Dinwiddie County, Virginia Compiled Genealogies

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United States  Gotoarrow.png  Virginia  Gotoarrow.png  Dinwiddie County Gotoarrow.png   Dinwiddie County Genealogy

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It is anticipated that this bibliography will eventually identify all known family histories published about residents of this county. Use this list to:

  • Locate publications about direct ancestors
  • Find the most updated accounts of an ancestor's family
  • Identify publications, to quote Elizabeth Shown Mills, about an ancestor's "FAN Club" [Friends, Associates, and Neighbors]


As of November 2010, a query for individuals born in Dinwiddie, Virginia at World Connect, results in more than 20,000 entries.

Dinwiddie County, Virginia Surnames (courtesy: Linkpendium) contains links to more than 50 online resources about this county's families, including compiled genealogies.


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