Danish Genealogical Words beginning with I

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Danish English
i in, at, to, into
ibidem ib, ibid (Latin) in the same place
idem (Latin) the same
ifølge according to
igen again
igennem through
igaar yesterday
ihjel, slaa ihjel kill
ikke not
ild fire
imellem between, among
imod against
imorgen tomorrow
inderste tenant, renter
indestaar vouch for the correctness of
indfandt appeared
indhold content
indlade let in, admit
indsidder tenant, renter
indskrive record, enroll, enter
indvandrer immigrant
indvandring immigration
infans (Latin) infant, child
indflytning moving in
ingen none
initiatus est (Latin) he was baptized
intet no, none, neither, nothing
introduceret introduced in church after childbirth