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Most archives, historical societies, and genealogical societies have special collections and indexes of genealogical value. Some of these must be searched in person. Further, Pennsylvania genealogies sometimes contain genealogies of people from Delaware. See also the "Genealogy" section of the Pennsylvania Research Outline.

Delaware Public Archives

Major collections of compiled genealogies in the Delaware Public Archives include:

Turner, Joseph Brown. Genealogical Collection of Delaware Families. Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1948. (on 652 Family History Library microfiche microfiche beginning with 6361460.) This excellent collection has about 3,000 alphabetically arranged files with genealogies, pedigrees, correspondence, newspaper clippings, etc. The Delaware Public Archives  has these records online at:

Historical Society of Delaware Files

The following four sources are at the Historical Society of Delaware, but not at the Family History Library. These following sources cover the 1600s to the early 1900s:

Family Surname File.This is a surname with given name file of about 500,000 cards. It is the first source people go to at the Historical Society. It indexes church records, newspaper obituaries, the Catherine Harkness and Jeanette Eckmann research collection, and family history files which are kept in other collections at the historical society. Also included are cards submitted by genealogists researching Delaware families. The society will search it for you for a fee.

Family History File. This is a separate file, and it is indexed in the Family Surname File, above. The Family History File consists of alphabetical folders containing miscellaneous family material. Each folder contains information ranging from miscellaneous notes to complete genealogies.

Book Card Catalog. This catalog includes family histories in published books and pamphlets.

Manuscript Card Catalog. This catalog includes letters, diaries, business records, organizational records, unpublished genealogical information, and other manuscript material. It can be searched by surname.

Published Collections

Virdin, Donald Odell. Delaware Family Histories and Genealogies. St. Michaels, Maryland: Raymond B. Clark, 1984. (Family History Library book 975.1 A1 no. 11.) This lists 215 published family histories about persons who lived in Delaware between the 1630s-1980s.

Turner, Charles Henry Black. Genealogical Notes, Sussex & Kent Counties, Delaware . . . Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah, 1965. (Family History Library films 441425-31; index on Family History Library film 441425.) This contains records of people who lived about 1600-1950s. This collection has family history pamphlets, articles, deeds, wills, and other original documents. It was microfilmed at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

Rider, Fremont, ed. American Genealogical- Biographical Index. Volumes 1-186+. Middletown, Connecticut: Godfrey Memorial Library, 1952-. (Family History Lobraru book 973 D22am serial 2; on 31 Family History Library films.) This is a continuing series. An earlier version of 48 volumes was published as The American Genealogical Index, 1942-1951. Over 4 million brief citations (name, date, and source) to manuscripts, periodicals, and books. The earlier version indexed 350 sources. The second version includes the original 350 sources and an additional 800 sources.

To help interpret citations and locate the original sources, use the colored pages in some volumes of:

Clark, Patricia L., and Dorothy Huntsman, eds. American Genealogical Biographical Key Title Index. Salt Lake City, Utah: Genealogical Society of Utah. 1990. (Family History Library book 973 D22am index; film 1698167 item 4; fiche 6088377.) Lists the sources that are at the Family History Library and their call numbers.

Printing Your Family History

Pulling together a family history is without question one of the most rewarding activities you can do. The end product will provide a wonderful depository for family stories, traditions, and other memories. The fruits of your labors will be appreciated for years to come.

Brigham Young University's Print and Mail Production Center offers facilities and consultants to assist genealogists in printing their family histories. Their consultants can answer questions regarding formatting, layout, scanning photos, and can assist in the printing process.

Print and Mail Production Center's facilities include state of the art digital printing equipment, offset presses, and a full service bindery.

See also A Guide To Printing Your Family History

Name Changes

The following chart will help you trace families that may have had name changes:

The list is copied from "Campanius's description of New Sweden,"  printed in 1702 at Stockholm.  Many of the names have, since that day, undergone great changes in their orthography, and in some cases so great, as to destroy the resemblance.  The following short list will give some idea of the transformation to which they have been subjected.

Original name Changed to:
Bond Boon
Olle William
Bengtsson Bankson
Cock Cox
Konigh King
Kyn Keen
Gostafsson Justison and Justis
Hoppman Hoffman
Holsten Holstein
Halling Hewlings
Kalsberg Colesberry
Wihler Wheeler
Joccom Yocum
Van der Weer Vandever
Tossawa Tossa and Tussey
Stille Stilly
Dahlbo Dolbow
Seneca Sinnex and Sinex
Johansson Johnson
Thomasson Thomson
Paulson Poulson
Jonasson Jones
Meyer Myers
Von Cullen Culin
Van Nemans Vanneman

Immigrant Roots

Immigrant Roots in Wilmington County, Delaware:
The site contains the following records for Wilmington County, Delaware: Catholic Sacramental Records, City Directories, Census Records, Civil Death Records, Gravestone Inscriptions, Refugees from France and Haiti, and Record Finding Aids.
It also contains various records from Counties Galway, Mayo and Donegal, Ireland, such as:
Griffith's Valuation of Tenements 1855-1857, 1901 Census of Ireland Returns, Passenger Lists: Galway-New York 1846-1851, Passenger Lists: Londonderry-New Castle 1831-1841, Family Histories: Hannon, Hart, Lalley and  Record Finding Aids

Web Sites

Immigrant Roots: