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Ireland Gotoarrow.png County Londonderry

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County Londonderry is located in Northern Ireland. The county was founded in 1613 as part of the Plantation of Ulster by King James I. Its name is derived from that of the city, which was rebuilt a few years earlier by the London guilds.

The county is often known in shorthand as Derry, despite there never have being a County Derry before the creation of County Londonderry. Prior to 1613 what became County Londonderry used to be parts of different counties: County Coleraine; the barony of Loughinsholin in County Tyrone; the North-East Liberties of Coleraine in County Antrim; and the North-West Liberties of Londonderry in County Donegal.

General County Research Information

Further information about County Londonderry is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Londonderry is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Aghadowey Coleraine Ballymoney
Aghadowey Coleraine Coleraine
Aghaloo Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Aghanloo Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Agivey Coleraine Coleraine
Arboe Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Artrea Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Ballinderry Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Ballyaghran NE Liberties of Coleraine Coleraine
Ballymoney NE Liberties of Coleraine Ballymoney
Ballynascreen Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Ballyrashane NE Liberties of Coleraine Coleraine
Ballyscullion Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Ballywillin NE Liberties of Coleraine Coleraine
Balteagh Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Balteagh, now Carrick Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Banagher Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Banagher Tirkeeran Londonderry
Banagher Tirkeeran Newtown Limavady
Banagher, now Learmount Tirkeeran Londonderry
Bovevagh Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Bovevagh, now Carrick Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Clondermot Tirkeeran Londonderry
Coleraine NE Liberties of Coleraine Coleraine
Cumber Lower Tirkeeran Londonderry
Cumber Upper Tirkeeran Londonderry
Cumber Upper Tirkeeran Newtown Limavady
Cumber Upper, now Learmount Tirkeeran Londonderry
Derryloran Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Desertlyn Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Desertmartin Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Desertoghill Coleraine Ballymoney
Desertoghill Coleraine Coleraine
Drumachose Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Dunboe Coleraine Coleraine
Dungiven Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Errigal Coleraine Coleraine
Faughanvale Tirkeeran Londonderry
Faughanvale Tirkeeran Newtown Limavady
Kilcronaghan Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Kildollagh NE Liberties of Coleraine Coleraine
Killelagh Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Killowen Coleraine Coleraine
Kilrea Coleraine Ballymoney
Kilrea Loughinsholin Ballymoney
Lissan Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Macosquin Coleraine Coleraine
Maghera Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Maghera, now Killelagh Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Magherafelt Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Magilligan Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Tamlaght Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Tamlaght Finlagan Keenaght Newtown Limavady
Tamlaght O'Crilly Coleraine Ballymoney
Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin Ballymoney
Tamlaght O'Crilly Loughinsholin Magherafelt
Templemore NW Liberties of Londonderry Londonderry
Termoneeny Loughinsholin Magherafelt


Abstracts of Some Hamilton Wills.  From the papers of the late Sir Arthur Vicars, Ulster King of Arms. These extracts from Wills proved in the Diocese of Derry before 1749, cover surname Hamilton from all over Ireland.  Article found in The Irish Ancestor, vol.III, no 1.1971 pages 27-32, Family Hisotry Ref. 941.5 B2i

Abstracts of Wills. Article has William Semple of Kirklees, Clerk, Rector of Lamfield, Co. Derry., 1686 his heirs. Article in The Irish Ancestor, vol. V. no. 1. 1973. pages 53-61, Family History Ref. 941.5 B2i v.5-6.

Web Sites

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