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Colombia is divided into 32 departamentos, some of those as recently formed as 1991, although they existed before as intendencias and comisarias.  Most however, were formed in 1886.  The departamentos are divided into either provincias, distritos, or regiones y subregiones (i.e. counties).  These are all basically the same, just given different names in different departmentos.  Several do not use this system at all.  From there, areas are divided into municipios.  Municipios either include several towns or neighborhoods depending on the population density of the area. 

Departamentos (States)

Amazonas Chocó Putumayo
Antioquia Córdoba Quindío
Arauca Cundinamarca Risaralda
Atlántico Guainía San Andrés y Providencia
Bolivar Guajira Santander
Boyacá Guaviare Sucre
Caldas Huila Tolima
Caquetá Magdalena Valle del Cauca
Casanare Meta Vaupés
Cauca Nariño Vichada
Cesar Norte de Santander

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