Colfax County, New Mexico, Settlers 1870, Precinct 1, F-M

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Source: 1870 US Census; Precinct 1, Colfax County, New Mexico. 5-13 July 1870. Post Office, Elizabeth City, NM

             For free access to the 1870 US Census, click here.

             Notes: 1. Items in parenthesis, are a second opinion for the interpretation of the writing on the census record.

                        2. Items with " * " denote that this family was found in the 1860 or 1850 census in New Mexico.


Post Office: Elizabeth City . Actual location: Cimarron.

Census Note: It appears that many of the Spanish names were written down phonetically in English, therefore,

many of them appear to be misspelled. The census handwriting in sometimes difficult to read,

therefore a second opinion appears in parenthesis.
For free Access to the 1870 US Census, Click here.

SUMMARY - 1870 US Census, Precinct 2, persons surnamed A through Z

            Place of Birth: New Mexico (93); Total Others (225);

                                  Others = Alabama (1); California (1); Colorado (8); Connecticut (2); Georgia (1); Illinois (5);

                                  Indiana (8): Iowa (1); Kansas (6); Kentucky (5); Louisiana (1); Maine (1); Maryland (2); 

                                  Massachusetts (7); Michigan (7); Missouri (13); Montana (1); New Jersey (1); New York (24);

                                  Ohio (20); Pennsylvania (20); Tennessee (6); Vermont (4); Virginia (7); Wisconsin (1);

                                  Austria (1); Canada (12); England (5); France (5); Germany (6); Ireland (27); Mexico (5);

                                  Prussia (8); Sweden (2); Switzerland (1);

            Occupations: Gold Miner (69); Laborer (70); Carpenter (14); Merchant (4); Cook (3); Engineer (2);

                                Engine Builder (2); Gambler (2); Plasterer (2); Shoemaker (2); Tinsmith (2); Baker (1); Banker (1);

                                Blacksmith (1); Book Keeper (1); Brick Layer (1); Butcher (1); Confectioner (1); Clothing Dealer (1);

                                County Clerk (1); Druggist (1); Freighter (1); Grocer (1); Hotel Keeper (1); Iron Moulder (1);

                                Lawyer (1); Liquor Dealer (1); Lumberman (1); Mill Right (1); Mining Agent (1); Musician (1);

                                Painter (1); Physician (1); Slate Manufacturer (1); Smith Right (1); Stone Mason (1);

Persons with Assets: RE = Value of Real Estate; P = Value of Personal Estate. 1 dollar 1870 = $1,840 in 2010.

Persons listed with Real Estate Only:

Persons listed with Personal Property Only:

Persons listed with combined Real Estate and Personal Property:

The following is an alphabetical list of persons in precinct 1 surnamed F through M.



Fairfula, Julius, 1827, Gold Miner, New York;

Falck, Earnest, 1831, Gambler, Hamburg;

Farrand, Chas. M., 1824, Lumberman, Connecticut;

Faulkner, John, 1817, Gold Miner, New York;

Fisher, George A., 1824, Gold Miner, Connecticut;

Fisher, John, 1845, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Fisher, Michael, 1849, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Fleming, Jeremiah, 1844, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Floorman, Robert 1835, Confectioner, Prussia; Ernestine 1839, England; Francisco 1864, Colorado; Louis 1866, Montana;

Arnst 1868, Colorado;

Flores, Francisco 1837, Laborer, New Mexico; Tomasita 1838, New Mexico;

Flores, Maria 1854, New Mexico;

Forrest, John, 1848, Cook, New York;

Foster, Orlando G., 1841, Carpenter, Virginia;

Fowler, William G., 1844, Laborer, Ohio;

Fowler, William J 1843, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Fox, William, 1846, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Fredeg (Fredez), James, 1834, Laborer, France:

Freeman, Frank C., 1842, Laborer, Missouri;


Gagen, Jose 1825, Shoemaker, New Mexico; Ignassia 1838, New Mexico; Peter (Feliz), 1869, New Mexico;

Damon1864, (NM); Guirme 1853, New Mexico;

Gail, Orlando, 1849, Gold Miner, Wisconsin;

Gallaher, John, 1840, Laborer, Ireland;

Garcia, Jose, 1852, Laborer, New Mexico;

Garcia, Maria, 1818, New Mexico;

Garcia, Maria, 1840, New Mexico;

Garcia, Miguel, 1843, New Mexico;

Garcia, Raphael, 1847, Laborer, New Mexico;

Garcia, Ursula, 1850, New Mexico;

Garrison, Isaac, 1823, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Gates, Frank, 1844, Carpenter, New York;

Geary, John, 1846, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Gehrg (Gehsy), Jane (Juana), 1863, Mexico; Sabana 1849, Mexico;

Gertheisen, John, 1843, Retail Liquor Dealer, Ohio;

Giago, Mardaline, 1835, New Mexico; Julian..............................

Giago (Griago?), Casper, 1849, New Mexico;

Gilliland, Frederick G., 1842, Gold Miner, Kentucky;

Gitskey, George 1840, Clothing Dealer, Prussia;

Glap, John M 1844, Plasterer, New York;

Glasgow, John, 1835, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Golden, George, 1835, Laborer, Missouri;

Gondora, Francisco, 1835, Gold Miner, Mexico;

Gonzales, Margarito, 1847, Laborer, New Mexico;

Goodrich, Charles, 1846, Gold Miner, Illinois;

Graham, John T., 1848, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Graney, Martin (Markis), 1844, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Graves, Frederick O., 1826, Carpenter, New York; Nancy A., 1839, Illinois; Eva, 1864, California;

Green, Patrick, 1843, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Gregor, Antonio J 1842, Laborer, New Mexico;

?Griego, Julian 1849, Laborer, New Mexico;

?Griego, Julilan, 1853, Laborer, New Mexico;

?Griego, Marcelina 1835, New Mexico;

Griffith, John, 1833, Gold Miner, Maryland;

Grigsby, Rheuben, 1848, Engineer, Illinois;

Grover, James, 1842, Gold Miner, Vermont;

Guley (Greley), John, 1844, Gold Miner, Ireland;


Hack, Chris, 1835, Shoemaker, Prussia;

Hallenbeck (Hallenback), Aaron 1840, Carpenter, New York; Isabell 1842, Ohio; Gertrude 1869, New Mexico;

Hamilton, John, 1830, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Hansford, John, 1830, Laborer, New Jersey;

Harburger, Joseph H 1830, Stone Mason, Tyrol; Delores, 1849, New Mexico; George, 1868 (NM); John 1869 (NM);

Harden, Allie (Allis), 1860, Colorado;

Harkins, James, 1834, Laborer, Ireland;

Harrison, Anthony, 1844, Cook, Missouri;

Harrison, Milton, 1832, Gold Miner, Massachusetts;

Hart, John, 1847, Laborer, Ohio;

Hartman, John, 1845, Laborer, Ohio;

Hartwick, James W, 1838, Michigan;

Hattenbach, Isaac, 1838, Dry Goods Merchant, Prussia;

Hayslip, George D 1833, Tinsmith, Ohio; Ellen P 1841, Michigan; Nettie M., 1861, Iowa;

Hefflefinger, Jacob 1847, Laborer, Indiana;

Heiden, Louis, 1828, Laborer, Prussia; Mary, 1841, Prussia; Mary, 1852, Ohio; Matilda, 1862, Missouri;

                                       John, 1864, Wisconsin; Louisa, 1869, New Mexico;

Heinisch (Hermisch), Louis, 1843, Druggist, Wurtemburg;

Heller, Herman, 1822, Laborer, Prussia;

Hendershot, Clark, 1838, Practical Engineer, Ohio;

Hendershot, Samuel C., 1848, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Henderson, Wall (Will) W., 1831, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Henry, John 1845, Laborer, New York;

Henry, William 1829, Laborer, New York;

Herdman (Hindman) Thomas, 1844, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Herera, Tomasa, 1846, New Mexico;

Hern, Madison, 1823, Laborer, Missouri;

Herschey, Samuel, 1840, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Hesterling, Richel (Richard), 1834, Physician, Sweden;

Hicks, Albert O., 1831, Gold Miner, New York;

Hidden, Charles, 1819, Mill Right, Vermont; Louisa, 1825 Vermont; Mary, 1850 Ohio; Laura 1853 Ohio; George 1855 (KY);

Horace, 1857, Kentucky; Otis, 1859, Kansas; Lulu, 1864, Kansas, Charles, 1866, Kansas;

Hill, Pleasant H 1835, Gambler, Alabama;

Hogan, William B., 1845, Laborer, Missouri;

Holford, Henry H., 1841, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Holliday, Oliver D., 1841, Gold Miner, Missouri;

Hooper, Henry N, 1835, Mining Agent, Massachusetts;

Hooper, Laura K., 1826, Massachusetts; Ellanor B., 1865, Massachusetts;

Hopkins, Caleb S., 1830, Merchant Retail, Illinois;

Horner, Samuel, 1842, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

?Houx, Benj F 1829, Carpenter, Michigan; Agnes, 1830, Vermont;

Howard, George, 1841, Banker, Pennsylvania;

Huffman, Frederick, 1847, Laborer, Indiana;

Hull, Charles, 1826, Gold Miner, Illinois;

Hurley, John, 1843, Gold Miner, New York;


Idle, Charles, 1839, Gold Miner, England;

Irwin, Thomas, 1840, Gold Miner, Ireland;


Jackson, William 1840, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Jacobs, Ella E., 1842, New York;

Johnson, Jacob, 1843, Laborer, Virginia;

Johnson, William S.F., 1831, Gold Miner, Massachusetts;

Johnston, John, 1843, Carpenter, Ohio;

Johnston, John, 1844, Gold Miner, Prussia; Jon, 1867, New Mexico;

Jones, Colstem H., 1838, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Jones, George W., Blacksmith, England; Addie, 1847, New York;

Jones, John, 1848, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Jones, Lem (Lou) M., 1846, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;


Keep, Barton C., 1835, Gold Miner, Indiana; Oreta (Oleta) 1846, Indiana; Isabell T 1860, Colorado; Lizzie, 1864, Colorado;

                                             Eldorado, 1868, New Mexico; Barta R., October 1869:

Kelly, Edward, 1843, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Kelly, Michael, 1848, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Kempton, David W., 1832, Carpenter, Maine;

Kendall, John, 1843, Gold Miner, Indiana;

Kennedy, Charles, 1839, Carpenter, Tennessee: Gregoria 1853, New Mexico; Samuel, 1869, New Mexico;

Kimerman (Kinnerman), William, 1840, Carpenter, Missouri;

King, Robert N., 1840, Gold Miner, Georgia;

King, William N., 1836, Freighter, Kentucky;

Kinney, Joseph, 1834, Baker, Ireland;

Kinsinger, Amathe, 1865, New Mexico

Kinsinger, Elmira, 1852, Ohio; Franklin, 1869, New Mexico;

Kinsinger, Joseph 1835, Laborer, Ohio; Peter, 1831, Cooper, Ohio;

Knapp, William H., 1836, Laborer, New York;

Knight, George, 1842, Gold Miner;

Knittle, Edward, 1843, Laborer, Austria;

Kuhl, Christine, 1827, Smith Right, Holstein;


Labar, Alonzo, 1843, Slate Manufacturer, Pennsylvania;

Labarth, Juan J., 1836, Laborer, New Mexico;

Lambert, Henry, 1839, Hotel Keeper, France; Mollie, 1849, Virginia;

Lamon, Plazia, 1846, Laborer, New Mexico;

Lapar (Lapas), Philomena, 1841, New Mexico;

Lapenell, Juanita, 1867, New Mexico; Marcos 1869, New Mexico;

Lashana, Maria, 1853, New Mexico;

Lauson (Lanson), Augustus, 1835, Gold Miner, Sweden;

Lautz (Lantz), Newton, 1841, Laborer, Ohio;

Lealo, Ceseria, 1863, New Mexico;

Lechura (Lechusa), Francisco, 1837, Laborer, Mexico;

Lechura (Lechusa), Francisco, 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Lee, John C 1841, County Clerk, Ireland;

Leeby, Miron D., 1832, New York;

Leitle (Little), Chester C 1841, Carpenter, Michigan; Maria 1853, New Mexico;

Lesperance, Bintchel (Mitchel), 1837, Brick Layer, France;

Leuseon, Cantana, 1835, New Mexico:

Livingston, Sam V., 1833, Tinsmith, New York;

Lohr, George, 1835, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Lopez, Antonio, 1843, Laborer, New Mexico;

Lopez, Raphael, 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

Louassagne, Etienne, 1837, Plasterer, France;

Louglois, Frank, 1845, Laborer, Canada;

Lowry, Joseph, 1841, Gold Miner, Canada;

Loyd, John, 1835, Eng. Builder, Massachusetts;

Lucas, Donimgas (Domingus), 1835, Laborer, Mexico;

Lucero, Aniseta 1844, New Mexico; Sarah, 1869, New Mexico;

Lucero, Dorolita, 1860, New Mexico;

Lucero, Juana, 1840, New Mexico;

Lucero, Maria, 1830, New Mexico;

Lynch, Mathew 1844, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Lynch, Sandy, 1835, Carpenter, Ireland;

Lynds (Ly-ards), William J 1838, Carpenter, Nova Scotia;

Lyons, Patrick, 1846, Gold Miner, Ireland;


Madril (Madrid), Desidaria (Desiderio) 1847, Laborer, New Mexico;

Maeston (Maestas), Diago (Diego), 1843, Laborer, New Mexico;

Majors, Charles, J., 1835, Laborer, Michigan;

Marchion, John, 1846, Laborer, Switzerland;

Markarian, Ramon, 1817, New Mexico;

Markham, Joseph, 1827, Gold Miner, Tennessee; Maria, 1840, Missouri; John, 1864, Missouri; Ida, April 1870, New Mex;

Marren, Dennis, 1827, Ireland;

Marshal, James S., 1846, Gold Miner, Michigan;

Martin, Frank, 1843, Louisiana;

Martin, Gregorio,1838, laborer, New Mexico; Guadalupe, 1850, New Mexico; Daria (Dana) 1853, New Mexico;

Martin, Juen (Juan), 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

Martin, Juanita, 1850, New Mexico;

Martin, Maria, 1840, New Mexico;

Martin, Maximonio, 1851, Laborer, New Mexico;

Martin, Ramon, 1830, Laborer, New Mexico; Julian, 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

Martin, Thomas, 1851, Cook, New Mexico;

Martin, Thomas, 1829, Gold Miner, Ireland; Josephine, 1828, New Mexico; Cestama (Cestania), 1862, New Mexico;

Martinez, Abran, 1856, New Mexico;

Martinez, Antonio, 1828, Laborer, New Mexico; Timote 1849 New Mexico; Rafufin (Refugio)1855 (NM); Abran, 1856, (NM):

Beralta (Berallia) 1858, New Mexico; Amelia, 1868, New Mexico;

Martinez, Davie (David) 1857, New Mexico;

Martinez, Anasite (Enasita) 1840, New Mexico;

Martinez, Lorenza, 1840, New Mexico;

Martinez, Manuel, 1842, Laborer, New Mexico;

Martinez, Maria, 1840, New Mexico;

Martinez, Romera, 1846, New Mexico;

Martinez, Teresita, 1848, New Mexico;

Martz, Elias, 1836, Butcher, Pennsylvania;

-Maskaranio (Mascarenas), Ramon, 1817, Laborer, New Mexico;

Masure, Henry, 1839, Gold Miner, Missouri;

Mata, Bruno 1840, Musician, Mexico;

Mathews, John B., 1848, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Maurice, John F 1836, Iron Moulder, New York; Isabell 1855, New Mexico;

Maxson, Samuel, 1827, Hesse Damstadt;

McBride, Patrick, 1845, Gold Miner, Ireland; John C., 1846, Ireland;

McCallister, Henry, 1839, Gold Miner, Ireland; Sarah, 1842, Ireland;

McCarty, Daniel, 1845, Laborer, Canada;

McCarty, Thomas, 1834, Gold Miner, Ireland;

McCollum, Frank, 1834, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

McCullough, Jno B 1844, Merchant Ret, Pennsylvania;

McGraw, Michael, 1842, Laborer, Ireland;

McIntyre, Cornelius, 1841, Laborer, Canada;

McIntyre, John, 1798, Gold Miner, New York;

McKinzie, Alexander, 1845, Gold Miner, Ireland;

McLaughlin, Patrick, 1837, Gold Miner, Ireland;

McManus, Michael, 1839, Laborer, Ireland;

McMasters, Jas E 1841, Painter, Pennsylvania;

McRae, John, 1837, Carpenter, Canada:

Medina, Jose, 1830, Laborer, New Mexico;

Medina, Jose L 1857, New Mexico;

Medina, Teresita 1839, New Mexico;

Meis (Maes), Ruffina 1848, New Mexico;

Mepick, Ed F., 1834, Merchant Retail, Maryland;

Mercier, Fred 1842, Laborer, France;

Merrill, Mortimer, 1848, Gold Miner, Indiana; Walter E., 1850, Indiana;

Merris (Nurris), Henry L., 1842, Book Keeper, Pennsylvania;

Middaugh, Asa F., 1841, Grocer, Pennsylvania; William H., 1848, Grocer Clerk, Pennsylvania;

Middleton, William, 1840, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Miles, George, 1839, Laborer, Michigan;

Miles, Mary, 1849, Virginia; Oliver J., 1865, Kansas;

Miles, Oliver J., 1808, Carpenter, New York; Addie, 1820, New York;

Miller, Benjamin B., 1839, Laborer, Ohio;

Miller, Charles, 1845, Laborer, Ohio;

Miller, Henry, 1844, Gold Miner, Bremen;

Miller, Oliver, 1843, Gold Miner, Canada;

Wille (Miller), Oliver, 1837, Laborer, Canada;

Mills, Daniel W., 1825, Laborer, Canada; Hannah, 1826, New York;

Wills (Mills), Meton (Melvin) W., 1846, Lawyer, Canada;

Milson (Milner) Webster, 1841, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Milton, William, 1843, Gold Miner, England;

Mitchell, J. Hobert, 1832, Gold Miner, New York;

Mondragon, Plasida, 1858, New Mexico;

Montaine (Montana) Guadalupe, 1846, New Mexico;

Montoya, Esidora, 1852, New Mexico;

Montoya, Lcannora (Icannorio) 1851, Laborer, New Mexico;

Montoya, Isabella, 1849, New Mexico;

Montoya, Juana, 1849, New Mexico;

Montoya, Juana, 1844, New Mexico;

Montoya, Rass (Raes or Reyes), 1825, New Mexico;

Montoya, Rass (Raes or Reyes), 1845, Laborer, New Mexico;

Montoya, Rais (Reyes), 1848, New Mexico;

Moore, William, 1846, Laborer, Ireland;

Morris, Robert C., 1842, Eng Builder, Tennessee; Mary A 1843, Indiana; Josephine 1860, Missouri; Marieta 1862 Kansas;

Samuel, 1867, Kansas; Willie 1864, Colorado;

Morton, Richard, 1845, Laborer, Missouri;

Morton, Thomas B 1837, Laborer, Massachusetts; Eliza B 1838, Canada; Carrie 1863, Colorado; Ella 1869, Colorado;

Mould, Moses R., 1840, Gold Miner, New York;

Mould, Phillip, 1838, Gold Miner, New York;

Mowbray, James, 1847, Gold Miner, England;

?Murren, Dennis, 1827, Laborer, Ireland;