Court of the Peculiar Parish of Banbury

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England Oxfordshire Probate Records


Banbury is a peculiar of the Dean and Chapter of Lincoln. The court's jurisdiction covers Banbury and it's hamlets.



  • A list of names extracted from 312 wills proved in the Peculiar Court of Banbury and Cropredy in the years 1796-1857 inclusive and 26 wills proved in the Manorial Court of Sibford in the years 1786-1829. The main list, comprising over 3,000 names, is arranged in alphabetic sequence ... The list of testators is presented in reference number sequence and shows, for each testator, the Oxfordshire Record Office reference, the date of the will, the date the will was proved and the name and location of the testator ... The area of jurisdiction of the Peculiar Court of Banbury and Cropredy includes the Oxfordshire parishes of Banbury, Cropredy (including Great and Little Bourton, Claydon, Mollington and Wardington), and Horley (with Hornton), the Northamptonshire parish of Kings Sutton, and Grimsbury (in Banbury parish but in Northamptonshire). The Manorial Court of Sibford had jurisdiction in the hamlets of Sibford Gower and Sibford Ferris, both within the Oxfordshire parish of Swalcliffe.

Contents: v. 1. Persons named in wills proved 1736-1785 -- v. 2. Persons named in wills proved 1786-1857.