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The police census records are probably one of the most vital of records used in Copenhagen research. The records tracked individuals in Copenhagen year by year, creating a valuable database of the city's residents. The police censuses fill in the years between the national censuses and contain vital genealogical material.


In 1816, the Copenhagen police began taking a census of every resident over the age of ten, both male and female, in the city. The census was taken twice a year, once in May and once in November. After some time, a few of the surrounding suburbs were included in the census: Brønshøj-Rødovre (1868-1900), Sundbyvester and –øster (1889-1901), and Kastrup (1891, 1893-1895).

What You Typically Find

Some of the most typically information listed in the censuses include:
-the floor living on
-Full name
-birth place
-Rank, status, and occupation
-Length of time in residence by half year
-When began service
-Where last served



All police census records and index (1866-1923) are available at the Family History Library on microfilm, and at several different archives and libraries in Copenhagen.