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This is the family history Research Wiki community page highlighting current news and events as well as links to important discussions and introductory articles.

Known Issues

Visit the Known Issues Page to see current issues and find out if an issue has been reported.

News and Events

Unable to Edit 4 June 2018

Last week, the FamilySearch website had an update that inadvertently affected the Wiki and made the Wiki unavailable for editing. It took the engineers 4 1/2 days to fix the problem because it was so complex. We are still experiencing some problems displaying the Wiki and sometimes getting a message saying the page is unreachable. Please use the refresh button by the browser url field to get the Wiki page to display properly. We have reported the problem and they are working on it. We appreciate your patience during this time.

Personal Sandbox UPDATE 4 April 2017

The personal sandbox link has been returned under the Volunteer and Helper link on the sidebar. PLEASE remember you must be logged before you clink on the Personal Sandbox link to get to your user sandbox page. Otherwise, you will be sent to another page.

Personal Sandbox UPDATE 28 March 2017

The personal sandbox link was inadvertently removed. We will restore the link as soon as resources allow. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Personal Sandbox has moved 14 March 2017

For those who contribute to the wiki, you may have noticed that the Personal Sandbox link that used to be under Volunteer and Helper on the navigation bar on the left side of the screen has moved. We now have the Personal Sandbox link under, Tools directly below. We also have made it so it only appears when you log into the Wiki. Previously, users who were not logged in were creating a new page and not being linked to their actual Sandbox page, which caused a lot of confusion. Having this link only appear after the user has logged into FamilySearch will solve the problem.

Upload issue resolved

We are happy to report that for those with Moderator and Reviewer rights can now upload directly to the wiki. You are also able to reupload images.
The resizing issue has also been resolved.
Also note that using the Upload File/Image link for those who do not have Moderator and Reviewer rights, also works at this time. Thanks for your patience! Batsondl (talk) 20:44, 11 January 2017 (UTC)

Wiki Contributor Social/Open House at Rootsech 2017

Come join us at the Wiki Contributor Social during Rootstech 2017 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Socialize with other wiki contributors and have some light refreshments. Drop in any time during the hour. Help us get the word out by inviting those who would be interested. WE WILL MEET IN ROOM 253A.

  • This is an in-person social (no webex will be possible).
  • This is a free event but you must be registered for Rootstech to attend.
  • RSVP on Facebook

Broken Link - Upload File/Image - Dec 12, 2016

If you have tried to submit an image to be approved and uploaded to the wiki after November 1, it was not received by Wiki management. Please send this image again to Please attach the image and give us information regarding the type of license that should be applied to this image. For status updates regarding this broken feature, go to the Known Issues Page.

Missing images - Nov 23, 2016

Engineers have yet to figure out how to resolve the missing images all at once. However, we have discovered that by clicking on "edit Source" then immediately saving the page somehow renames the path the image is being retrieved from and the images again appear on the page.

Missing images - Nov 21, 2016

In an effort to fix the Upload File/Image, some images were lost from the Wiki. Engineers are working to restore them. We hope to have it resolved soon.

Thank you for your patience! Wiki Support

Broken Feature - Upload File/Image - Nov 14, 2016

We have just received word that the Upload File/Image is currently not working. If you would like to upload an image for approval, please email the image and the following info to:

  • Your name
  • Title of file
  • Creation date
  • Description

We will be uploading the image with the Creative Commons license unless you indicate otherwise. To do so you must own the rights to the image or it must not be under copyright.

Community Projects Update 11/8/2016

We are kicking off the Montana Barn Raising Project on Wednesday 11/9/2016. We have completed the Nebraska and Oklahoma Projects and are about 90% complete with North Dakota, South Dakota and Wyoming. Everyone is welcome to participate (we will train you). Join us at the Projects Meeting or visit Current Projects for more information on our ongoing projects.

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