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There are many sorts of maps, both modern and historical, that are used by genealogists.  Maps will help you to locate properties found in census pages, wills, and other documents.  They are also vital in noting nearby parishes and properties.  The GENUKI pages for all the parishes have on-line links to many maps, including the historical maps.  Google Earth also provides the well-known images that can be used with map overlay, and Google Maps can be used to find specific addresses and places.

The most useful printed maps are the OS maps and a good street atlas. The latter, such as Philip's Street Atlas of Cornwall, is more useful for finding streets in the larger towns.  The best resource for locating the more rural properties, hamlets, and farms, is the OS (Ordinance Survey) map series.  The most detailed is the Explorer Series, which is on a scale of 1:25000 and provides extremely useful detail of property boundaries, roads, paths, trails, water and woods features, as well as topographical information.  Cornwall is covered by 11 of these maps, numbers 102-109, 111-112, and a small part on 126.  Some historical OS maps can be found from sources that deal in used books and maps.  More information on the OS maps is found on their website