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County Limerick is located on the western side of Ireland with the River Shannon forming its northern boundary and is part of the province of Munster. The name Limerick is derived from the Irish name ' Luimneach' meaning ‘bare ground.’ Its greatest length is 50 miles from the boundary at Galtmore to near Abbeyfeale and has an area of about 1030 square miles.

The Celts came to this area in 400 BC. Later in the fifth century, several Christian monasteries were established. The Vikings took control of Limerick City in the mid-ninth century followed by the Normans in the twelfth century.  Limerick was formerly established in 1210.  A large rebellion in the sixteenth century.  To make the County more English, settlers came Limerick in 1598 as part of the Plantation of Munster, which wasn’t very successful.  German settlers were brought to Limerick in 1709 from the Rhine Palatinate. 

A local potato famine in 1820 followed by the great famine in 1845-47, had a terrible impact.  In 1821, the population was 277,477.  It increased to 330,029 in 1841, but began to decrease thereafter.  In 1851, it was 262,132 and was only 143,000 in 1911.  In 2006, the population was 184,055.  Limerick is predominately Roman Catholic.  In 1861, 96.4% of the population were Roman Catholic with 3.3% of the Church of Ireland, 0.10% Presbyterians and 0.2% Methodists.  There were small variations over the years, but it remain fairly constant.  In 1911, 97.08% were Roman Catholic with 2.44% Church of Ireland, 0.13% Presbyterians and 0.2% Methodists.

General County Research Information

Further information about County Limerick is available at the GenUKI Limerick site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Limerick is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Abbeyfeale Glenquin Newcastle
Abington Clanwilliam Limerick
Abington Owneybeg Limerick
Adare Connello Upper Rathkeale
Adare Coshma Croom
Adare Kenry Croom
Adare Kenry Rathkeale
Aglishcormick Clanwilliam Limerick
Aglishcormick Coonagh Tipperary
Anhid Coshma Croom
Ardagh Glenquin Newcastle
Ardagh Shanid Newcastle
Ardagh Shanid Rathkeale
Ardcanny Kenry Rathkeale
Ardpatrick Coshlea Kilmallock
Askeaton Connello Lower Rathkeale
Athlacca Coshlea Kilmallock
Athlacca Coshma Croom
Athlacca Coshma Kilmallock
Athneasy Coshlea Kilmallock
Athneasy Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballinard Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballingaddy Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballingarry Connello Upper Croom
Ballingarry Connello Upper Newcastle
Ballingarry Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballinlough Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballybrood Clanwilliam Limerick
Ballycahane Pubblebrien Croom
Ballycahane Smallcounty Croom
Ballylanders Coshlea Mitchelstown
Ballynaclogh Coonagh Tipperary
Ballynamona Smallcounty Kilmallock
Ballyscaddan Coshlea Kilmallock
Ballyscaddan Coshma Kilmallock
Bruree Connello Upper Kilmallock
Bruree Coshma Kilmallock
Caheravally Clanwilliam Limerick
Caherconlish Clanwilliam Limerick
Cahercorney Smallcounty Kilmallock
Caherelly Clanwilliam Limerick
Cahernarry Clanwilliam Limerick
Cappagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Carrigparson Clanwilliam Limerick
Castletown Coonagh Tipperary
Chapelrussell Kenry Rathkeale
Clonagh Connello Lower Glin
Clonagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Cloncagh Connello Upper Newcastle
Cloncrew Connello Upper Newcastle
Clonelty Glenquin Newcastle
Clonelty Glenquin Rathkeale
Clonkeen Clanwilliam Limerick
Clonshire Connello Lower Rathkeale
Colmanswell Connello Upper Kilmallock
Corcomohide Connello Upper Croom
Corcomohide Connello Upper Kilmallock
Crecora Pubblebrien Croom
Crecora Pubblebrien Limerick
Croagh Connello Lower Rathkeale
Croom Connello Upper Croom
Croom Coshma Croom
Croom Pubblebrien Croom
Croom Pubblebrien Limerick
Darragh Coshlea Kilmallock
Derrygalvin Clanwilliam Limerick
Donaghmore Clanwilliam Limerick
Doon Coonagh Limerick
Doon Coonagh Tipperary
Doon Owneybeg Limerick
Doondonnell Connello Lower Rathkeale
Drehidtarsna Connello Upper Rathkeale
Drehidtarsna Coshma Croom
Drehidtarsna Coshma Rathkeale
Dromcolliher Connello Upper Newcastle
Dromin Coshma Kilmallock
Dromkeen Clanwilliam Limerick
Dunmoylan Shanid Glin
Dunmoylan Shanid Newcastle
Dunmoylan Shanid Rathkeale
Dysert Coshma Croom
Effin Coshlea Kilmallock
Effin Coshma Kilmallock
Emlygrennan Coshlea Kilmallock
Fedamore Clanwilliam Limerick
Fedamore Smallcounty Croom
Fedamore Smallcounty Limerick
Galbally Coshlea Mitchelstown
Glenogra Smallcounty Croom
Grange Glenquin Newcastle
Grean Clanwilliam Limerick
Grean Clanwilliam Tipperary
Grean Coonagh Limerick
Grean Coonagh Tipperary
Hackmys Coshma Kilmallock
Hospital Smallcounty Kilmallock
Inch St. Lawrence Clanwilliam Limerick
Iveruss Kenry Rathkeale
Kilbeheny Coshlea Mitchelstown
Kilbolane Connello Upper Newcastle
Kilbradran Connello Lower Rathkeale
Kilbradran Shanid Glin
Kilbradran Shanid Rathkeale
Kilbreedy Major Coshlea Kilmallock
Kilbreedy Major Smallcounty Kilmallock
Kilbreedy Minor Coshma Kilmallock
Kilcolman Shanid Glin
Kilcolman Shanid Newcastle
Kilcorcoran Kenry Rathkeale
Kilcornan Kenry Rathkeale
Kilcullane Smallcounty Kilmallock
Kildimo Kenry Croom
Kildimo Kenry Rathkeale
Kilfergus Shanid Glin
Kilfinnane Coshlea Kilmallock
Kilfinny Connello Upper Croom
Kilfinny Connello Upper Rathkeale
Kilflyn Coshlea Kilmallock
Kilfrush Smallcounty Kilmallock
Kilkeedy Pubblebrien Limerick
Killagholehane Glenquin Newcastle
Killeedy Glenquin Kanturk
Killeedy Glenquin Newcastle
Killeedy Pubblebrien Limerick
Killeely Limerick, Muni. Borough of Limerick
Killeely Pubblebrien Limerick
Killeely Pubblebrien and Muni. Borough Limerick
Killeenagarriff Clanwilliam Limerick
Killeenoghty Coshma Croom
Killeenoghty Pubblebrien Croom
Killonahan Coshma Croom
Killonahan Pubblebrien Croom
Killonahan Pubblebrien Limerick
Kilmeedy Connello Upper Croom
Kilmeedy Connello Upper Newcastle
Kilmoylan Shanid Glin
Kilmoylan Shanid Rathkeale
Kilmurry Clanwilliam Limerick
Kilpeacon Pubblebrien Croom
Kilpeacon Smallcounty Croom
Kilquane Coshlea Kilmallock
Kilscannell Connello Lower Rathkeale
Kilteely Coonagh Kilmallock
Kilteely Coonagh Tipperary
Kilteely Smallcounty Kilmallock
Knockainy Smallcounty Kilmallock
Knocklong Coshlea Kilmallock
Knocknagaul Pubblebrien Limerick
Limerick City Limerick City Limerick
Limerick St John's Limerick City Limerick
Limerick St Lawrence's Limerick City Limerick
Limerick St Mary's Limerick City Limerick
Limerick St Michael's Limerick City Limerick
Limerick St Munchin's Limerick City Limerick
Limerick St Nicholas Limerick City Limerick
Limerick St Patrick's Limerick City Limerick
Lismakeery Connello Lower Rathkeale
Lismakeery Connello Lower Roscrea
Loghill Shanid Glin
Ludden Clanwilliam Limerick
Mahoonagh Glenquin Newcastle
Monagay Glenquin Newcastle
Monasteranenagh Coshma Croom
Monasteranenagh Pubblebrien Croom
Monasteranenagh Smallcounty Croom
Monasteranenagh Smallcounty Kilmallock
Morgans Connello Lower Rathkeale
Mungret Pubblebrien Limerick
Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Nantinan Connello Lower Rathkeale
Nantinan Connello Upper Rathkeale
Nantinan Shanid Glin
Newcastle Glenquin Newcastle
Newcastle Shanid Newcastle
Oola Coonagh Tipperary
Particles Coshlea Kilmallock
Rathjordan Clanwilliam Limerick
Rathkeale Connello Lower Croom
Rathkeale Connello Lower Rathkeale
Rathkeale Connello Lower Rathkeale
Rathkeale Connello Upper Rathkeale
Rathronan Shanid Glin
Rathronan Shanid Newcastle
Rathronan Shanid Rathkeale
Robertstown Shanid Glin
Robertstown Shanid Rathkeale
Rochestown Clanwilliam Limerick
Shanagolden Shanid Glin
Shanagolden Shanid Rathkeale
St. John's Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough Limerick
St. John's Limerick City Limerick
St. John's Limerick, Muni. Borough of Limerick
St. Laurence's Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough Limerick
St. Lawrence's Clanwilliam Limerick
St. Lawrence's Limerick City Limerick
St. Mary's Borough of Limerick Limerick
St. Mary's Limerick
St. Mary's Limerick, Muni. Borough of Limerick
St. Michael's Limerick City Limerick
St. Michael's Limerick, Muni. Borough of Limerick
St. Michael's Pubblebrien Limerick
St. Munchin's Limerick City Limerick
St. Munchin's Limerick, Muni. Borough of Limerick
St. Munchin's Pubblebrien Limerick
St. Munchin's Pubblebrien and Muni. Borough Limerick
St. Nicholas Clanwilliam Limerick
St. Nicholas Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough Limerick
St. Nicholas Limerick, Muni. Borough of Limerick
St. Nicholas Pubblebrien and Muni. Borough Limerick
St. Nicholas' Limerick City Limerick
St. Patrick's Clanwilliam Limerick
St. Patrick's Clanwilliam and Muni. Borough Limerick
St. Patrick's Limerick City Limerick
St. Patrick's Limerick, Muni. Borough of Limerick
St. Peter's & St. Paul's Kilmallock Kilmallock
Stradbally Clanwilliam Limerick
Tankardstown Coshma Kilmallock
Templebredon Coonagh Tipperary
Tomdeely Connello Lower Rathkeale
Tullabracky Coshma Croom
Tullabracky Coshma Kilmallock
Tullabracky Smallcounty Croom
Tuogh Owneybeg Limerick
Tuoghcluggin Coonagh Tipperary
Uregare Coshma Kilmallock
Uregare Smallcounty Kilmallock


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