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| bgcolor="#cccc99" width="100%" colspan="6" align="center" | '''Dates for major county records'''
| bgcolor="#cccc99" width="100%" colspan="6" align="center" | '''Dates for major county records'''
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Utah County, Utah#Birth|Birth]]'''</center>  
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Columbiana County, Ohio#Birth|Birth]]'''</center>  
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>'''[[Utah County, Utah#Marriage|Marriage]]'''</center>  
| width="16.6%" align="center" | <center>'''[[Columbiana County, Ohio#Marriage|Marriage]]'''</center>  
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Utah County, Utah#Death|Death]]'''</center>  
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Columbiana County, Ohio#Death|Death]]'''</center>  
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Utah County, Utah#Census|Tax]]'''</center>  
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Columbiana County, Ohio#Census|Tax]]'''</center>  
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Utah County, Utah#Land_and_Property|Land]]'''</center>  
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Columbiana County, Ohio#Land_and_Property|Land]]'''</center>  
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Utah County, Utah#Probate_Records|Probate]]'''</center>
| valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <center>'''[[Columbiana County, Ohio#Probate_Records|Probate]]'''</center>
| style="height: 25px" valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <br>  
| style="height: 25px" valign="middle" width="16.6%" | <br>  
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| style="height: 40px" valign="middle" width="100%" colspan="6" | <br>  
| style="height: 40px" valign="middle" width="100%" colspan="6" | <br>  
*'''[[Utah County, Utah#Church_Records|Church]] &#124; [[Utah County, Utah#Obituaries|Obituaries]] &#124; [[Utah County, Utah#Cemeteries|Cemeteries]]''' <br>  
*'''[[Columbiana County, Ohio#Church_Records|Church]] &#124; [[Columbiana County, Ohio#Obituaries|Obituaries]] &#124; [[Columbiana County, Ohio#Cemeteries|Cemeteries]]''' <br>  
*'''Parent counties'''&nbsp;
*'''Parent counties'''&nbsp;
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Template:Ohio-stubUnited StatesGotoarrow.png Ohio Gotoarrow.png Columbiana County

Dates for major county records

For earlier dates, try...

  • Columbiana County, Ohio Genealogy residents may also have records in
    Neighboring Counties:
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Columbiana County, Ohio
Map of Ohio highlighting Columbiana County
Location in the state of Ohio
Map of the U.S. highlighting Ohio
Location of Ohio in the U.S.
Created March 25, 1803[1]
Parent County Jefferson and Washington[2]
County Seat Lisbon
Address 105 S Market St

Lisbon, Ohio 44432

Website: www.columbianacounty.org

County Courthouse


Parent County

1803--Columbiana County was created 25 March 1803 from Jefferson and Washington Counties.
County seat: Lisbon [3]

Boundary Changes

See an interactive map of Columbiana County boundary changes.

Record Loss

Places / Localities

Neighboring Counties




LDS Ward and Branch Records

  • East Liverpool


Ethnic, Political, or Religious Groups



Local Histories



  • Civil War service men from Columbiana County served in various regiments. Men often joined a company (within a regiment) that originated in their county. Listed below are companies that were specifically formed in Columbiana County.
- 104th Regiment, Ohio Infantry, Companies B, C, F, G, and K
- 105th Regiment, Ohio Infantry, Company H




Vital Records

  • Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953 Free name indexes and images at FamilySearch. Records include such information as birth date of deceased, city, county, and state of death, name of spouse if married, names of parents, maiden name of mother, name of informant, if deceased was single, married, windowed or divorced, occupation of deceased.

Societies and Libraries

Columbiana County Libraries

Family History Centers

Web Sites

Sources and Footnotes

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