Day County, Oklahoma Genealogy

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Day County, Oklahoma Territory was abolished at Oklahoma statehood. Split into Roger Mills County and Ellis County. [1]

Day County was one of the original counties of Oklahoma Territory. Day County was in the western part of the territory, along the Texas border. When it was originally established, it was known as E County (several Oklahoma counties carried only letter designations at the time). Day County's seat was Grand, Oklahoma, along the banks of the Canadian River, which ran down the middle of the county. [2]

When Oklahoma was granted statehood in 1907, several county lines were redrawn. Among the changes were Day County being split along the Canadian River. The section of the county north of the river became part of Ellis County, while the area south of the river is now northern Roger Mills County. Also, a narrow strip of land in the northeast of the old county now falls within the boundaries of Woodward County. [3]

The following present-day towns formerly were a part of Day County: Arnett, Angora, Crawford, Durham, Goodwin, and Roll. [4]


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