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County Kerry is located on the southwestern coast of Ireland and is in the province of Munster. The name Kerry is derived from Ciarraighe, or "people of Ciar" the name of the pre-Gaelic tribe who lived in part of the present county. In Old Irish "Ciar" (pronounced keer) meant black or dark brown, and the word continues in use in modern Irish as an adjective describing a dark complexion. It comprises 4,746 km² (1,832 square miles) with its greatest length is 69 miles from Tarbert to Bolus Head. Its greatest breadth from Mweelin Mountain east of Kenmare to Ballydavid (Smerwick Harbour) is 53 ½ miles. 

Around 65 AD Ciar took possession of the land from the river Maine in the south and in the north to the mouth of river Shannon and included the Dingle Peninsula. Ciar was the progenitor of the O'Connor Kerry Clan. By the 6th century it was known as Ciarraige or Ciar's Kingdom. In 1329, Maurice FitzGerald became the first Earl of Desmond over the entire county.

Towards the end of the sixteenth century, the English began arriving and laying claim to the county. This began a series of wars between the English Protestants and the Irish Catholics with the English gaining control in 1652 as part of the Cromwellian conquest of Ireland. Kerry became increasingly populated by poor tenant farmers in the 17th and 18th centuries and was devastated by the Great Irish Famine of 1845-49.

In 1821, the population was 216,185 and continued to increase until 1841 to 293,880 just before the potato famine. The population was 238,254 in 1851 and decreased to 149, 171 in 1926. The population was 139,616 in 2006.

Kerry is predominately Roman Catholic. In 1861, 96.7% of the population were Roman Catholic with 3.1% of the Church of Ireland, 0.10% Presbyterians and 0.1% Methodists. There were small variations over the years. In 1911, 97.26% were Roman Catholic with 2.33% Church of Ireland, 0.17% Presbyterians and 0.17% Methodists.

General County Research Information

Further information about County Kerry is available at the GenUKI site.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Kerry is available at Irish Times site.

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Aghadoe Dunkerron North Killarney
Aghadoe Magunihy Killarney
Aghavallen Iraghticonnor Listowel
Aglish Magunihy Killarney
Annagh Corkaguiny Tralee
Annagh Trughanacmy Tralee
Ardfert Clanmaurice Tralee
Ardfert Trughanacmy Tralee
Ballincuslane Trughanacmy Tralee
Ballinovher Corkaguiny Dingle
Ballyconry Iraghticonnor Listowel
Ballyduff Corkaguiny Dingle
Ballyheige Clanmaurice Tralee
Ballymacelligott Trughanacmy Tralee
Ballynacourty Corkaguiny Dingle
Ballynahaglish Trughanacmy Tralee
Ballyseedy Trughanacmy Tralee
Brosna Trughanacmy Tralee
Caher Iveragh Cahersiveen
Castleisland Trughanacmy Tralee
Cloghane Corkaguiny Dingle
Clogherbrien Trughanacmy Tralee
Currans Magunihy Killarney
Currans Trughanacmy Killarney
Dingle Corkaguiny Dingle
Dromod Iveragh Cahersiveen
Duagh Clanmaurice Listowel
Duagh Iraghticonnor Listowel
Dunquin Corkaguiny Dingle
Dunrulin Corkaguiny Dingle
Dysert Clanmaurice Listowel
Dysert Iraghticonnor Listowel
Dysert Trughanacmy Killarney
Dysert Trughanacmy Tralee
Fenit Trughanacmy Tralee
Finuge Clanmaurice Listowel
Galey Iraghticonnor Listowel
Garfinny Corkaguiny Dingle
Glanbehy Iveragh Cahersiveen
Glanbehy Iveragh Killarney
Kenmare Glanarought Kenmare
Kilbonane Magunihy Killarney
Kilcaragh Clanmaurice Listowel
Kilcaskan Glanarought Kenmare
Kilcolman Magunihy Killarney
Kilcolman Trughanacmy Killarney
Kilconly Iraghticonnor Listowel
Kilcredane Magunihy Killarney
Kilcrohane Dunkerron South Cahersiveen
Kilcrohane Dunkerron South Kenmare
Kilcummin Magunihy Killarney
Kildrum Corkaguiny Dingle
Kilfeighny Clanmaurice Listowel
Kilflyn Clanmaurice Listowel
Kilflyn Clanmaurice Tralee
Kilgarrylander Trughanacmy Dingle
Kilgarrylander Trughanacmy Tralee
Kilgarvan Glanarought Kenmare
Kilgarvan Glanarought Killarney
Kilgobban Corkaguiny Tralee
Killaha Magunihy Killarney
Killahan Clanmaurice Listowel
Killahan Clanmaurice Tralee
Killarney Magunihy Killarney
Killeentierna Magunihy Killarney
Killeentierna Trughanacmy Killarney
Killeentierna Trughanacmy Listowel
Killehenny Iraghticonnor Listowel
Killemlagh Iveragh Cahersiveen
Killinane Iveragh Cahersiveen
Killiney Corkaguiny Dingle
Killorglin Dunkerron North Cahersiveen
Killorglin Dunkerron North Killarney
Killorglin Iveragh Killarney
Killorglin Magunihy Killarney
Killorglin Trughanacmy Killarney
Killury Clanmaurice Listowel
Kilmalkedar Corkaguiny Dingle
Kilmoyly Clanmaurice Tralee
Kilnanare Magunihy Killarney
Kilnaughtin Iraghticonnor Glin
Kilquane Corkaguiny Dingle
Kilshenane Clanmaurice Listowel
Kiltallagh Trughanacmy Tralee
Kiltomy Clanmaurice Listowel
Kiltomy Clanmaurice Tralee
Kinard Corkaguiny Dingle
Knockane Dunkerron North Cahersiveen
Knockane Dunkerron North Kenmare
Knockane Dunkerron North Killarney
Knockane Dunkerron South Cahersiveen
Knockane Dunkerron South Killarney
Knockanure Iraghticonnor Listowel
Lisselton Iraghticonnor Listowel
Listowel Clanmaurice Listowel
Listowel Iraghticonnor Listowel
Marhin Corkaguiny Dingle
Minard Corkaguiny Dingle
Molahiffe Magunihy Killarney
Murher Iraghticonnor Glin
Murher Iraghticonnor Listowel
Nohaval Trughanacmy Killarney
Nohaval Trughanacmy Tralee
Nohavaldaly Magunihy Killarney
O'Brennnan Trughanacmy Tralee
O'Dorney Clanmaurice Tralee
Prior Iveragh Cahersiveen
Ratass Trughanacmy Tralee
Rattoo Clanmaurice Listowel
Rattoo Clanmorris Listowel
Rattoo Iraghticonnor Listowel
Stradbally Corkaguiny Dingle
Templenoe Dunkerron North Kenmare
Templenoe Dunkerron South Kenmare
Tralee Trughanacmy Tralee
Tuosist Glanarought Kenmare
Valencia Iveragh Cahersiveen
Ventry Corkaguiny Dingle


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 Web Sites

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