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== History  ==
== History  ==

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The Connecticut River in New England is the longest river in that region.  It runs in a meandering pattern of North to South for approximately 410 miles. It rises out of a small lake near the US Canadian border and travels as far as Long Island Sound.  It provides water to fertile farmlands in five Northeastern states and one Canadian province. The watershed of the Connecticut River covers over 11,000 square miles.  It is an important water source in several areas, but primarily to the Long Island Sound, providing 70% of the fresh water in that area.  It was designated as one of 14 American Heritage Rivers in 1997.

Settlement and Migration

Several Native American tribes have lived along the river and in the Connecticut Valley. These include Mohegans, Nipmucs, Pocumtucs and Pequots. After the European migration to the Americas the area was colonized and explored by both Europeans and newly settled Americans.  The Dutch held important settlements in the area but soon were eclipsed in number by the other European settlers including the English Puritans. The land along the Connecticut River was a place of many political and religious disputes  and it was these disagreements that led to more and more small settlements in that region.