • Caldwell, Martha B., ed. "Records of the Squatter Association of Whitehead District, Doniphan County". Kansas Historical Quarterly 13 (Feb. 1944): 16-35. (SP 906/K13q). Available online.
  • Cutler, William G., "Doniphan County," History of the State of Kansas. Chicago, IL: A. T. Andreas, 1883. Available online.
  • "Doniphan Village Twice Site of Once-Thriving Community", Atchison Daily Globe (2nd). Dec. 11, 1949. [1 p.]. (Reel: A1859).
  • Gray, Patrick L. Gray's Doniphan County History: A record of the happenings of half a hundred years. Bendena, KS: Roycroft Press, 1905. (Reel: MF 295, no. 7). See the whole book online; or a complete transcription.
  • Historical Plat Book of Doniphan County, Kansas with illistrations. (1882) Chicogo, IL: J S Bird. (Digitized) Along with maps with family names on indivdual plots, this book contains a county history, population, demographics, organizations, government, newspapers, biographical sketches, and more.
    • Kansas State Historical Society. Doniphan County Clippings, 1858-1988. (4 vols.). Topeka, KS: KSHS, n.d. (K978.1/-D71/Clipp.).
  • ________. Index to Gray's Doniphan County History. Topeka, KS: KSHS, 1974. (Reel: MF 295, no. 8).
  • Kercher, Delno. History of Leona, 1885. N.p.: n.d. (K978.1/-D71/Mss/no. 1).
  • Lynn, C.P. "Makers of Kansas History: A Series of Sketches of Characters & Events". Ness County News & Ness City Times. May 26-June 30, 1906. [6 pp.]. (Reel: N497).
  • Montgomery, Walter B. "Illustrated Doniphan County, 1837-1916". [Troy] Weekly Kansas Chief. Apr. 6, 1916. [386 pp.]. (Reel: T2069).
  • Smith, R.F., ed. Doniphan County, Kansas: History & Directory for 1868-9. N.p.: Smith, Vaughan & Co., 1868. (Reel: LM 475, no. 1).  Also available on Google Books.


Plat Book of Doniphan County Kansas. (1904) (Digitized) This atlas includes plats of the townships and largest towns of Doniphan County with the names of landholders. It also includes a patrons' directory.

Historical Plat Book of Doniphan County, Kansas with illistrations. (1882) Chicogo, IL: J S Bird. (Digitized)


Early migration routes to and from Doniphan County, Kansas Genealogy for European and African American settlers included:


Men from this County enlisted in 1st Infantry Regiment, Company A.


Kansas State Historical Society houses one of the largest newspaper collections.  They have 225 reels of Doniphan newspapers which may be available through interlibrary loan. Titles include Highland Vidette 1892 - 2002, Weekly Kansas Chief 1873 - 1918, Kansas Chief 1920 - 2003, Severance Weekly News 1891 - 1926, Wathena Times 1905 - 2001, White Cloud Globe (Tribune) 1892 - 1946, White Cloud Review 1883 - 1921, and many more.

School Records

Kansas State Historical Society holds these titles on microfilm. They may be available through interlibrary loan:

  • Scholastic census, 1892-1916 [AR 6683-6685, AR 6699-6701]


Vital Records

Kansas State Historical Society holds these titles on microfilm. They may be available through interlibrary loan:

  • Marriage records, 1856-1921 [AR 6746-6749]
  • Vital statistics, 1898-1916 [AR 6749]

Societies and Libraries

Doniphan County Library Distict (785) 985-2597

Central Library 105 N. Main / P. O. Box 458 / Troy, KS 66087


  • Elwood Branch Library (913) 365-2409;  410 N. 9th / Elwood, Kansas 66024
  • Highland Branch Library (785) 442-3078;  306 W. Main / Highland, Kansas 66035
  • Wathena Branch Library (785) 989-4834;  206 St. Joseph / Wathena, KS 66090

Highland Community College Library (785) 442-6000 505 West Main St. / Highland, Kansas 66035

Doniphan County Historical Society, 105 North Main, Troy, KS 66087

Ma Hush Kah Historical Society, Route 2, Box 16, White Cloud, KS 66094

Family History Centers

Web Sites


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