Denmark: Fixed and Moveable Feast Days beginning with F

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Fabian 20 January
Facundus 27 November
Faith 6 October
Fastelavns Søndag see Quinguagesima
Fasten Sonntag see Quinguagesima
Fastmas see Hvide Tirsdag
Fausta 20 September
Faustinus 15 February
Faustus mart. 13 October
Febronia 25 June
Feiste Sonntag see Quinguagesima
Felicianus 9 June
Felicianus ep. mart. 20 October
Felicissimus 18 May
Felicissimus mart. 6 August
Felicitas 7 March
Felicitas virg. Mart 23 November
Felicula virg. mart 13 June
Felix in pincis 14 January
Felix presb. 14 January
Felix ep. Mart. 21 February
Felix pres. Fortun. 23 April
Felix ep. Spolet 18 May
Felix pap. 30 May
Felix et Nabor 12 July
Fekix II et Simplic. 29 July
Felix et Adauctus 30 August
Felix et Cyprianus 12 October
Felix in Monast. C.F 4 November
Felix et Eusebus 5 November
Felix ep. Nolanus 15 November
Feltestag, Vitus 15 June
Femte Søn. efter Påske see Rogate
Femte Søn. før Påske see Reminiscere
Femte Søn. i Fasten see Judica
Ferdinandus 19 October
Feria means a day of fair or holiday
Feria Nativ Christi 25 December
Festum Magorum Orientaldum 6 January
Festum Nominis Jesu 7 August
Festum Sanctorum 28 December
Fidelis mart. 23 March
Fidelis mart. 28 October
Fidentag 6 October
Fides 1 August
Fides virg. mart. 6 October
Fiduntag 6 October
Fifty (50 ma) see Quinguagesima
Filicitas 18 January
Findanus 17 February
Finiliter the same date as the date before (ditto)
Firminus 25 September
Fjerde (4th) Søn. Efter Påske see Cantate
Fjerde (4th) Søn. Før Påske see Oculi
Fjerde (4th) Søn. i Advent see 4. Adventis
Fjerde (4th) Søn. i Fasten see Laetare
Flavia 7 May