Delaware in the War of 1812

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The declaration of war in June 1812 caused the Delaware government to take action. In November 1812, it activated the militia and began ordering military supplies.[1]

On 26 December 1812, the British declared a blockade of the Delaware and Chesapeake bays though the British Fleet did not arrive in the area until 4 Feb 1813. The British did not start activities on the Delaware Bay until March 1813.[1]

On 6 April 1813, the British ship, Pocitiers, bombed the town of Lewes, Delaware. Several houses were destroyed, but no one was killed. Until the end of the war, one or more British ships were in the area and destroyed a few smaller American boats.[1]

During the war, Delaware furnished 3,316 infantry men, 147 cavalry men, 318 artillery men, and 57 men in miscellaneous units for a total of 3,838 men.[2]

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