Dawson, Colfax County, New Mexico, Cemetery Details

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Dawson Cemetery

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Address:       Dawson, New Mexico

Location:      Dawson is between Cimarron and Raton, NM,  Turn north of US 64 on the Dawson Road, at Colfax and the Vermejo River.  The cemetery is on right side (east} just before the locked gate.

Elevation:     6341 feet

GPS:           Latitude: 36.65516 N     Longitude: -104.76903 W 

Map:            Interactive Map

Photos:         3 , 6 , 6, 8, 14, More photos; even more photos.                   

History:        Cemetery on Historic Registry.  Cemetery History , more 1,2,

Interments:   760   Details 1 , Details 2, Details 3, Details 4,

                   Cemetery Inscriptions. Cemetery Plot Map. Cemetery Survey Map.

Helpful Links: wikipedia, Persons who lived and worked in Dawson,  .


J. B. Dawson Family Cemetery

Address:     Dawson, New Mexico 

Location:     The John Barkley Dawson Family Cemetery in northwest of the Dawson Mine cemetery, between Cimarron and Raton, NM,  Turn north on the Dawson Road at Colfax and the Vermejo River. The cemetery is northwest of the Dawson townsite, inside the locked gate.

Elevation:    6,350 feet

GPS:          Latitude: 36.65919 N     Longitude: -104.78333 W 

Map:           Interactive Map

History:       Family papers,

Interments:   12     Details ; Cemetery Inscriptions. See only page 90.  The other inscriptions in this list of burials are in the Phelps Dodge Cemetery, a mile to the southeast

Helpful Links: