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The Patron Desktop computers (over 450 now!) have a great link that we call "Databases at the Family History Library." This section of our Desktop includes over 2800 "databases" that have been purchased by or donated to the Library for it's patrons to access.

Patron Desktop Page

These lists are set up in two different ways:

  1. Numeric by "CD Number" in the FamilySearch Catalog, and
  2. Alphabetic by CD Title. You can choose how you want to look for your specific database by choosing either the numeric list or the alphabetic list. There are then indexes that will help you find the general section of the list that will help you get closer to the database you are looking for.

By far the best way to get the database you want is to go to the FamilySearch Catalog at and find the database you want to look at there. We have added a fun feature in the Catalog so that if you are in the Family History Library you can click on the link in the Catalog entry and go directly to that database that is referenced there.