Colfax County, New Mexico, Settlers 1870, Precinct 2

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Source: 1870 US Census; Precinct 2. Colfax County, New Mexico. 14th July 1870.

Beal, David H., 1843, Laborer, Ohio;

Bearce, William I?., 1835, Gold Miner, Maine;

Bergmann, Edward H., 1843, Superintendent of Mines, Prussia;

Bowman, George w., 1857, Pennsylvania;

Boyce, Michael, 1856, Laborer, Ireland;

Bradley, Michael, 1845, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Bruckner, William, 1846, Mining Engineer, Saxony Godshurn;

Buchanan, John C., 1822, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Burney, Joseph, 1837, Laborer, Canada;

Cairns, David, 1843, Laborer, Canada;

Cairns, John L., 1848, Laborer, Ohio;

Casey, Edmond, 1852, Laborer, ireland;

Casey, Garrett, 1850, Laborer, Ireland;

Chaves, Refujia, 1855, New Mexico;

Cornellius, Aanaan, 1849, Laborer, Norway;

Cotton, Cyrus, 1856, Gold Miner, Indiana;

Cruz, jon D., 1845, Laborer, New Mexico;

Cunningham, George, 1856, Laborer, Ireland;

Davies, Theodora, 1864, New Mexico;

Davis, Frank, 1857, Engineer, Vermont;

Dawson, William, 1845, Laborer, Ireland;

?Defre, William, 1851, Cook, Missouri;

Dodson, Frederick, 1848, Laborer, Missouri;

Dougherty, Owen, 1839, Laborer, Ireland;

Driscoll, Michael, 1852, Engineer, Pennsylvania;

?Eells, Henry V., 1835, Gold Miner, Massachusetts; Lucia, 1844, Illinois;

Gallaher, James, 1845, Laborer, Ireland;

Gehring, Mathias, 1854, Laborer, Prussia;

Graham, David, 1843, Laborer, Ohio;

Hall, Nathaniel, 1848, Laborer, Ohio;

Hayes, James, 1857, Laborer, England;

Hendershot, Oscar, 1855, Laborer, Ohio;

Homes, Charles, 1852, Gold Miner, South Carolina;

Hunsacker, George, 1842, Engineer, Illinois;

Kelly, James W., 1847, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Kelly, Patrick, 1843, Blacksmith, Ireland;

Kemp, John, 1852, Laborer, Missouri;

King, Andrew J., 1847, Laborer, Ohio;

?Linan, thomas, 1850, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Lund, John, 1840, Laborer, Ireland;

Mangold, Otto, 1861, Laborer, Hessian cassel;

Martinez, Peula, 1859, Laborer, New Mexico;

McCurdy, Joseph, 1845, Laborer, Virginia;

McDonald, Michael, 1830, Laborer, Ireland;

McKim, John, 1848, Cook, Ireland;

McKinney, John, 1826, Laborer, Massachusetts;

McKinney, Thomas F., 1848, Laborer, Virginia;

McPhillips, Thomas, 1850, Laborer, Ireland;

Mondragon, Soloda, 1845, New Mexico;

?Murkenhaupt, Peter, 1830, Cook, Prussia;

?Nerth, Martin H., 1854, Gold Miner, Maine;

ONeil, Daniel, 1856, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

?Perreson, Nelson, 1846, Blacksmith, Swesen;

Perreson, Lars, 1848, Laborer, Sweden;

Reily, James, 1852, Laborer, Ireland;

Rhodes, James, 1853, Laborer, Ireland;

Richey, Thomas, 1846, Laborer, Ohio;

Richmond, Samuel, 1853, Laborer, Michigan;

Roberts, Charles, 1859, Laborer, France;

Romero, K?abel, 1844, laborer, New Mexico;

Ryerson, Nicholas, 1846, Laborer, New Jersey;

Shepherd, George, 1852, Laborer, New York;

?Salbow, Peter, 1847, Laborer, Norway;

Sandobal, juan, 1862, Laborer, New Mexico;

Sandobal, Plasido, 1856, Laborer, Mexico;

Sullivan, Patrick, 1842, Laborer, Ireland;

Thomas, John, 1855, Laborer, Wales;

Walker, Asa, 1856, Teamster, Iowa;

Weltz, Jose, 1845, Laborer, New Mexico;

Werner, David, 1852, Laborer, Texas;

Williams, ?Milton, 1855, Laborer, Missouri;

Wilsey, Francisca, 1853, New Mexico;