Czech Republic Population

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Police registration forms for Prague have been placed online at Currently there are 874,129 entries and eventually all data for the period 1850–1914 will be included. The site is in Czech, and it is necessary to use the correct Czech letters with diacritic marks. Use a word processor such as Microsoft Word to correctly form the word, and then copy and paste it into the search field. At the site, click on "hledani" (search). Key words at the search site are:

  novy dotaz = new inquiry
  zuzit (a zaroven) = selection (and in addition)
  zuzit (nebo) = selection (or)
  a zaroven = and in addition
  nebo = or
  prijmeni = Surname
  jmeno = first name (possible middle name in the next line with "a zaroven"
  in the first column and "jmeno" in the second column)
  rok narozeni = year of birth
  obsahuje = contains
  zacina = begins
  konci = ends
  je roven = „=“
  je vetsi = is larger „>“
  je mensi = is smaller „<“
  hledat = search