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[[image:Austrian gazetteer.jpg|thumbnail|left|300px|Gazetteer Left Page Heading Translation]]
[[image:Austrian gazetteer.jpg|thumbnail|left|300px|Gazetteer Left Page Heading Translation]]
[[image:Austrian gazetteer appendix.jpg|thumbnail|right|318px|Gazetteer Appendix Heading Translation]]
[[image:Austrian gazetteer appendix.jpg|thumbnail|right|318px|Gazetteer Appendix Heading Translation]]

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The gazetteer used for these historical Czechoslovak localities in the Family History Library Catalog was: Místopisný slovník Československé republiky. Film number 1183708 item 2, Book number 943.7 E5c.

Administratives Gemeindelexikon der Čechoslovakischen Republik

Administratives Gemeindelexikon der Čechoslovakischen Republik. (Administrative Gazetteer of the Czechoslovak Republik). Statistischen Staatsamte, Prague: Rudolf M. Rohrer 1927-28. (FHL book 943.7 E5a vol.1-2; FHL film 496719 vol.I and FHL film 496720 item 1 vol.II; FHL fiche 6000787).

This gazetteer gives information on all town and villages in Slovakia as it existed as part of Czechoslovakia after 1918. In addition, it includes places in Sub-Carpathian Russia (Podkarpatská Rus), now a part of the Ukraine, which belonged to Czechoslovakia between the first and second world wars. The gazetteer is arranged by political districts with one index for the entire republic.

Volume I includes all of Bohemia, Volume II includes Moravia, Austrian Silesia, Slovakia, Sub-Carpathian Russia and a main index at the end.

Main index (pages 257-321) lists all place names in alphabetical order, as well as most German and Hungarian versions. It is alphabetized according to the Czech alphabetical order: A B C Č D,Ď E F G H CH I J K L M N,Ň O P Q R,Ř S Š T,Ť U V W X Y Z Ž. (Note that Č, Š, and Ž are alphabetized separately from the unmarked versions, also that Ch comes after H; this means that Sch comes after Sh.)

Each place name in a main index is followed by a volume and page number. This refers you to the gazetteer entry in appropriate volume and page number in that particular volume. The names of localities are listed in Column 2. In many districts both the Slovak and Hungarian versions of a place name are listed, with the Slovak version first. Column 8 lists the Roman Catholic parish. The parishes for other religions may be noted in this column or mentioned in footnotes.

In some instances, especially in the case of smaller villages, obsolete names and various language variations of the place names are indexed separately. These additional indexes should be referred to only if the locality you are looking for is not found in the main index. These little indexes give the standard version of the place name which then can be looked up in the main index.

Slovak Name Index, Volume II (pages 329-331) This index lists the Slovak obsolete place names.

Hungarian Name Indexes, Slovakia Volume II (pages 332-342) Sub-Carpathian Russia, Volume II (pages 342-343) These indexes list the old Hungarian names.

German Name Index, Volume II (page 342) This index lists the German names for localities in Slovakia.

Sub-Carpathian Name Index, Volume II (page 342) This index lists the Czech names for localities in Sub-Carpathian Russsia.

Ruthenian Cyrillic Index, Volume II (pages 321-322) This index lists Ruthenian (Ukrainian) place names using the Cyrillic alphabet.

Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate vertretenen Königreiche und Länder

Gemeindelexikon der im Reichsrate vertretenen Königreiche und Länder. (Gazetteer of the Crownlands and Territories Represented in the Imperial Council). Wien: Verlag der k.k. Hof- und Staatsdruckerei, 1905-1908. (FHL book 943.6 E5g).

Based on the 1900 census. The volume for each province is arranged by political district, each divided into court districts, with an index to both German and local place names at the end of the book. To use, find the village in the index, which gives the page number in the gazetteer. If you do not find the village on the page listed in the index, check the footnotes. The names of the political and court district are given at the top of the page. The parish or synagogue is not listed in the main index but is given in an appendix, located between the main text and the index of each volume. The appendix is arranged alphabetically by political district and court district. In the appendix section, using the name of the districts and the village, determine the parish town where the church records were kept for your village. The parish and synagogue is given in the last column.

Gazetteer Left Page Heading Translation
Gazetteer Appendix Heading Translation

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