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Submit hours to Charles  
Submit hours to Charles  
Sandra now "volunteer" status; Lee moved to another mission.  
Sandra now "volunteer" status; Lee is now "volunteer" status as well and has also moved to another mission calling.  
'''Needed training: '''  
'''Needed training: '''  

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WebEx ID: 997 636 893; Join the meeting; Dial-in number: Local / International: 1-801-240-9700 U.S. Toll-Free: 1-855-537-4000; 9:00' am. Mountain time on Thursdays'

  • You can join up to 10 minutes early. If you try to join the meeting at any other time, you will get an error that the meeting doesn't exist.

Purpose of the meeting

Improve the Wiki

  • Forge solutions with other community contributors.
  • Share best practices, ideas, and content.
  • Discuss current issues, community matters, and strategies.
  • Move issues to decision.

Kudos go to ...

  • Definitely Charles for the awesome HTML 5/Wiki class
  • Charles and Mark for working on extra large catagory (Ireland) 2000 pages.  They reorganized it.  Now working on Norway with 1800 pages in catagory.  Let Sandra know if we find something that large. Skype Sandra Pond

Priority items for this meeting:

Updates and follow up

Submit hours to Charles

Sandra now "volunteer" status; Lee is now "volunteer" status as well and has also moved to another mission calling.

Needed training: 

Training/new missionaries & Volunteers
  • Maintenance Report - Sandra

African American history: For now, S. Carolina is only one available. You do need to know where the person lived. Not many records pre-1870 to find African Americans. This is a step back a bit further in time. It lists many things such as labor contacts, slave owners, etc. Click on 'learn more'...before this it could only be found in American Archives.

Questions from HTML 5 Class (Mondays at 12PM Mountain):

Patrolling and Amdocs Review

  • Did you see anything while patrolling this past week that would be interesting to discuss with the team?
  1. Patron response to Welcoming and is there a way to delete their User and User Talk page
  2. See what is being touched.
  3. Catch potenial attacks

ask Steve Cotrel (community counsel and guru) ... someone thru amdocs ran across anomolies page.  We really don't know what to do with them - he might know. That patron would also want to help with simple things.

Someone was upset that someone wrote on her talk page. LaVera tried to help out, but the patrol left the Wiki.  The question was could you take talk page away...Robin, said no.  Possible contact Wiki Support and ask that question.  We don't want to affect their family search tree account. Persons user names work even if they never signed on to the Wiki.  Can we delete user name and talk page.  Lavera erased page.  Sandra said she can delete page... even if it is a talk page. Put the delete template.  Sandra said this does not affect the usability of FS

   Sandra mentioned about someone else that thought having a page on the Wiki might compromise their private information.

Salesforce accounts currently active

Sandra, Mark, Diana, Linda, Robin, LaVera, Barbara

Amdocs - who can access?


Patrolling....National Institute pages and Indexing pages...leave them alone.


  • What did you learn this week that you want to share?
  • What do you need help with?
  • Do you have questions or suggestions regarding others are working on?
  • Assistance with Help page updates

Robin?  Can we get the link (Janell or Guiseppe) about Tues devotional

Lavera- (Help page update) Google doc - work on help page...can Robin look at please. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0ApyD-Fq2b_KUdERsOUFDc0ZUVHhnQldkTnFfQTItcVE&usp=drive_web#gid=0

Linda - google doc..submit info to the wiki...can we make new page for 2014

Robin Welcoming  (Lavera -see someone with red talk on recent changes, we put templete.  THere is another list of past participants ...we put welcome on there talk page.  we look on their history and make sure their contributions are appropriate for them. ie...are they just doing FHC pages?  or something more personal to their contributions. - put on the TALK page)

, New Moderator (myra),

New contributor - not contacted until after welcoming have done their part.

committees - can we combine in some way (LaVera's, Robin's...)

Can we be more cohesive as a group?

Can we meet on a Monday, later in the day (Robin, LaVera, Myra, Linda...and an;yone else that might like to join us).  Once a month.

New missionaries, browse through to see what might be of interest to you.  Let us know where you would like to work

No meeting this afternoon.


For next week:

  • New Contributor Support report:  

Locality & topics

Team Member Support Assignments Content Project
Barbara Welcoming Committee
Blake Volunteers, Overviews, Graphics
Charles Non-English wiki, FHC Pages Thurston County - FHL Catalog, York County
The Boss

LaVera Welcoming Committe new people, Categories Help pages project-slow but steady.
Lee Developing Training - Non-English, Tech Non-English, Tech Training, SF Development
Linda New volunteers
Marilyn Welcoming Committee
Mark Volunteers England Articles
Myra Moderators
Rick Volunteers
Robin Volunteers, Moderators, Training Lessons for New Volunteers
South Carolina Moderator, contributing to African American Research and Columbia, South Carolina
Rorie New Missionary Training, Special Projects Idaho & Native American Moderator
Sandra Maintenance

Supervisor Training or Updates



Improve the Wiki

Wiki Project