Colorado State Archives, Historical Records Index

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This search engine is amazing. All you have to do is click “Start Your Search” then fill in the surname you are researching. It will give you that name any place it appears in the following records.
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Record Type
Records Indexed:
1870 Federal Census
Adams County Divorces 1904-1913
Adams County Inheritance Tax 1929-1943
Adams County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Adams County Teachers 1913-1935
Adams County Wills 1903-1938
Amache Japanese Internment Camp Teachers List 1942-1945
Arapahoe County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Arapahoe County Poor Hospital 1895-1899
Arapahoe County Probate Cases 1902-1937
Arapahoe County Teachers Cards Dist 1 & 6 1953
Arapahoe County Voter Registrations 1893-1905
Bar Admission Files 1899-1950
Bent County Divorce 1907-1921
Birth Records, Misc. to 1909 from Custer, Elbert, Rio Blanco, Boulder, Gilpin and Arapahoe counties
Boulder County Birth Index 1892-1906
Boulder County Divorce 1904-1918
Boulder County Mothers Compensations 1914-1934
Boulder County Inheritance Tax Records 1941-1943
Boulder County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Boulder County Probates 1862-1900
Boulder County Rights of Way Cases 1871-1872
Civilian Conservation Corps Enrollments (Statewide) 1936-1942
Clear Creek County School Census 1874
Clear Creek County Wills 1950-1964
Colorado Civil War Casualties
Colorado Land Commissioners Patents 1878-1970
Colorado Court of Appeals Case Files 1891-1911
Conejos County Divorces 1899-1915
Conejos County Inheritance Tax 1918-1923
Costilla County Poor Record 1890-1932
Costilla County Probate Record 1876-1914
Custer County Pupil Register 1891-1896
Custer County Inheritance Tax 1907-1946
Custer County Wills 1887-1966
Denver Birth Index 1875-1909
Denver Death Index 1870-1909
Denver Inheritance Tax 1909-1912
Denver Lot and Block Index 1862-1917
Denver Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Denver War Risk Insurance Applications 1914-1917
Dolores County Court Cases 1881-1953
Douglas County Inheritance Tax 1911-1944
Douglas County Justice of the Peace Docket 1871-1892
Douglas County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Douglas County Wills 1886-1961
Eagle County Probate 1884-1935
Elbert County Birth Index 1869-1906
Elbert County Divorce 1870-1910
Elbert County Inheritance Proceedings 1922-1941
Elbert County Judges Docket 1928-1938
Elbert County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Elbert County 8th Grade Promotions 1918-1930
Elbert County Wills 1887-1966
El Paso County Divorce 1903-1941
El Paso County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
El Paso County Placer Mine Location Certificates 1892-1942
Fremont County Inheritance Tax 1913-1943
Garfield County Divorce Record 1906-1916
Garfield County Inheritance Tax 1909-1919, 1926-1942
Gilpin County Bankruptcy Docket 1867-1876
Gilpin County Chancery Cases 1862-1878
Gilpin County District Court Filings 1861-1882
Gilpin County Probate Court Civil Case Filings 1874-1892
Gilpin County Inheritance Tax 1910-1922
Gilpin County Marriages 1864-1944
  Horse (Docked) Register 1899-1907
Horseshoers 1897-1920
Huerfano County Inheritance Tax 1910-1946
Huerfano County Poor Records 1916-1923
Huerfano County Tax List 1873
Indian Industrial Schools Census 1900
Jefferson County Inheritance Tax 1913-1945
Jefferson County Civil Cases 1864-1886
Jefferson County Probates 1862-1977
Kit Carson County Birth Report Register 1892-1907
Kit Carson County Death Register 1893-1907
Kit Carson County Land Registration Receipts 1913-1939
Kit Carson Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Lake County Births to 1909
Lake County School District #6 1880-1903
Lake County School District #12 1893-1900
Lake County School District #15 1952-1958
La Plata County WPA Enrollments 1935-1942
Larimer County Mothers Compensations 1920-1933
Larimer County Naturalization Index 1885-1958
Larimer County Old Age Pensions 1933-1936
Leadville School Census 1883-1910
Lincoln County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Lincoln County Probate Cases 1890-1931
Logan County Inheritance Tax 1913-1942
Mesa County CCC Enrollments 1934-1942
Mesa County Inheritance Tax 1920-1934
Mesa County Motor Vehicle Licenses 1913-1917
Mesa County Persons Subject to Military 1885-1887
Mesa County Persons Exempt from Military 1887
Mesa County Probate 1883-1900
Mine Location Certificates 1905-1910
Mineral County Old Age Pension 1935-1936
Moffat County Inheritance Tax 1920-1943
Morgan County Mothers Compensation 1935
Morgan County Old Age Pension 1933-1936
Ouray Births 1891-1902
Ouray County Probate Cases 1878-1919
Park County Divorce Record 1957-1974
Park County Will Record 1892-1925
Pitkin County Divorce Record 1931-1964
Pitkin County Inheritance Tax 1938-1956
Pitkin County Probate 1881-1953
Prohibition Arrests 1918-1926
Rio Grande County Teacher Certificate Applications 1874-1893
Rocky Ford School Census 1877-1892
Routt County Ditch Claim Statements 1902-1903
Routt County Inheritance Tax 1918-1923
Routt County Will Record 1888-1905
Saguache County Burial Records 1923-1925
Saguache County Poor Records 1915-1926
San Miguel County Old Age Pension 1934
Spanish-American War Volunteers 1898-1899
State Penitentiary Index 1871-1973
State Reformatory Index 1887-1939
Statewide Divorce Index 1880-1939
Summit County Probate Cases/Record 1877-1916
Teacher Experience Cards 1899-1958
Teller County Inheritance Tax 1917-1936
Teller County Wills 1894-1971
Transcript of Records 1861-1865
Vietnam Deaths, 1966, 1968
Washington County Pauper Record 1896-1897
Weld County Old Age Pensions 1931
Weld County Poor Record 1902-1913
Weld County WW1 Vets
World War I Civilian Service Questionnaires