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MeetingPlace ID: 3232; Join the meeting; Dial-in number: 877-453-7266  '9:30' am. Mountain time on Thursdays

  • You can join up to 10 minutes early. If you try to join the meeting at any other time, you will get an error that the meeting doesn't exist.
  • Prior to joining the meeting for the first time, run the MeetingPlace Test to verify that you can participate in a web meeting.

Purpose of the meeting

Improve the Wiki

  • Forge solutions with other community contributors.
  • Share best practices, ideas, and content.
  • Discuss current issues, community matters, and strategies.
  • Move issues to decision.

Meeting Agenda

Introduce new members

Kudos go to ...

  • THE WHOLE TEAM. All the work I see is so good and I love how the red pages are going away ion many pages. Sister Pond
  • Mark on Somerset England articles - adding personal knowledge
  • Lee and Robin - on Janell's vacation.
  • Whole Team - for working together and in such a way to keep things going.
  • Whole Team - answering Mark's questions
  • Lee - Time spent on FHL template training
  • Howard - Connecticut adpot- a-page badges are up

Priority items for this meeting:

  • Item:
  • Goal for this item:
  • Steps to achieve this goal:
  • Assignments and dates of completion:
  • Evaluation date:

Updates and follow up

  • Discuss Namespace training next week
  • Maintenance Report - All is going well. The out of date sections are down by half in the last 3 months. And we are keeping the many other to 0 or at least no gains. Thanks Sandra
  • Review of Individual Assignments
  • Evaluation of goals set from previous meetings:
  • Blogs to follow, etc. - Lee
  • AC - hold off for the new wifi router; increasing in bandwidth (100X more)
  • Bandwith - amount of speed and how much data you can receive without interruptions.  Bandwidth speed test:

Worked on this Week

Blake -  
Charles - District missionaries to FHC- overview of FS Wiki, how to research; ; Offer to assist missionaries; Lee:  work with youth before they come out; developing Thurston County, Washington article
Dennis - County location maps for Georiga; Washington/ Maine needs maps, patrolling; 
Howard - Welcoming, adopt-a-page, patrolling, helping share resources with newbies (5),  with missionaries, Uses FS pass-along card from online store 
Janell - 
LaVera - Patrolling, Amdocs cases, Welcomed 8 new people, editing help pages
Lee - Training, Coding, Templates, Putting out Fires, More Fires
Mark - Amdocs, patrolling, Project pages not getting categories on new pages - Switzerland, Somerset - improving articles
Rick - 
Robin - Working with FHL Consultants, New volunteer assignments (also giving access to G+ Community and Skype).   First youth contributor
Rorie - 35 Wanted pages  Working on new training
Sandra -: Great meeting with Mark. He is really getting it and going out and creating many new pages. I am working on adding and changing Categories. One is a Extinct Counties Category on all state pages and it is being linked to all the counties pages that are Extinct Counties in the U S, plus the regular.  



  • Categories - write to others on their Talk Pages to let them know about categories

     How Categories are organized: By Topic Search:   

  • Namespace- like filing cabinet. Example:  Help:Contributor Help

    If no prefix then it is part of the Main.Do a search for articles on Namespaces.

    Default search:  Main, Help, FamilySearch Wiki (preferences can be changed)

    Search in Wiki is determined by Namespace.  Default search is Main Namespace  

    (For video see Skype Chat)

  • Example:
Produces this on the page:
  • Here's the link to the item in the catalog:
Asholt Census Records

Improve the Wiki

Wiki Project