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Tipperary is the largest inland county in Ireland and is divided into two government administrative areas; Northern Tipperary (county town – Nenagh) and Southern Tipperary (county town – Clonmel). It is part of the province of Munster. The name Tipperary is taken from the Irish 'Tiobraid Arann', which means 'the well of Era', referring to the River Ara. The county covers 1,661 square miles (4,303 sq km). Its length is 74 miles from the corner of the Araglin river on the bondary south-west of Clogheen to where the Little Brosna river enters the Shannon. Its breadth is 45 miles from the western boundardy between Hospital and Emly and Carrickdoon Hill on the eastern boundary. Tipperary was part of the old Gaelic territory of Ormond and Thomond. The Normans invaded in 1172. In 1641, the Irish and Norman chieftains of Tipperary became part of the Catholic Confederacy and were defeated by Cromwell in 1649. The lands of those who rebelled were given to the Cromwell’s soldiers and English adventurers. Most of the soldiers sold their land to their officers and others creating large estates in the county.

The population was 346,896 in 1821 and grew to 435,553. It was greatly affected by the potato famine and its population decreased to 331,567 in 1851. The population continued to decrease until it was only 141,015 in 1926. In 2006, the population was 149,244. The predominant religion in the county is Roman Catholic. In 1871, 93.8% of the population was Roman Catholic followed by the Church of Ireland at 5.4% with 0.3% each being Presbyterian and Methodists. Overtime there has been a slight increase in the percentage of Roman Catholic to 96.9% in 1926. In 1926, the Church of Ireland decreased to 2.6% with 0.16% and 0.121% being Presbyterian and Methodist, respectively.

General County Research Information

Further information about County Tipperary is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Tipperary is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Abington Owney and Arra Nenagh
Aghacrew Kilnamanagh Lower Tipperary
Aghnameadle Upper Ormond Nenagh
Aglishcloghane Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Ardcrony Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Ardcrony Lower Ormond Nenagh
Ardfinnan Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Ardmayle Middlethird Cashel
Athnid Eliogarty Thurles
Ballingarry Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Ballingarry Lower Ormond Parsonstown
Ballingarry Slievardagh Callan
Ballintemple Kilnamanagh Lower Cashel
Ballybacon Iffa and Offa East Clogheen
Ballybacon Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Ballycahill Eliogarty Thurles
Ballycahill Kilnamanagh Upper Thurles
Ballyclerahan Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Ballygibbon Upper Ormond Borrisokane
Ballygibbon Upper Ormond Nenagh
Ballygriffin Clanwilliam Cashel
Ballygriffin Clanwilliam Tipperary
Ballymackey Upper Ormond Nenagh
Ballymurreen Eliogarty Thurles
Ballynaclogh Upper Ormond Nenagh
Ballysheehan Middlethird Cashel
Baptistgrange Middlethird Cashel
Baptistgrange Middlethird Clonmel
Barnane-ely Ikerrin Roscrea
Barrettsgrange Middlethird Cashel
Borrisnafarney Ikerrin Roscrea
Borrisokane Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Bourney Ikerrin Roscrea
Boytonrath Middlethird Cashel
Brickendown Middlethird Cashel
Bruis Clanwilliam Tipperary
Buolick Slievardagh Urlingford
Burgesbeg Owney and Arra Nenagh
Caher Iffa and Offa East Clogheen
Caher Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Caher Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Carrick Iffa and Offa East Carrick on Suir
Castletownarra Owney and Arra Nenagh
Clogher Kilnamanagh Lower Cashel
Cloghprior Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Cloghprior Lower Ormond Nenagh
Clonbeg Clanwilliam Tipperary
Clonbullogue Clanwilliam Tipperary
Cloneen Middlethird Callan
Cloneen Middlethird Cashel
Cloneen Slievardagh Callan
Clonoulty Clanwilliam Tipperary
Clonoulty Kilnamanagh Lower Cashel
Clonpet Clanwilliam Tipperary
Colman Middlethird Cashel
Cooleagh Middlethird Cashel
Coolmundry Middlethird Cashel
Corbally Ikerrin Roscrea
Cordangan Clanwilliam Tipperary
Corroge Clanwilliam Tipperary
Crohane Slievardagh Callan
Crohane Slievardagh Urlingford
Cullen Clanwilliam Tipperary
Cullenwaine Ikerrin Roscrea
Dangandargan Clanwilliam Tipperary
Dangandargan Middlethird Cashel
Derrygrath Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Derrygrath Iffa and Offa West Clonmel
Dogstown Middlethird Cashel
Dolla Upper Ormond Nenagh
Donaghmore Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Donaghmore Middlethird Cashel
Donohill Clanwilliam Tipperary
Donohill Kilnamanagh Lower Cashel
Donohill Kilnamanagh Lower Tipperary
Doon Kilnamanagh Upper Tipperary
Dorrha Lower Ormond Parsonstown
Drangan Middlethird Cashel
Drom Eliogarty Thurles
Dromineer Lower Ormond Nenagh
Emly Clanwilliam Tipperary
Erry Middlethird Cashel
Fennor Slievardagh Thurles
Fennor Slievardagh Urlingford
Fertiana Eliogarty Cashel
Fertiana Eliogarty Thurles
Fethard Middlethird Cashel
Finnoe Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Gaile Middlethird Cashel
Galbooly Eliogarty Thurles
Garrangibbon Iffa and Offa East Carrick on Suir
Garrangibbon Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Garrangibbon Slievardagh Carrick on Suir
Glenbane Clanwilliam Tipperary
Glenkeen Kilnamanagh Upper Thurles
Grangemockler Slievardagh Callan
Grangemockler Slievardagh Carrick on Suir
Graystown Middlethird Cashel
Graystown Slievardagh Callan
Graystown Slievardagh Cashel
Graystown Slievardagh Urlingford
Holycross Eliogarty Cashel
Holycross Eliogarty Thurles
Holycross Middlethird Cashel
Horeabbey Middlethird Cashel
Inch Eliogarty Thurles
Inishlounaght Iffa and Offa East Clogheen
Inishlounaght Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Isertkieran Slievardagh Callan
Kilbarron Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Kilbragh Middlethird Cashel
Kilcash Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Kilclonagh Eliogarty Thurles
Kilcomenty Owney and Arra Nenagh
Kilcommon Middlethird Cashel
Kilconnell Middlethird Cashel
Kilcooly Eliogarty Thurles
Kilcooly Slievardagh Cashel
Kilcooly Slievardagh Urlingford
Kilcornan Clanwilliam Tipperary
Kilfeakle Clanwilliam Tipperary
Kilfithmone Eliogarty Thurles
Kilgrant Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Kilkeary Upper Ormond Nenagh
Killaloan Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Killardry Clanwilliam Tipperary
Killavinoge Ikerrin Roscrea
Killavinoge Ikerrin Thurles
Killea Ikerrin Roscrea
Killea Ikerrin Waterford
Killeenasteena Middlethird Cashel
Killenaule Slievardagh Cashel
Killodiernan Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Killodiernan Lower Ormond Nenagh
Killoscully Owney and Arra Nenagh
Killoscully Owney and Arra Thurles
Killoskehan Ikerrin Roscrea
Kilmastulla Owney and Arra Nenagh
Kilmore Kilnamanagh Lower Cashel
Kilmore Upper Ormond Nenagh
Kilmucklin Clanwilliam Tipperary
Kilmurry Iffa and Offa East Carrick on Suir
Kilnaneave Upper Ormond Nenagh
Kilnarath Owney and Arra Nenagh
Kilpatrick Kilnamanagh Lower Cashel
Kilruane Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Kilruane Lower Ormond Nenagh
Kilruane Upper Ormond Borrisokane
Kilruane Upper Ormond Nenagh
Kilshane Clanwilliam Tipperary
Kilsheelan Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Kiltegan Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Kiltinan Middlethird Cashel
Kiltinan Middlethird Clonmel
Kilvellane Owney and Arra Nenagh
Kilvemnon Slievardagh Callan
Kilvemnon Slievardagh Carrick on Suir
Knigh Lower Ormond Nenagh
Knockgraffon Middlethird Cashel
Knockgraffon Middlethird Tipperary
Latteragh Upper Ormond Nenagh
Lattin Clanwilliam Tipperary
Lickfinn Slievardagh Urlingford
Lisbunny Upper Ormond Nenagh
Lismalin Slievardagh Callan
Lisronagh Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Lorrha Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Lorrha Lower Ormond Parsonstown
Loughkeen Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Loughkeen Lower Ormond Parsonstown
Loughmoe East Eliogarty Thurles
Loughmoe West Eliogarty Thurles
Magorban Middlethird Cashel
Magowry Middlethird Cashel
Modeshil Slievardagh Callan
Modreeny Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Molough Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Monsea Lower Ormond Nenagh
Monsea Owney and Arra Nenagh
Mora Middlethird Cashel
Mortlestown Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Mowney Slievardagh Callan
Moyaliff Kilnamanagh Upper Cashel
Moyaliff Kilnamanagh Upper Thurles
Moycarky Eliogarty Thurles
Moyne Eliogarty Thurles
Neddans Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Nenagh Lower Ormond Nenagh
Nenagh Upper Ormond Nenagh
Newcastle Iffa and Offa East Clogheen
Newcastle Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Newchapel Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Newtownlennan Iffa and Offa East Carrick on Suir
Newtownlennan Slievardagh Carrick on Suir
Oughterleague Clanwilliam Tipperary
Oughterleague Kilnamanagh Lower Cashel
Outeragh Middlethird Cashel
Peppardstown Middlethird Cashel
Rahelty Eliogarty Thurles
Railstown Middlethird Cashel
Rathcool Middlethird Cashel
Rathkennan Kilnamanagh Lower Cashel
Rathlynin Clanwilliam Tipperary
Rathnaveoge Ikerrin Roscrea
Rathronan Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Redcity Middlethird Cashel
Relickmurry & Athassel Clanwilliam Tipperary
Relickmurry & Athassel Middlethird Cashel
Rochestown Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Roscrea Ikerrin Roscrea
Shanrahan Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Shronell Clanwilliam Tipperary
Shyane Eliogarty Thurles
Solloghod-beg Clanwilliam Tipperary
Solloghod-more Clanwilliam Tipperary
St. Johnbaptist Middlethird Cashel
St. Johnbaptist Slievardagh Cashel
St. Johnbaptist & St. Patricksrock Middlethird Cashel
St. Johnstown Middlethird Cashel
St. Mary's, Clonmel Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
St. Patricksrock Middlethird Cashel
Temple-etney Iffa and Offa East Clonmel
Templeachally Owney and Arra Nenagh
Templebeg Kilnamanagh Upper Thurles
Templebredon Clanwilliam Tipperary
Templederry Upper Ormond Nenagh
Templedowney Upper Ormond Nenagh
Templemichael Slievardagh Callan
Templemichael Slievardagh Carrick on Suir
Templemore Eliogarty Roscrea
Templemore Eliogarty Thurles
Templemore Ikerrin Roscrea
Templeneiry Clanwilliam Tipperary
Templenoe Clanwilliam Tipperary
Templeree Ikerrin Thurles
Templetenny Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Templetouhy Eliogarty Thurles
Templetouhy Ikerrin Thurles
Terryglass Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Thurles Eliogarty Thurles
Tipperary Clanwilliam Tipperary
Toem Clanwilliam Tipperary
Toem Kilnamanagh Upper Tipperary
Tubbrid Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Tullaghmelan Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Tullaghorton Iffa and Offa East Clogheen
Tullaghorton Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Tullamain Middlethird Cashel
Twomileborris Eliogarty Thurles
Upperchurch Kilnamanagh Upper Nenagh
Upperchurch Kilnamanagh Upper Thurles
Uskane Lower Ormond Borrisokane
Whitechurch Iffa and Offa West Clogheen
Youghalarra Owney and Arra Nenagh


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1885 County Map: Courtesy of London Ancestor


Abstracts of Wills.  A collection of Will Abstracts, gathered from many sources, including Samuel Gordon of the South Suburbs of Clonmell, dated 10 Aug 1737, proved in the Prerogative Court 5 Jan. 1742.  Article found in The Irish Ancestor, vol.II, no2, 1970 pages 117-127, Family History Library Ref. 941.5 B2i

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