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| '''PARISH'''  
| '''CIVIL PARISH'''  
| '''BARONY'''  
| '''BARONY'''  

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County Offaly (also known as Kings)

Link to information on Genuki about Offaly.

Parishes in County Offaly

Aghancon Ballybritt Roscrea
Ardnurcher or Horseleap Kilcoursey Tullamore
Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown
Ballyburly Lower Philipstown Edenderry
Ballyburly Warrenstown Edenderry
Ballycommon Lower Philipstown Tullamore
Ballykean Geashill Tullamore
Ballykean Upper Philipstown Mountmellick
Ballykean Upper Philipstown Tullamore
Ballymacwilliam Warrenstown Edenderry
Ballynakill Coolestown Edenderry

Parish                              Barony             Poor Law Union

Aghancon                          Ballybritt              Roscrea
Aghancon                          Clonlisk               Roscrea 
Ardnurcher or Horseleap     Kilcoursey           Tullamore
Ballyboy Ballyboy Parsonstown Leinster
Ballyburly Lower Philipstown Edenderry Leinster
Ballyburly Warrenstown Edenderry Leinster
Ballycommon Lower Philipstown Tullamore Leinster
Ballykean Geashill Tullamore Leinster
Ballykean Upper Philipstown Mountmellick Leinster
Ballykean Upper Philipstown Tullamore Leinster
Ballymacwilliam Warrenstown Edenderry Leinster
Ballynakill Coolestown Edenderry Leinster
Birr Ballybritt Parsonstown Leinster
Borrisnafarney Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Castlejordan Coolestown Edenderry Leinster
Castlejordan Warrenstown Edenderry Leinster
Castletownely Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Clonmacnoise Garrycastle Parsonstown Leinster
Clonsast Coolestown Edenderry Leinster
Clonyhurk Upper Philipstown Mountmellick Leinster
Corbally Ballybritt Roscrea Leinster
Corbally Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Croghan Lower Philipstown Edenderry Leinster
Cullenwaine Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Drumcullen Eglish Parsonstown Leinster
Dunkerrin Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Durrow Ballycowan Tullamore Leinster
Eglish Eglish Parsonstown Leinster
Ettagh Ballybritt Roscrea Leinster
Ettagh Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Finglas Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Gallen Garrycastle Parsonstown Leinster
Geashill Geashill Tullamore Leinster
Geashill Upper Philipstown Edenderry Leinster
Geashill Upper Philipstown Mountmellick Leinster
Geashill Upper Philipstown Tullamore Leinster
Kilbride Ballycowan Tullamore Leinster
Kilbride Kilcoursey Tullamore Leinster
Kilclonfert Lower Philipstown Tullamore Leinster
Kilcolman Ballybritt Parsonstown Leinster
Kilcolman Clonlisk Parsonstown Leinster
Kilcomin Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Kilcumreragh Kilcoursey Tullamore Leinster
Killaderry Lower Philipstown Tullamore Leinster
Killoughy Ballyboy Tullamore Leinster
Kilmanaghan Kilcoursey Tullamore Leinster
Kilmurryely Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Kinnitty Ballybritt Parsonstown Leinster
Lemanaghan Garrycastle Parsonstown Leinster
Lemanaghan Garrycastle Tullamore Leinster
Letterluna Ballybritt Parsonstown Leinster
Lusmagh Garrycastle Parsonstown Leinster
Lynally Ballycowan Tullamore Leinster
Monasteroris Coolestown Edenderry Leinster
Rahan Ballycowan Tullamore Leinster
Reynagh Garrycastle Parsonstown Leinster
Roscomroe Ballybritt Parsonstown Leinster
Roscomroe Ballybritt Roscrea Leinster
Roscrea Ballybritt Roscrea Leinster
Roscrea Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Seirkieran Ballybritt Parsonstown Leinster
Seirkieran Ballybritt Roscrea Leinster
Shinrone Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Templeharry Clonlisk Roscrea Leinster
Tisaran Garrycastle Parsonstown Leinster
Wheery or Killagally Garrycastle Parsonstown Leinster