Colleton County, South Carolina Cemeteries

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United States  Gotoarrow.png South Carolina Gotoarrow.png Colleton County Gotoarrow.png Colleton County Cemeteries

Two of the best resources for Colleton County cemetery searches are:

  • Bryan, Evelyn McDaniel Frazier and Gibson Howard Bryan. Cemeteries of Upper Colleton County, South Carolina. Jacksonville, Fla.: Florentine Press, 1974. FHL Book 975.795 V22b
  • South Carolina Genealogical Society. Old St. Bartholomew Chapter. Cemetery Inscriptions of Lower Colleton County, South Carolina. Waterboro, S.C.: Old St. Bartholomew Genealogical Chapter, 2000. FHL Book 975.795 V3c

Colleton County in S.C. Cemetery Project, courtesy: South Carolina Genealogical Society. This online guide includes a personal name index and list of cemeteries in the county.

Being an old county, cemeteries date back to 1788.

Abraham CME Church [AA] [1909] Ackerman Cemetery at Red Oak [1862] Abraham CME Church [AA] [1909] Ackerman Cemetery at Red Oak [1862] Ackerman Cemetery at Round O [1902] Adams-McMillan Cemetery [1916] Adnah Methodist Church Cemetery [1899] Aimwell Presbyterian Church Cemetery [AA] [1874] Amanda Brown Cemetery [AA] 1992] Antioch Memorial [AA] [1984] Ashepoo Fee Farm [AA] 1896] Ashton Cemetery [1920] Baldwin Family Cemetery [1998] Baptist Hill [AA] [1905] Barry Family Cemetery [1995] Battleham [AA] [1936] Bedon Baptist Church Cemetery [1864] Bennett Family Cemetery [1907] Bennett-Spell Cemetery [AA] [1946] Benton Family Cemetery [1882] Benton, Ulmer, Bowers Family Cemetery [1887] Bethel Baptist Church Cemetery [1970] Bethel Presbyterian Church Cemetery [1788] Bethel United Methodist Church Cemetery [1844] Black Creek Baptist Church Cemetery [1917] Black Family Cemetery [1898] Blocker Family Cemetery [1855] [No markers remain] Blue House [AA] [1970] Blue House #2 [AA] Bluff Plantation [AA] Boatright Grave [1861] Breland Family Cemetery [1850] Brick Band Cemetery [AA] [1904 Bridge Cemetery [1918] Buckhead Cemetery Buckhead Advent Christian Church Cemetery [1909] Buncomb [AA] [1957] Burr Hill Cemetery [AA] [1946] Buzzard’s Roost [AA] [1904] Camp Buddy [AA] [1935] Campbell [AA] [1906] Canaan Baptist Church Cemetery [1930] Canaday’s Cemetery [1890] Canady Family Cemetery [1893] Carson Family Cemetery [1915] Carter-Gatch Family Cemetery [No markers remain] Carter’s Ford Baptist Church Cemetery [1862] Carter Family Cemetery [1853] [Bamberg County] Carter, Philip Cemetery [1882] Carter’s Ford Baptist Church Cemetery [1863] Cattles Cemetery [No dates] Charlie Brown [AA] [No markers remain] Cherokee Plantation [AA] [1906] Chisolm [AA] [1967 Church Hill Cemetery [1916] Cockfield (or Riceland?) [AA] [1921] Colleton Mill Cemetery [1847] Combahee on Chee Haw Cemetery [AA] [1897] Combahee Landing [AA] [1941] Community Cemetery [AA] 1971 Conner Cemetery Cooks Hill [AA] [1912] Cottageville Cemetery [1833] Cottageville Baptist Church Cross Swamp Methodist Church Cemetery [1855] Cumberland United Methodist Church [AA] [1913] Cypress [AA] [1909] Dawn of Hope Cemetery Davis, Capt. John Nicholas Grave 1852] Davis Cemetery [AA] [1889] Deal Family Cemetery [AA] [2001] Doctor’s Creek Baptist Church Cemetery [1873] Drayton [AA] [1926] DuBois Family Cemetery [1876] Dunham at Spring Hill [AA] 1880] Ebenezer Baptist Church Cemetery [AA} 1961] Ebenezer Church @ Ashepoo [AA] Ebenezer Methodist Church Cemetery [1892] Edash Cemetery Edmundsbury Chapel Cemetery [State marker] [1773] Evergreen Christian Church Cemetery [1878] Fee Farm [AA] Fender/Avant Family Cemetery [1905] Fennicks [AA] Fenwick Island [AA] Ferguson Cemetery [White Meeting?] Fields, Billy Family Cemetery [AA] [1896] Fish-Broxton Family Cemetery [No markers remain] Fishburne Cemetery at Round O [No markers remain] Fishburne Family Cemetery [1991] Fishburne Hill [AA] [1917] Fish Creek Cemetery [AA] [No markers remain] Fisk, Jacob C. Grave [1936] Fist Creek [AA] Folly Creek [AA] [1908] Fox Cemetery [AA] [1903] Fox Cemetery [1862] Fraiser Cemetery [AA] [1913] Galilee Baptist Church [AA] [1954] Gallows Hill Cemetery [1888] Garrett Cemetery [AA] [1962] Garris Family Cemetery [1900] Garris, J. W. Grave [1922] Gatch, Franklin Cemetery [No markers remain] Glendale Memorial Cemetery at Walterboro [1941] Glover Family Cemetery [1838] Goff Cemetery [AA] [1924] Goodwin Family Cemetery [@1870] [Bamberg County] Goodwin, Padgett Family Cemetery [1884] Grace Advent Christian Church Cemetery [1885] Grant Cemetery [AA] [1908] Greater Mt. Olive AME Church [AA] [1929] Great Swamp Baptist Church Cemetery [1991] Green Cemetery [AA] Green Pond Baptist Cemetery [1960] Green Pond Memorial Cemetery [AA] [1918] Green Pond United Methodist Church Cemetery [1902] Greenlawn Memorial Gardens [1915] Grover Memorial Baptist Church [AA] [1962] Gruber Cemetery [1790] Hagan Family Cemetery (1876) Hamilton Cemetery [AA] [1881] Hayne, Isaac and Hayne Family Cemetery [1718] Heavenly Rest Cemetery [AA] [1975] Heyward Cemetery [AA] [1890] Herndon, John Cemetery [1884] Hickory Hill Baptist Church Cemetery [AA] [1895] Hiers Family Cemetery [1886] Hiott Cemetery [AA] [1911] Holden Cemetery [AA] [1931] Hudson Cemetery [AA] [1881] Hudson Cemetery [1909] Hughes Cemetery [1935] Hughes, Baby Girl Grave [1881] Hunter Gate [AA] 1994] Hunters Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery Hutchinson Island [AA] [1962] Hutchinson Island Cemetery [AA] [1894] Island Creek Cemetery [1860] Island Creek [AA] [1911] Jacksonboro Baptist Cemetery [1958] Jacques/Jaques Cemetery [1821] Johns, Richardson Family Cemetery [1851] Jones Family Cemetery [1875] Jones, English Family Cemetery [1910] Jones, Isham Family Cemetery [called Hickory Cemetery by locals] [Pre 1894] Jonesville Cemetery [1874] Jones Swamp Pentecostal Holiness Church Cemetery [1944] Jordan Cemetery [1896] Judge Cemetery [AA] [1925] Key Family Cemetery [1851] Kicklighter Family Cemetery [1893] Kinard Family Cemetery [1910] Kinsey Cemetery [1902] Koger Family Cemetery [1874] Larisey Cemetery [1844] Laurel Springs Plantation [AA] [1906] Lemack’s Family Cemetery Linder Cemetery [No markers remain] Little Rock Holiness Church Cemetery [NA] [1921] Little Swamp Methodist Church Cemetery [Bamberg County] Live Oak Cemetery [1806] Live Oak [AA] Live Oak Hill Cemetery [1828] Lodge Methodist Church Cemetery [1910] Longfield [AA] [1892] Lovely Hill Baptist Church Cemetery [AA] [1918] Lynah Cemetery [1881] Macedonia [AA] [1980] Magwood [AA] [1929] Mannerack Cemetery [1999] Maple Cane Baptist Church Cemetery [1879] Martin Cemetery [1860] May Family Cemetery McCants Cemetery [AA] [1925]McCune Branch Baptist Church Cemetery [1915] McDonald Family Cemetery [1838] McMillan, John Family Cemetery [1863] Medlin Cemetery [2000] Meeting House Family Cemetery [White Meeting?] [1882] Middleton Cemetery [AA] [1898] Minus-Conner Family Cemetery Mitchell Cemetery [AA] [1986] Montgomery Family Cemetery [1997] Mt. Carmel Rose Garden Cemetery [1958] Mt. Carmel Southern Methodist Church Cemetery [1941] Mt. Carmel United Methodist Church Cemetery [1884] Mt. Olive AME Church [AA] [1918] Mt. Nebo Baptist Church Cemetery [AA] Mt. Zion AME Church Cemetery [AA] [1925] Mt. Zion Baptist Church [1967] Mulberry [AA] [No markers remain] Munro Cemetery [179?] Murdaugh Family Cemetery [1855] Murray Cemetery [AA] [1907] Myrtle Grove Plantation [AA] [1892] Nazarene Baptist Church [AA] 1943] Neyle, Henry Farm Cemetery [1863] Newhouse Cemetery [AA] [1968] The Oaks Plantation Oakman Branch Memorial Gardens [AA] [1993] Old Cedar Cemetery [1855] Old Ebenezer Church at Ashepoo [AA] [1904] Old Field Creek Cemetery [@1859] Old House at Molcenia Plantation [AA] [1895] Old Macadonia [AA] [1920] Old Miss Cemetery Old Round O Baptist Cemetery [1857] Old St. Paul’s Stono Cemetery Orange Grove Plantation Cemetery [AA] [1885] Padgett Family Cemetery [1897] Padgett, Benton Family Cemetery [No markers remain] Padgett, Isham Family Cemetery [No markers remain] Patrick [Hucks, Liston] Family Cemetery (1849) Paul Cemetery [AA] [1940] Peniel Baptist Church Cemetery [1888] Peniel United Methodist Church Cemetery [1881] Perry Family Cemetery [1822] Pine Grove No. 1 Baptist Church Cemetery [1897] Pleasant Grove Baptist Church [1887] Poco Sabo Plantation / Bellinger Cemetery [1801] Polk Family Cemetery [1894] Pon Pon Chapel of Ease [1795] Postell Cemetery [1810] Preston [AA] [1933] Price Cemetery [AA] [1901] Pringle Cemetery [AA] [1930] Pringle Bend Cemetery [1769] Providence United Methodist Cemetery [1883] Pye Cemetery [1841] Pynes Cemetery [AA] [1898] Ramsey Family Cemetery [1878] Red Bank United Methodist Church [AA] [1906] Reeves Cemetery [1997] Rehoboth Methodist Church Cemetery [1892] Rentz- Campbell Cemetery [1833] Rice Path Christian Church Cemetery [1897] Rice Family Cemetery/Wiggins [1950] [No markers remain] Rice [Risher] Family Cemetery [1843] Richardson Family Cemetery [1990] Risher, Col. Joseph [Padgett] Family Cemetery [1857] Risher, Richard Family Cemetery [1827] Risher - Spell Cemetery [1897] River Cemetery [AA] [1911] Riverside Plantation Cemetery [1860] [No markers remain] Rizer Family Cemetery [1870] Robinson Family Cemetery [No markers remain] Rock Spring Rose Hill at Bluff Plantation [AA] [1886] Rose Hill at Laurel Springs [AA] [1909] Round O Baptist Cemetery [@1857] Ruffin Baptist Church Cemetery [1945] Salkehatchie Presbyterian Church Cemetery [1790] [State Marker] Salley-Warren Cemetery Samaritan Baptist Church Cemetery [AA] [1976] Sanders Cemetery #1 [AA] [1918] Sanders Cemetery –Round O [AA] [1875] Sanders Family Cemetery [1814] Sanders Hill Sandy Dam Methodist Cemetery [1854] Sandy Run [AA] [1953] Savannah Hill [AA] [1880] Scott Cemetery [AA] [1942] Setti Family Cemetery [1984] Shieder, Raysor, Risher Family Cemetery Sheridan Cemetery [1911] Sheridan Cemetery (Dr.) 1853] Shiloh Baptist Church Cemetery [1893] Simmons Cemetery [AA] [1905] Smith, Getha E. Family Cemetery [1910] Smith, Jasper M. Family Cemetery [1853] Smith, J. W. Cemetery [Confederate Marker/No Dates] Smith, Sam Cemetery [AA] [1902] Smith, William H. [York] Family Cemetery [1891] Smoak Family Cemetery [1834] Smoaks Baptist Church Cemetery [1876] Smoaks Trinity Methodist Church Cemetery [1955] Smyly Family Cemetery [1853] Snipes Cemetery at Green Pond [AA] [1905] Spell, Paul W Cemetery [1857] Spell Cemetery [1843] Springhill [AA] [1901] Spring Hill Baptist Cemetery [1888] St. James Catholic Cemetery [1835] St. Mary Cemetery [AA] [1917] St. Paul CMC Church [AA] [1905] Stephens Family Cemetery 1845] Stock Cemetery [AA] [1899] Stock Cemetery [1784] Stokes Cemetery [1884]Stokes, Peter Family Cemetery (1817) Aka May, Peter Stokes, Raysor Family Cemetery Stokes - Connor - Williams Cemetery [1841] (Stokes) William Stokes and Henry Stokes Family Cemetery [1814] Aka Stokes-Tucker Family Cemetery Strickland Family Cemetery [1890] Sutton Cemetery [1996] Sycamore Tract Cemetery [AA] [1930] Sykes-Savannah United Methodist Church [AA] Tabernacle Methodist Church Cemetery (1876) Tabor Methodist Church Cemetery [1904] Thomas Family Cemetery [1866] Tillman Cemetery [AA] [1986] Toomer Cemetery [AA] Tomotly Slave Cemetery [AA] [1818] Tomotly Plantation Cemetery [1816] Trinity Methodist Church Cemetery Ulmer Family Cemetery [1875] Varn Family Cemetery [1860] Varn, Daniel D. Family Cemetery [no markers remain] Walker, George W. Family Cemetery [No markers remain] Walker, Isham Family Cemetery [1833] Walker, Dr. J. B. Grave [1848] Warren Family Cemetery [1799] Warren, Key Family Cemetery [1851] Welch Creek Baptist Church Cemetery [1975] Wesley Chapel United Methodist Church Cemetery [1832] Wesley Grove UMC [AA] [1929] White Cemetery White Family Cemetery White Hall Cemetery [AA] [1904] White House Plantation/Bellinger [1848] White House Plantation [AA] [1911] White Meeting House Cemetery Whitmarsh Wiggins Cemetery [AA] Williams Cemetery [1879] Williams Family Cemetery Williams Cemetery [AA] [1973] Williams, Rev. B. W. [AA] [1918] Williams, J. B. (Butch) Family Cemetery (1900) Woodfoot Cemetery [AA] [1913] Zion AME Church [AA] [1904] Zion Baptist Church Cemetery [AA] [1963] Zion UMC Cemetery [AA] [1913]

To be thorough, search online and printed versions of a cemetery's gravestones. If you have the opportunity, visiting the cemetery in person can yield important clues. 

Cemetery Location Online Transcript Book


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