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Gotoarrow.png Ireland Gotoarrow.png County Meath
County Meath Map Ireland.jpg

County Meath is in the province of Leinster . It is the fourteen largest of the thirty-two counties in Ireland and the thirteenth in population. Its length is 41 miles from Bray to the southern corner near Ballingate House and its breath is 31 ½ miles from Mizen Head to the boundary near Dunlavin. It consists of 904.6 square miles (2,343.9 sq km).

Human habitation has been discovered in Co Meath which dates back 9,000 years. Meath was part of the Irish middle kingdom from the 2d century BC. It was chartered as a county in 1296. Historically this province of Meath included all of the current county as well as all of Westmeath and parts of Cavan, Longford, Louth, Offaly, Dublin and Kildare with the seat of the High King of Ireland being the Hill of Tara. The Normans invaded the area in the twelfth century and Trim was the site of the Norman parliament during the fifteenth century. In the 1641 rebellion, most of the Irish and Nroman families had their lands given to the soldiers and officers of the Cromwell army.

In 1821, the County’s population was 159,183 and increased to 183,828 in 1841. During the Great Famine of 1845-1847, the population decreased until it was 140,748 in 1851. The population continued to decrease to 62,969 in 1926. The population has, however, increased to 162,831 in 2006. County Westmeath is predominately Roman Catholic. In 1891, the percentage of Roman Catholic, Church of Ireland, Presbyterian and Methodist was 93.1%, 6.3%, 0.5% and 0.1%. Overtime, the Roman Catholics percentage has decreased to 89.9% in 2006, while the Church of Ireland, Presbyterians and Methodists were 2.4%, 0.4% and 0.2%, respectively, with other or no religions increasing to about 5.9%.

General County Research Information

Further information about County Meath is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Meath is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish - Church of Ireland

Barony Poor Law Union Catholic Parish[1] Catholic Diocese[1]
Agher Lower Deece Trim

Agher Upper Deece Trim
Ardagh Lower Slane Kells

Ardagh Morgallion Kells
Ardbraccan Lower Navan Navan
Ardcath Upper Duleek Drogheda

Ardcath Upper Duleek Dunshaughlin
Ardmulchan Skreen Navan
Ardnurcher or Horseleap Moycashel Mullingar

Ardnurcher or Horseleap Moycashel Tullamore
Ardsallagh Lower Navan Navan
Assey Lower Deece Navan
Athboy Lune Trim
Athlumney Skreen Navan
Balfeaghan Upper Deece Celbridge
Ballyboggan Upper Moyfenrath Edenderry
Ballygarth Upper Duleek Drogheda
Ballyloughloe Clonlonan Athlone
Ballymagarvey Lower Duleek Navan
Ballymaglassan Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Ballymore Rathconrath Athlone

Ballymore Rathconrath Ballymahon
Ballymorin Rathconrath Mullingar
Balrathboyne Lower Navan Kells

Balrathboyne Upper Kells Kells
Balsoon Lower Deece Navan

Balsoon Lower Deece Trim
Bective Upper Navan Navan
Brownstown Skreen Navan
Bunown Kilkenny West Athlone
Burry Lower Kells Kells

Burry Upper Kells Kells
Carrick Fartullagh Mullingar
Castlejordan Upper Moyfenrath Edenderry
Castlekeeran Upper Kells Kells
Castlelost Fartullagh Mullingar
Castlerickard Lune Trim
Castlerickard Upper Moyfenrath Trim
Castletown Morgallion Kells
Castletown Morgallion Navan
Castletowndelvin Delvin Castletowndelvin
Castletownkindalen Moycashel Mullingar
Churchtown Lower Navan Navan

Churchtown Rathconrath Mullingar
Clonalvy Upper Duleek Drogheda
Clonard Upper Moyfenrath Edenderry

Clonard Upper Moyfenrath Trim
Clonarney Delvin Castletowndelvin
Clonfad Fartullagh Mullingar
Clongill Morgallion Navan
Clonmacduff Upper Navan Trim
Collon Upper Slane Ardee
Colp Lower Duleek Drogheda
Conry Rathconrath Mullingar

Conry Rathconrath New Ross
Cookstown Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Crickstown Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Cruicetown Lower Kells Kells
Culmullin Lower Deece Dunshaughlin

Culmullin Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Culmullin Upper Deece Dunshaughlin
Cushinstown Skreen Dunshaughlin
Danestown Lower Duleek Navan

Danestown Skreen Navan
Derrypatrick Lower Deece Dunshaughlin
Diamor Fore Oldcastle
Donaghmore Lower Navan Navan

Donaghmore Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Donaghpatrick Lower Navan Navan

Donaghpatrick Upper Kells Kells
Donaghpatrick Upper Kells Navan
Donore Lower Duleek Drogheda
Dowdstown Skreen Navan
Dowth Upper Slane Drogheda
Drakestown Morgallion Navan
Drumcondra Lower Slane Ardee

Drumcondra Lower Slane Kells
Drumlargan Upper Deece Trim
Drumraney Kilkenny West Athlone

Drumraney Kilkenny West Ballymahon
Dulane Upper Kells Kells
Duleek Lower Duleek Drogheda

Duleek Upper Duleek Drogheda
Duleek Abbey Upper Duleek Drogheda
Dunboyne Dunboyne Dunshaughlin
Dunmoe Lower Navan Navan
Dunsany Skreen Dunshaughlin
Dunshaughlin Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Durrow Moycashel Tullamore
Dysart Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar

Dysart Moycashel Mullingar
Dysart Rathconrath Mullingar
Emlagh Lower Kells Kells
Enniscoffey Fartullagh Mullingar
Enniskeen Lower Kells Kells

Enniskeen Morgallion Kells
Faughalstown Fore Castletowndelvin

Faughalstown Fore Granard
Fennor Lower Duleek Navan
Follistown Skreen Navan
Foyran Fore Granard
Gallow Upper Deece Trim
Galtrim Lower Deece Trim
Gernonstown Upper Slane Navan
Girley Upper Kells Castletowndelvin

Girley Upper Kells Kells
Grangegeeth Upper Slane Ardee
Greenoge Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Inishmot Lower Slane Ardee
Julianstown Lower Duleek Drogheda

Julianstown Upper Duleek Drogheda
Kells Upper Kells Kells
Kentstown Lower Duleek Navan
Kilbeg Lower Kells Kells
Kilbeggan Moycashel Tullamore
Kilberry Morgallion Navan
Kilbixy Moygoish Mullingar
Kilbrew Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Kilbride Dunboyne Dunshaughlin

Kilbride Fartullagh Mullingar
Kilbride Fore Oldcastle
Kilcarn Skreen Navan
Kilcleagh Clonlonan Athlone
Kilclone Upper Deece Dunshaughlin
Kilcooly Upper Navan Trim
Kilcumny Delvin Castletowndelvin
Kilcumreragh Clonlonan Athlone

Kilcumreragh Moycashel Athlone
Kildalkey Lune Trim
Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Athlone

Kilkenny West Kilkenny West Ballymahon
Killaconnigan Lune Trim
Killagh Delvin Castletowndelvin
Killallon Fore Oldcastle
Killare Rathconrath Ballymahon

Killare Rathconrath Mullingar
Killary Lower Slane Ardee
Killeagh Fore Oldcastle
Killeen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Killegland Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Killua Delvin Castletowndelvin
Killucan Delvin Castletowndelvin

Killucan Farbill Castletowndelvin
Killucan Farbill Mullingar
Killulagh Delvin Castletowndelvin
Killyon Lower Moyfenrath Trim

Killyon Upper Moyfenrath Edenderry
Killyon Upper Moyfenrath Trim
Kilmacnevan Moygoish Mullingar
Kilmainham Lower Kells Kells
Kilmanaghan Clonlonan Athlone
Kilmessan Lower Deece Dunshaughlin
Kilmoon Skreen Dunshaughlin
Kilmore Upper Deece Dunshaughlin

Kilmore Upper Deece Listowel
Kilpatrick Fore Castletowndelvin
Kilsharvan Lower Duleek Drogheda

Kilsharvan Upper Duleek Drogheda
Kilshine Morgallion Navan
Kilskeer Upper Kells Kells

Kilskeer Upper Kells Oldcastle
Kiltale Lower Deece Dunshaughlin
Knock Morgallion Navan
Knockcommon Lower Duleek Navan
Knockmark Lower Deece Dunshaughlin
Lackan Corkaree Mullingar
Laracor Lower Moyfenrath Trim
Leny Corkaree Mullingar
Lickbla Fore Castletowndelvin

Lickbla Fore Granard
Liscartan Lower Navan Navan
Lismullin Skreen Navan
Loughan or Castlekeeran Upper Kells Kells
Loughbrackan Lower Slane Ardee
Loughcrew Fore Oldcastle
Lynn Fartullagh Mullingar
Macetown Skreen Dunshaughlin
Martry Lower Navan Kells
Mayne Fore Granard
Mitchelstown Lower Slane Ardee
Monknewtown Upper Slane Drogheda
Monkstown Skreen Navan
Monktown Skreen Navan
Moorechurch Upper Duleek Drogheda
Moybolgue Lower Kells Kells
Moyglare Upper Deece Celbridge

Moyglare Upper Deece Dunshaughlin
Moylagh Fore Oldcastle
Moylisker Fartullagh Mullingar
Moylough Fore Oldcastle
Moymet Upper Navan Trim
Moynalty Lower Kells Kells
Moyne Fore Granard
Mullingar Fartullagh Mullingar
Mullingar Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar
Multyfarnham Corkaree Mullingar
Navan Lower Navan Navan
Newtown Fartullagh Mullingar

Newtown Lower Kells Kells
Newtown Moycashel Mullingar
Newtownclonbun Upper Navan Trim
Nobber Lower Kells Kells

Nobber Morgallion Kells
Noughaval Kilkenny West Athlone

Noughaval Kilkenny West Ballymahon
Oldcastle Fore Oldcastle
Painestown Lower Duleek Navan
Pass of Kilbride Fartullagh Mullingar
Piercetown Lower Duleek Navan

Piercetown Rathconrath Ballymahon
Piercetown Rathconrath Mullingar
Piercetown Upper Duleek Dunshaughlin
Portloman Corkaree Mullingar
Portnashangan Corkaree Mullingar
Rahugh Moycashel Mullingar

Rahugh Moycashel Tullamore
Rataine Lower Navan Navan
Rathaspick Moygoish Granard

Rathaspick Moygoish Mullingar
Rathbeggan Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Rathconnell Moyashel and Magheradernon Mullingar
Rathconrath Rathconrath Ballymahon

Rathconrath Rathconrath Mullingar
Rathcore Lower Moyfenrath Trim

Rathcore Upper Deece Trim
Rathfeigh Skreen Dunshaughlin
Rathgarve Fore Castletowndelvin

Rathgarve Fore Granard
Rathkenny Upper Slane Navan
Rathmolyon Lower Moyfenrath Trim
Rathmore Lune Trim
Rathregan Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Ratoath Ratoath Dunshaughlin
Rodanstown Upper Deece Celbridge
Russagh Moygoish Granard

Russagh Moygoish Mullingar
Scurlockstown Lower Deece Trim
Siddan Lower Slane Ardee
Skreen Skreen Dunshaughlin
Slane Upper Slane Navan
St. Feighins Fore Castletowndelvin
St. Mary's Brawny Athlone

St. Mary's Drogheda Drogheda
St. Mary's Drogheda and Muni. Borough Drogheda
St. Mary's Fore Castletowndelvin
St. Marys Brawny Athlone
St. Marys Fore Castletowndelvin
Stackallan Upper Slane Navan
Staffordstown Skreen Navan
Staholmog Lower Kells Kells
Stamullin Upper Duleek Drogheda
Stonehall Corkaree Mullingar
Street Moygoish Granard

Street Moygoish Mullingar
Taghmon Corkaree Mullingar
Tara Skreen Navan
Teltown Upper Kells Kells
Templekeeran Skreen Navan
Templeoran Moygoish Mullingar
Templepatrick Rathconrath Ballymahon
Timoole Skreen Dunshaughlin
Trevet Ratoath Dunshaughlin

Trevet Skreen Dunshaughlin
Trim Lower Moyfenrath Trim

Trim Upper Navan Trim
Trubley Lower Deece Trim
Tullaghanoge Upper Navan Trim
Tullyallen Upper Slane Drogheda
Turlough Carra Castlebar
Tyfarnham Corkaree Mullingar


1885 County Map: Courtesy of London Ancestor

 Web Sites

To view a list of Meath web sites, visit for some great sites.

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