Czech Republic Opava Land Archive Finding Aid

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Finding records in this collection for a particular city, town, or village in the Opava Land Archive records can be difficult and time consuming. This page has been created for researchers to leave notes for finding places within the records.

The page numbers below refer to the online page number and not to the numbers printed or written at the top of the page.

To search the Opava Land Archive catalog for other cities and villages, click here. Help expanding the scope of this page is welcome from all researchers of the Opava Land Archive. Many hands make light work.

A helpful gazetteer for correlating the German and Czech place names may be found in the Gazetteer of Austria at this site. Free registration is required.

Localities (sorted by German place name)

Olbersdorf (Albrechtice u Rýmařova, Břidličná, Bruntál)

  • Catholic
    • Births, Marriages, Deaths 1694 - 1720, Call Number: R II 1.

Neudörfel, Langendorf, Hütte, Altbürgersdorf
(Nová Ves, Dlouhá Ves, Hutě, Staré Purkartice)

Church Records in the Opava Land Archive

Archive Reference
CN = Call Number
IN = Inventory Number

  • Births 1788 - 1830, CN: Kr XIII 4
    • Neudörfel [Nová Ves], pages 1-65
    • Hütte [Hutě], pages 105-117
    • Langendorf [Dlouhá Ves], pages 118-183
    • Altbürgersdorf [Staré Purkartice], pages 184-231
  • Births 1831 - 1850, CN: Kr XIII 8
    • Neudörfel [Nová Ves], pages 1-59
    • Hütte [Hutě], pages 92-103
    • Langendorf [Dlouhá Ves], pages 104-160
    • Altbürgersdorf [Staré Purkartice], pages 161-210
Staré Purkartice, Hošťálkovy, Czech Republic
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Dlouhá Ves, Hošťálkovy, Czech Republic
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