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United States Gotoarrow.png U.S. Military Records Gotoarrow.png U.S. Civil War Gotoarrow.png Confederate Service Records


Confederate soldiers may have served from a military unit raised by the Confederate Government or by an individual Confederate state. Most Confederate soldiers served with a Unit raised in the community where they lived.

Compiled Service Records

The Compiled Service Records for Confederate soldiers were made by the United States Record and Pension Office in the War department, beginning in 1903. The Record and Pension Office made card abstracts from records in the War Department Collection of Confederate Records and from other borrowed documents. In addition to the cards, original documents that related only to the individual soldier were included.

The card abstracts were made from original muster rolls, returns, rosters, payrolls, appointment books, hospital registers, Union prison registers and rolls, parole rolls, and inspection reports. Service records may provide rank, unit, date of enlistment, length of service, age, place of birth, and date of death. The Compiled Service Records were made in an effort to obtain as nearly complete record of military service as possible at the time.

See card examples and descriptions on Fold3.com.

The Compiled Service Records ($) (Fold3.com) of Confederate soldiers are available online. In the future, these records will be made available at no charge through the National Archives web site. The service records are also available to access at no charge at National Archives research rooms and any library that provides free access to Fold3.com.

Compiled Service Records of Individual States

The following three collections are not needed if searching the collection Compiled Service Records available on Fold3.com. They are include in that database. If you are using the records of the individual states, however, the following three collections should also be searched as they were not included in the compiled service records of the individual states.




FHL MicroFilm

Alabama Index M311 0880330‑837
Arizona Index M318 0536241 (available online)
Arkansas Index M317 0880849–1104
Florida Index M251 0880103–206
Georgia Index M266 1499064–670
Kentucky Index M319 1447468–603
Louisiana . Index M320 1447604–975, 1473206–47
Maryland Index M321 1292663–84
Mississippi Index M269 1488026–452
Missouri Index M322 1500030–222
North Carolina Index M270 1381001–500, 1447001–80
South Carolina Index M267 1380691–95, 1447081–467
Tennessee Index M268 1499671–854, 1499856–1500028, 1527065
Texas Index M323 1501077–52
Virginia Index M324 1488678–9752


Biographical Sketches

For biographical sketches and other information about officers in addition to the service records, see the following:


Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System

The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System allows name searching for soldiers. The result set gives the regiments for the soldiers. Then you can check the Wiki regiment pages to determine counties. Often knowing the counties that had men in a regiment will help you determine if a soldier was your ancestor.

Government Records

  • Official Records of the Union and Confederate Navies, Vol. 1, Series II (Google Books) has published muster rolls and statistical data on ships. The muster rolls list name, grade, and ship.
  • Confederate Naval and Marine Personnel Records (FamilySearch) (NARA M260) has information about sailors and Marines abstracted from original documents, such as hospital, prison, and parole records.

Other Resources

  • The Confederate States Navy Research Guide (Worldcat) contains biographical sketches of Naval and Marine officers, naval histories of Confederate naval vessels, and a subject bibliography of sources.
  • Service Records of Confederate Enlisted Marines (Worldcat) lists name, company, enlistment date, and place along with brief service histories.