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County Westmeath is sometimes referred to as “The Lake County” due to the abundance of lakes, streams and other waterways in the county. This inland county is part of the midlands and is in the province of Leinster . It is the twenty-third largest in Ireland and the twenty-second in population. The County name is derived from the Gaelic ‘An Lar Mhi’, meaning west of Meath. The lands were once part of County Meath, but were separated into Westmeath in 1543.

Westmeath’s length is 43 1/2 miles from Athlone to the boundary point southeast of Clon-mellon and it is 26 miles in breadth from the river Inny, near Ballynacarrigy, to the boundary near Rahugh. The area is 710.1 square miles (1,839.0 sq km).

Prior to the arrival of St. Patrick, the count was the gathering place for the High Kings of Ireland. The Normans arrived about 1170 and built many castles and forts. The county was centrally involved in the 1641 rebellion and was active in the Williamite wars. Most of the Irish or Norman landholders lost their land following the 1641 rebellion.

In 1821, the County’s population was 28,819 and increased to 141,300 in 1841. During the Great Famine of 1845-1847, the population decreased until it was 111,407 in 1851. The population continued to decrease to 56,818 in 1926. In 2006, the population was 79,346. County Westmeath is predominately Roman Catholic. In 1891, the percentage of Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Methodist was 92.2%, 6.9%, 0.4% and 0.3%. Overtime, the Roman Catholics percentage has stayed about the same as 91.6% in 2006, while the Church of Ireland, Presbyterians and Methodists decreased to 2.4%, 0.3% and 0.2%, respectively, with other or no religions increasing to about 4.1%.

General County Research Information

Further information about County Westmeath is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Westmeath is available at Irish Times site.

A map of the Catholic parishes of County Westmeath is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish - Church of Ireland

Barony Poor Law Union Catholic Parish[1] Catholic Diocese[1]
Ardnurcher or Horseleap Moycashel Mullingar Clara Meath
Ardnurcher or Horseleap Moycashel Tullamore
Ballyloughloe Clonlonan Athlone Ballyloughloe; Moate and Kilcleagh Meath
Ballymore Rathconrath Athlone Ballymore Meath
Ballymore Rathconrath Ballymahon
Ballymorin Rathconrath Mullingar Milltown Meath
Bunown Kilkenny West Athlone Drumraney Meath
Carrick Fartullagh Mullingar part of Rochfortbridge, part of Mullinger Meath
Castlelost Fartullagh Mullingar Rochfortbridge Meath
Castletowndelvin Delvin Castletowndelvin
Castletownkindalen Moycashel Mullingar Castletown - Geoghegan Meath
Castletownkindalen Rathconrath Mullingar
Clonarney Delvin Castletowndelvin Clonmellon Meath
Clonfad Fartullagh Mullingar Rochfortbridge Meath
Conry Rathconrath Mullingar Dysart or Churchtown Meath
Conry Rathconrath New Ross
Drumraney Kilkenny West Athlone Drumraney Meath
Drumraney Kilkenny West Ballymahon
Durrow Moycashel Tullamore Durrow Meath
Dysart Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar Dysart or Churchtown Meath
Dysart Moycashel Mullingar
Dysart Rathconrath Mullingar
Enniscoffey Fartullagh Mullingar Rochfortbridge Meath
Faughalstown Fore Castletowndelvin Turbotstown, Coole, or Mayne Meath
Faughalstown Fore Granard
Foyran Fore Granard Castlepollard Meath
Kilbeggan Moycashel Tullamore Kilbeggan Meath
Kilbixy Moygoish Mullingar Sonna and Ballinacargy Meath
Kilbride Fartullagh Mullingar Mountnugent Meath
Kilcleagh Clonlonan Athlone Kilcleagh; Lemanaghan or Balnahowen Meath
Kilcumny Delvin Castletowndelvin Collinstown Meath
Kilcumreragh Clonlonan Athlone Tobber and Rosemount Meath
Kilcumreragh Moycashel Athlone
Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone Tubberclair Meath
Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Ballymahon
Killagh Delvin Castletowndelvin Castletowndelvin Meath
Killare Rathconrath Ballymahon Ballymore Meath
Killare Rathconrath Mullingar
Killua Delvin Castletowndelvin Clonmellon Meath
Killucan Delvin Castletowndelvin Killucan; and Kinnegad Meath
Killucan Farbill Castletowndelvin
Killucan Farbill Mullingar
Killulagh Delvin Castletowndelvin Delvin or Castletowndelvin Meath
Kilmanaghan Moygoish Mullingar Moate; and Tubber Meath
Kilmanaghan Clonlonan Athlone
Kilpatrick Fore Castletowndelvin Collinstown Meath
Lackan Corkaree Mullingar Multyfarnham Meath
Leny Corkaree Mullingar Multyfarnham Meath
Lickbla Fore Castletowndelvin Castlepollard Meath
Lickbla Fore Granard
Lynn Fartullagh Mullingar Mullingar Meath
Mayne Fore Granard Turbotstown, Coole or Mayne Meath
Moylisker Fartullagh Mullingar Mullingar Meath
Moyne Fore Granard Turbotstown, Coole or Mayne Meath
Mullingar Fartullagh Mullingar Mullingar Meath
Mullingar Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar
Multyfarnham Corkaree Mullingar Multyfarnham Meath
Newtown Fartullagh Mullingar Castletown-Geoghegan Meath
Newtown Moycashel Mullingar
Noughaval Kilkenny West Athlone Tang, and Drumraney Meath
Noughaval Kilkenny West Ballymahon
Pass of Kilbride Fartullagh Mullingar Rochfortbridge Meath
Piercetown Rathconrath Ballymahon Moyvore Meath
Piercetown Rathconrath Mullingar
Portloman Corkaree Mullingar Mullingar Meath
Portnashangan Corkaree Mullingar Multyfarnham Meath
Rahugh Moycashel Mullingar Kilbeggan Meath
Rahugh Moycashel Tullamore
Rathaspick Moygoish Granard Rathowen Ardagh
Rathaspick Moygoish Mullingar
Rathconnell Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar part Taghmon, part Mullingar Meath
Rathconrath Rathconrath Ballymahon Milltown Meath
Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Rathgarve Fore Castletowndelvin Castlepollard Meath
Rathgarve Fore Granard
Russagh Moygoish Granard Rathowen
Russagh Moygoish Mullingar
St. Feighins Fore Castletowndelvin Collinstown Meath
St. Mary's Brawny Athlone Collinstown
St. Mary's Fore Castletowndelvin
Stonehall Corkaree Mullingar part Taghmon; part Mullingar Meath
Street Moygoish Granard Streete
Street Moygoish Mullingar
Taghmon Corkaree Mullingar Taghmon Meath
Templeoran Moygoish Mullingar Sonna and Ballinacargy Meath
Templepatrick Rathconrath Ballymahon Moyvore Meath
Tyfarnham Corkaree Mullingar Milltown Meath


1885 County Map: Courtesy of London Ancestor

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