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Gotoarrow.png Ireland Gotoarrow.png County Cork
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County Cork, in Ireland is located along the southern coast in the province of Munster. It is the largest county consisting of 2880 square miles and the greatest length is 102 miles from Youghal to Crow Head. The name Cork comes from the Gaelic word Corcaigh, meaning "marsh".

In the sixth century, a monastery and school were established in the City of Cork. Later in the ninth century, the Norse Vikings raided and settled in Cork. The Normans invaded the area in the twelfth century and became part of the kingdom of Desmond. Several rebellions from English rule occurred from the late sixteenth into the mid-seventeenth century. The County was severely impacted during the Great Famine, 1847-1850.

In 1821, the population was 730,444. It increased to 854,118 in 1841, but then began to decrease to 361,877 in 1926. In 2006, the population was 70,868. In 1871, 91.5% of the population were Roman Catholic with 7.1% of the Church of Ireland, 0.3% Presbyterians and 0.5% Methodists. In 1926, 94.3% were Roman Catholic with 4.9% Church of Ireland.

General County Research Information

Further information about County Cork is available at the GenUKI site and this FamilySearch Research Wiki.

Civil Jurisdictions and Parish Research Information

A map of the Civil Parishes of County Cork is available at this Irish Times site.

Civil Parish Barony Poor Law Union
Abbeymahon Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Abbeystrowry West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Abbeystrowry West Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Aghabulloge East Muskerry Macroom
Aghacross Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Aghada Imokilly Middleton
Aghadown West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Aghern Kinnatalloon Fermoy
Aghinagh East Muskerry Macroom
Aglish East Muskerry Bandon
Aglish East Muskerry Macroom
Aglishdrinagh Orrery and Kilmore Kilmallock
Ardagh Imokilly Youghal
Ardfield Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Ardnageehy Barrymore Cork
Ardnageehy Barrymore Fermoy
Ardskeagh Fermoy Mallow
Athnowen East Muskerry Bandon
Athnowen East Muskerry Cork
Ballinaboy Cork Cork
Ballinaboy East Muskerry Cork
Ballinaboy Kerrycurrihy Cork
Ballinaboy Kinalea Kinsale
Ballinadee East Carbery (E.D.) Bandon
Ballinadee West Muskerry Macroom
Ballintemple Imokilly Middleton
Ballyclogh Duhallow Mallow
Ballyclogh Orrery and Kilmore Kanturk
Ballyclogh Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Ballycurrany Barrymore Middleton
Ballydeloher Barrymore Cork
Ballydeloughy Fermoy Mitchelstown
Ballyfeard Kinalea Kinsale
Ballyfoyle Kinalea Kinsale
Ballyhay Fermoy Mallow
Ballyhay Fermoy Mitchelstown
Ballyhay Orrery and Kilmore Kilmallock
Ballyhooly Fermoy Fermoy
Ballymartle Kinalea Kinsale
Ballymartle Kinsale Kinsale
Ballymodan East Carbery (E.D.) Bandon
Ballymodan Kinalmeaky Bandon
Ballymoney East Carbery (E.D.) Dunmanway
Ballynoe Kinnatalloon Fermoy
Ballyoughtera Imokilly Middleton
Ballyspillane Barrymore Middleton
Ballyvourney West Muskerry Macroom
Barnahely Kerrycurrihy Cork
Bohillane Imokilly Middleton
Bregoge Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Bridgetown Fermoy Fermoy
Brigown Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Brinny East Carbery (E.D.) Bandon
Brinny Kinalea Bandon
Brinny Kinalmeaky Bandon
Britway Barrymore Fermoy
Britway Barrymore Middleton
Britway Kinnatalloon Fermoy
Buttevant Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Caheragh West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Caheragh West Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Caherduggan Fermoy Mallow
Caherlag Barrymore Cork
Caherlag Barrymore Middleton
Cannaway East Muskerry Macroom
Carrigaline Cork Cork
Carrigaline Kerrycurrihy Cork
Carrigaline Kerrycurrihy Kinsale
Carrigaline Kinalea Kinsale
Carrigdownane Fermoy Fermoy
Carrigdownane Fermoy Mitchelstown
Carrigleamleary Fermoy Mallow
Carrigrohane Cork Cork
Carrigrohane East Muskerry Cork
Carrigrohanebeg East Muskerry Cork
Carrigtohill Barrymore Cork
Carrigtohill Barrymore Middleton
Castlehaven West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Castlehaven West Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Castlelyons Barrymore Fermoy
Castlelyons Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Castlemagner Duhallow Kanturk
Castletownroche Fermoy Fermoy
Castletownroche Fermoy Mallow
Castleventry East Carbery (W.D.) Clonakilty
Castleventry Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Churchtown Duhallow Kanturk
Churchtown Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Clear-island West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Clenor Fermoy Mallow
Clondrohid West Muskerry Macroom
Clondulane Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Clonfert Duhallow Kanturk
Clonmeen Duhallow Kanturk
Clonmel Barrymore Cork
Clonmult Barrymore Middleton
Clonmult Imokilly Middleton
Clonmult Kinnatalloon Fermoy
Clonpriest Imokilly Youghal
Clontead Kinsale Kinsale
Cloyne Imokilly Middleton
Coole Barrymore Fermoy
Cooliney Orrery and Kilmore Kilmallock
Corbally East Muskerry Cork
Corcomohide Orrery and Kilmore Kanturk
Corkbeg Imokilly Middleton
Creagh West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Creagh West Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Cullen Duhallow Millstreet
Cullen Kinalea Kinsale
Currykippane Cork Cork
Dangandonovan Imokilly Middleton
Dangandonovan Imokilly Youghal
Derryvillane Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Derryvillane Fermoy Mitchelstown
Desert East Carbery (E.D.) Clonakilty
Desert Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Desertmore East Muskerry Bandon
Desertserges East Carbery (E.D.) Bandon
Desertserges East Carbery (E.D.) Clonakilty
Desertserges Kinalmeaky Bandon
Donaghmore Barretts Cork
Donaghmore East Muskerry Macroom
Donaghmore Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Doneraile Fermoy Mallow
Drinagh East Carbery (W.D.) Dunmanway
Drinagh East Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Drinagh West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Drinagh West Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Drishane Duhallow Millstreet
Drishane West Muskerry Millstreet
Dromdaleague East Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Dromdaleague West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Dromdaleague West Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Dromdowney Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Dromtarriff Duhallow Kanturk
Dromtarriff Duhallow Millstreet
Dunbulloge Barrymore Cork
Dunbulloge Cork Cork
Dunderrow East Muskerry Cork
Dunderrow Kinalea Kinsale
Dunderrow Kinsale Kinsale
Dungourney Barrymore Middleton
Dungourney Imokilly Middleton
Dunisky West Muskerry Macroom
Dunmahon Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Dunmahon Fermoy Fermoy
Durrus Bantry Bantry
Durrus East Carbery (W.D.) Bantry
Durrus West Carbery (W.D.) Bantry
Fanlobbus East Carbery (W.D.) Dunmanway
Farahy Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Farahy Fermoy Mallow
Farahy Fermoy Mitchelstown
Fermoy Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Garranekinnefeake Imokilly Middleton
Garrycloyne Barretts Cork
Garrycloyne East Muskerry Cork
Garryvoe Imokilly Middleton
Glanworth Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Glanworth Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Glanworth Fermoy Fermoy
Glanworth Fermoy Mitchelstown
Gortroe Barrymore Fermoy
Gortroe Barrymore Middleton
Grenagh Barretts Cork
Grenagh East Muskerry Cork
Hackmys Orrery and Kilmore Kilmallock
Ightermurragh Imokilly Middleton
Imphrick Fermoy Mallow
Imphrick Orrery and Kilmore Kilmallock
Inch Imokilly Middleton
Inchigeelagh East Carbery (W.D.) Dunmanway
Inchigeelagh West Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Inchigeelagh West Muskerry Dunmanway
Inchigeelagh West Muskerry Macroom
Inchinabacky Barrymore Middleton
Inishannon East Carbery (E.D.) Bandon
Inishannon Kinalea Bandon
Inishcarra East Muskerry Cork
Inishkenny Cork Cork
Inishkenny East Muskerry Cork
Island East Carbery (E.D.) Clonakilty
Island Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Kells West Muskerry Kells
Kilbolane Orrery and Kilmore Kanturk
Kilbonane East Muskerry Bandon
Kilbrin Duhallow Kanturk
Kilbrittain East Carbery (E.D.) Bandon
Kilbrittain East Carbery (W.D.) Bandon
Kilbrogan Kinalmeaky Bandon
Kilbroney Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Kilcaskan Bear Bantry
Kilcaskan Bear Castletown
Kilcaskan Bear Kinsale
Kilcatherine Bear Castletown
Kilcoe West Carbery (W.D.) Skull
Kilcorcoran Duhallow Kanturk
Kilcorney West Muskerry Millstreet
Kilcredan Imokilly Middleton
Kilcrohane West Carbery (W.D.) Bantry
Kilcrumper Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Kilcrumper Fermoy Fermoy
Kilcully Cork Cork
Kilcummer Fermoy Fermoy
Kildorrery Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Kildorrery Fermoy Mitchelstown
Kilfaughnabeg East Carbery (W.D.) Clonakilty
Kilfaughnabeg East Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Kilgarriff East Carbery (E.D.) Clonakilty
Kilgarriff Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Kilgrogan Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Kilgullane Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Kilgullane Fermoy Fermoy
Kilkerranmore East Carbery (W.D.) Clonakilty
Kilkerranmore East Carbery (W.D.) Dunmanway
Kilkerranmore Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Killaconenagh Bear Castletown
Killanully Cork Cork
Killanully Kerrycurrihy Cork
Killaspugmullane Barrymore Cork
Killathy Fermoy Fermoy
Killeagh Imokilly Middleton
Killeagh Imokilly Youghal
Killeenemer Fermoy Mitchelstown
Killowen Kinalmeaky Bandon
Kilmacabea East Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Kilmacabea West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Kilmacdonogh Imokilly Middleton
Kilmacdonogh Imokilly Youghal
Kilmaclenine Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Kilmahon Imokilly Middleton
Kilmaloda East Carbery (E.D.) Bandon
Kilmaloda East Carbery (E.D.) Clonakilty
Kilmeane East Carbery (W.D.) Clonakilty
Kilmeane Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Kilmeen Duhallow Kanturk
Kilmeen Duhallow Millstreet
Kilmeen East Carbery (W.D.) Clonakilty
Kilmeen East Carbery (W.D.) Dunmanway
Kilmeen Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Kilmichael East Carbery (W.D.) Dunmanway
Kilmichael West Muskerry Dunmanway
Kilmichael West Muskerry Macroom
Kilmocomoge Bantry Bantry
Kilmocomoge East Carbery (W.D.) Bantry
Kilmocomoge West Carbery (W.D.) Bantry
Kilmoe West Carbery (W.D.) Skull
Kilmoney Kerrycurrihy Kinsale
Kilmonoge Kinalea Kinsale
Kilmurry East Muskerry Bandon
Kilmurry West Muskerry Macroom
Kilnaglory Cork Cork
Kilnaglory East Muskerry Cork
Kilnagross East Carbery (E.D.) Clonakilty
Kilnagross East Carbery (W.D.) Clonakilty
Kilnamanagh Bear Castletown
Kilnamartery West Muskerry Macroom
Kilpatrick Kerrycurrihy Kinsale
Kilpatrick Kinalea Kinsale
Kilphelan Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Kilquane Barrymore Cork
Kilquane Fermoy Mallow
Kilroan Courceys Kinsale
Kilroan Kinsale Kinsale
Kilroe Duhallow Kanturk
Kilshanahan Barrymore Fermoy
Kilshannig Duhallow Mallow
Kilsillagh Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Kilworth Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Kinneigh East Carbery (W.D.) Bandon
Kinneigh East Carbery (W.D.) Dunmanway
Kinsale Kinsale Kinsale
Kinure Kinalea Kinsale
Knockavilly East Muskerry Bandon
Knockavilly Kinalea Bandon
Knockmourne Barrymore Fermoy
Knockmourne Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Knockmourne Kinnatalloon Fermoy
Knockmourne Kinnatalloon Lismore
Knocktemple Duhallow Kanturk
Knocktemple Duhallow Mallow
Lackeen Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Leighmoney Kinalea Kinsale
Leitrim Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Liscarroll Orrery and Kilmore Mallow
Liscleary Kerrycurrihy Cork
Liscleary Kerrycurrihy Kinsale
Lisgoold Barrymore Middleton
Lislee Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Lismore & Mocollop Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Litter Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Litter Fermoy Fermoy
Little Island Barrymore Cork
Macloneigh West Muskerry Macroom
Macroney Condons & Clangibbon Fermoy
Macroom West Muskerry Macroom
Magourney East Muskerry Macroom
Mallow Duhallow Mallow
Mallow Fermoy Mallow
Marmullane Kerrycurrihy Cork
Marshalstown Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Matehy East Muskerry Cork
Middleton Imokilly Middleton
Mogeely Imokilly Middleton
Mogeely Kinnatalloon Fermoy
Mogeely Kinnatalloon Lismore
Mogeely Kinnatalloon Youghal
Mogeesha Barrymore Middleton
Mogeesha Imokilly Middleton
Monanimy Fermoy Mallow
Monkstown Kerrycurrihy Cork
Mourneabbey Barretts Mallow
Mourneabbey Fermoy Mallow
Moviddy East Muskerry Bandon
Murragh East Carbery (W.D.) Bandon
Murragh Kinalmeaky Bandon
Myross West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Myross West Carbery (W.D.) Skibbereen
Nohaval Kinalea Kinsale
Nohavaldaly Duhallow Kanturk
Nohavaldaly Duhallow Millstreet
Rahan Fermoy Mallow
Rathbarry East Carbery (W.D.) Clonakilty
Rathbarry Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Rathclarin East Carbery (E.D.) Bandon
Rathcooney Cork Cork
Rathcormack Barrymore Fermoy
Rathgoggan Orrery and Kilmore Kilmallock
Ringcurran Kinalea Kinsale
Ringcurran Kinsale Kinsale
Ringrone Courceys Kinsale
Ringrone East Carbery (E.D.) Kinsale
Ringrone Kinsale Kinsale
Ross East Carbery (W.D.) Clonakilty
Ross Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Ross West Carbery (W.D.) Clonakilty
Rosskeen Duhallow Kanturk
Rostellan Imokilly Middleton
Shandrum Orrery and Kilmore Kanturk
Shandrum Orrery and Kilmore Kilmallock
Skull West Carbery (E.D.) Skull
Skull West Carbery (W.D.) Skull
St. Anne's Shandon Cork Cork
St. Anne's Shandon Cork and Muni. Borough Cork
St. Anne's Shandon Cork, Muni. Borough of Cork
St. Finbar's Cork Cork
St. Finbar's Cork and Muni. Borough Cork
St. Finbar's East Muskerry Bandon
St. Mary's Shandon Cork Cork
St. Mary's Shandon Cork and Muni. Borough Cork
St. Mary's Shandon Cork, Muni. Borough of Cork
St. Michael's Barrymore Cork
St. Michael's Cork Cork
St. Nathlash Fermoy Mitchelstown
St. Nicholas Cork Cork
St. Nicholas Cork and Muni. Borough Cork
St. Nicholas East Muskerry Cork
Subulter Duhallow Kanturk
Templebodan Barrymore Fermoy
Templebodan Barrymore Middleton
Templebreedy Kerrycurrihy Kinsale
Templebryan East Carbery (E.D.) Clonakilty
Templemartin Kinalmeaky Bandon
Templemichael Kinalea Kinsale
Templemolaga Condons & Clangibbon Mitchelstown
Templenacarriga Barrymore Middleton
Templeomalus Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Templequinlan East Carbery (E.D.) Clonakilty
Templequinlan Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Templeroan Fermoy Mallow
Templerobin Barrymore Cork
Templetrine Courceys Kinsale
Templetrine East Carbery (E.D.) Kinsale
Templeusque Barrymore Cork
Timoleague East Carbery (E.D.) Clonakilty
Timoleague Ibane and Barryroe Clonakilty
Tisaxon Kinsale Kinsale
Titeskin Imokilly Middleton
Trabolgan Imokilly Middleton
Tracton Kinalea Kinsale
Tullagh East Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Tullagh West Carbery (E.D.) Skibbereen
Tullylease Duhallow Kanturk
Tullylease Orrery and Kilmore Kanturk
Wallstown Fermoy Mallow
Whitechurch Barretts Cork
Whitechurch Barrymore Cork
Whitechurch Cork Cork
Youghal Imokilly Youghal

Web Sites

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