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Gotoarrow.png Ireland Gotoarrow.png County Kilkenny.
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Kilkenny is an inland county in the province of Leinster. The name Kilkenny is taken from the Gaelic Cill Cheannaigh, which translates as the Church of Canice. St. Canice established a monastery in the area during the sixth century and St. Canice's Cathedral was built in Kilkenny City during the thirteenth century; the second largest cathedral in “Ireland”. The county covers 796 square miles (2,062 sq km). Its length is 45 miles from the bend of the river Suir (west of Waterford City) to the north at the townland of Clogh.  Its breadth is 23 miles.

In the early seventeenth century, Kilkenny City became the meeting place of an independent Irish government, called the Confederation of Kilkenny, which was created in opposition to the English-controlled parliament in Dublin. This rebellion ended in 1650 by Cromwell. Cromwell used the St. Canice's Cathedral in Kilkenny City to house his horses. Cromwell’s army brought to a close what is arguably the most distinguished period in the county’s history when the Confederation fell.

The population was 181,946 in 1821 and grew to 202,420 in 1841. It then began to decrease to 158,748 in 1851 and was only 70,965 in 1926. In 2006, the population was 87,558. The predominant religion in the county is Roman Catholic. In 1861, 94.9% of the population was Roman Catholic followed by the Church of Ireland at 4.8% with 0.2% being Presbyterian and 0.1% being Methodists. Overtime there has been little change in the percentage of religous preference.  In 1911, Roman Catholics represented 94.97%% of the populaton; the Church of Ireland was 4.48% with 0.28% and 0.10% being Presbyterian and Methodist, respectively.

General County Research Information

Further information about County Kilkenny is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Kilkenny is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Abbeyleix Fassadinin Castlecomer
Aghaviller Knocktopher Carrick on Suir
Aghaviller Knocktopher Thomastown
Aglish Iverk Waterford
Aharney Galmoy Urlingford
Arderra Iverk Waterford
Attanagh Fassadinin Castlecomer
Balleen Galmoy Urlingford
Ballinamara Crannagh Kilkenny
Ballybur Shillelogher Kilkenny
Ballycallan Crannagh Callan
Ballycallan Crannagh Kilkenny
Ballygurrim Ida New Ross
Ballylarkin Crannagh Kilkenny
Ballylinch Gowran Thomastown
Ballytarsney Iverk Waterford
Ballytobin Kells Callan
Blackrath Gowran Kilkenny
Blanchvilleskill Gowran Kilkenny
Borrismore Galmoy Parsonstown
Borrismore Galmoy Urlingford
Burnchurch Shillelogher Callan
Callan Callan Callan
Castlecomer Fassadinin Castlecomer
Castleinch or Inchyolaghan Shillelogher Kilkenny
Clara Gowran Kilkenny
Clashacrow Crannagh Kilkenny
Clomantagh Crannagh Urlingford
Clonamery Ida Thomastown
Clonmore Iverk Carrick on Suir
Columbkille Gowran Thomastown
Coolaghmore Kells Callan
Coolcashin Galmoy Urlingford
Coolcraheen Crannagh Kilkenny
Coolcraheen Fassadinin Kilkenny
Danesfort Shillelogher Thomastown
Derrynahinch Knocktopher Thomastown
Donaghmore Fassadinin Castlecomer
Dunbell Gowran Kilkenny
Dungarvan Gowran Kilkenny
Dungarvan Gowran Thomastown
Dunkitt Ida Waterford
Dunmore Fassadinin Kilkenny
Dunnamaggan Kells Callan
Dunnamaggan Kells Thomastown
Dunnamaggan Knocktopher Thomastown
Durrow Galmoy Urlingford
Dysart Fassadinin Castlecomer
Dysartmoon Ida New Ross
Earlstown Shillelogher Callan
Ennisnag Knocktopher Thomastown
Ennisnag Shillelogher Thomastown
Erke Galmoy Urlingford
Famma Gowran Thomastown
Fertagh Crannagh Urlingford
Fertagh Galmoy Urlingford
Fiddown Iverk Carrick on Suir
Fiddown Knocktopher Carrick on Suir
Freshford Crannagh Kilkenny
Garranamanagh Crannagh Urlingford
Gaulskill Ida Waterford
Glashare Galmoy Urlingford
Gowran Gowran Kilkenny
Graiguenamanagh Gowran Kilkenny
Graiguenamanagh Gowran Thomastown
Grange Shillelogher Kilkenny
Grangekilree Shillelogher Kilkenny
Grangemaccomb Fassadinin Castlecomer
Grangemaccomb Fassadinin Kilkenny
Grangemaccomb Fassadinin Urlingford
Grangesilvia Gowran Kilkenny
Grangesilvia Gowran Thomastown
Inchyolaghan Shillelogher Kilkenny
Inistioge Gowran Thomastown
Jerpoint West Gowran Thomastown
Jerpoint West Ida New Ross
Jerpoint West Knocktopher New Ross
Jerpointabbey Gowran Thomastown
Jerpointchurch Knocktopher Thomastown
Kells Kells Callan
Kells Shillelogher Callan
Kilbeacon Knocktopher Waterford
Kilbride Ida Waterford
Kilcoan Ida Waterford
Kilcolumb Ida Waterford
Kilcooly Crannagh Kilkenny
Kilderry Gowran Kilkenny
Kilfane Gowran Thomastown
Kilferagh Shillelogher Kilkenny
Kilkeasy Knocktopher Thomastown
Kilkieran Gowran Kilkenny
Killahy Crannagh Urlingford
Killahy Knocktopher Waterford
Killaloe Callan Callan
Killaloe Crannagh Callan
Killaloe Shillelogher Callan
Killamery Kells Callan
Killarney Gowran Thomastown
Kilmacahill Gowran Kilkenny
Kilmacar Fassadinin Castlecomer
Kilmacow Iverk Waterford
Kilmademoge Fassadinin Kilkenny
Kilmadum Fassadinin Kilkenny
Kilmadum Gowran Castlecomer
Kilmadum Gowran Kilkenny
Kilmaganny Kells Callan
Kilmaganny Kells Carrick on Suir
Kilmakevoge Ida Waterford
Kilmanagh Crannagh Callan
Kilmenan Fassadinin Castlecomer
Kilree Kells Callan
Knocktopher Knocktopher Thomastown
Lismateige Knocktopher Thomastown
Listerlin Ida New Ross
Listerlin Knocktopher New Ross
Mallardstown Kells Callan
Mayne Fassadinin Kilkenny
Mothel Fassadinin Castlecomer
Mothell Fassadinin Castlecomer
Mothell Gowran Kilkenny
Muckalee Fassadinin Castlecomer
Muckalee Iverk Carrick on Suir
Muckalee Knocktopher Carrick on Suir
Mullingar Fartullagh Mullingar
Odagh Crannagh Kilkenny
Odagh Fassadinin Kilkenny
Outrath Shillelogher Kilkenny
Owning Iverk Carrick on Suir
Pleberstown Gowran Thomastown
Pollrone Iverk Carrick on Suir
Pollrone Iverk Waterford
Portnascully Iverk Waterford
Powerstown Gowran Thomastown
Rathaspick Fassadinin Castlecomer
Rathbeagh Fassadinin Castlecomer
Rathbeagh Galmoy Urlingford
Rathcoole Gowran Kilkenny
Rathkieran Iverk Carrick on Suir
Rathkieran Iverk Waterford
Rathlogan Galmoy Urlingford
Rathpatrick Ida Waterford
Rosbercon Ida New Ross
Rosconnell Fassadinin Castlecomer
Rossinan Ida Waterford
Rossinan Knocktopher Waterford
Shanbogh Ida New Ross
Shankill Gowran Kilkenny
Sheffin Crannagh Urlingford
Sheffin Galmoy Urlingford
St. Canice Crannagh Kilkenny
St. Canice Crannagh and Muni. Borough Kilkenny
St. Canice Kilkenny City Kilkenny
St. Canice Kilkenny, Muni. Borough of Kilkenny
St. Canice Shillelogher Kilkenny
St. Canice Shillelogher and Muni. Borough Kilkenny
St. John's Gowran Kilkenny
St. John's Gowran and Muni. Borough Kilkenny
St. John's Kilkenny City Kilkenny
St. John's Kilkenny, Muni. Borough of Kilkenny
St. John's Shillelogher Kilkenny
St. Martin's Gowran Kilkenny
St. Martin's Kilkenny City Kilkenny
St. Mary's Kilkenny City Kilkenny
St. Maul's Gowran Kilkenny
St. Maul's Gowran and Muni. Borough Kilkenny
St. Maul's Kilkenny City Kilkenny
St. Patrick's Kilkenny City Kilkenny
St. Patrick's Kilkenny, Muni. Borough of Kilkenny
St. Patrick's Shillelogher Kilkenny
Stonecarthy Kells Thomastown
Stonecarthy Knocktopher Thomastown
Stonecarthy Shillelogher Thomastown
The Rower Ida New Ross
The Rower Ida Thomastown
Thomastown Gowran Thomastown
Tibberaghny Iverk Carrick on Suir
Tiscoffin Gowran Kilkenny
Treadingstown Gowran Thomastown
Treadingstown Shillelogher Thomastown
Tubbrid Iverk Carrick on Suir
Tubbridbritain Crannagh Urlingford
Tullaghanbrogue Crannagh Callan
Tullaghanbrogue Shillelogher Callan
Tullaherin Gowran Thomastown
Tullahought Kells Callan
Tullahought Kells Carrick on Suir
Tullamaine Shillelogher Callan
Tullaroan Crannagh Kilkenny
Ullard Gowran Thomastown
Ullid Iverk Waterford
Urlingford Galmoy Urlingford
Wells Gowran Kilkenny
Whitechurch Iverk Carrick on Suir
Woolengrange Gowran Thomastown

Web Sites

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