Colfax County, New Mexico, Settlers 1870, Precinct 1, A-E

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Source: 1870 US Census; Precinct 1, Colfax County, New Mexico. 5-13 July 1870.

             Post Office: Elizabeth City . Actual location: Cimarron.

Census Note: It appears that many of the Spanish names were written down phonetically in English, therefore,

             many of them appear to be misspelled. The census handwriting in sometimes difficult to read,

             therefore a second opinion appears in parenthesis.
                                                                                             For free access to the 1870 US Census, click here.

             Notes: 1. Items in parenthesis, are a second opinion for the interpretation of the writing on the census record.

                        2. Items with " * " denote that this family was found in the 1860 or 1850 census in New Mexico.

SUMMARY - 1870 US Census, Precinct 1, persons surnamed A through E

Place of Birth: New Mexico (60); Total Others (155)

                                  Others =  Arkansas (1); California (1); Colorado (1); Connecticut (1); Georgia (1); Illinois (8);

                                  Indiana (5); Iowa (4); Kentucky (7); Louisiana (1); Maine (2); Maryland (4); Massachusetts (5); 

                                  Missouri (10); Nebraska (1); New Hampshire (2); New Jersey (2); New York (23); Ohio (11);

                                  Pennsylvania (17); Rhode Island (1); Tennessee (6); Vermont (1); Virginia (1);

                                 Canada (3); England (1); France (2); Germany (5); Ireland (19); Italy (2); Mexico (4); Prussia (2);

                                 Sweden (1);

Occupations: Gold Miner (51); Laborer (56); Carpenter (7); Cook (4); Engineer (3); Physician (3); Servant (3); Tailor (3);

                                 Butcher (2); Dry Goods Clerk (2);  Merchant (2); Printer (2); Barber (1); Blacksmith (1); Miller (1);

                                 Brush Maker (1); Druggist (1); Engine Builder (1); Feed Stable (1); Hatter (1); Lawyer (1);

                                 Mill Right (1); Painter (1); ; Publisher (1); Shoemaker (1); Teamster (1); Watch Maker (1);

Persons with Assets: RE = Value of Real Estate; P = Value of Personal Estate. 1 dollar 1870 = $1,840 in 2010.

           Persons listed with Real Estate Only:

                       200 (RE) Buckner, Benjamin        200 (RE) Collins, Henry            200 (RE) Cortes, Jose

                       300 (RE) Cuar, Herboso             300 (RE) Archuleta, Sefrina        700 (RE) Brophy, Jennie

                       700 (RE) Chaves, Raphael          800 (RE) Brown, Henry              800 (RE) Buckley, James C.

                       800 (RE) Colteus, Michael        1,000 (RE) Biddle, Richard F        1,000 (RE) Bird, Thomas

                    1,000 (RE) Boslin?, Phillip           1,000 (RE) Cameron, Samuel       1,000 (RE) Carrier, Albert

                    1,000 (RE) Carrier, James           1,000 (RE) Estes, Edward C.        2,000 (RE) Atkinson, Charles

                    3,000 (RE) Brown, Henry T.        4,000 (RE) Cauker, Samuel M.      4,000 (RE) Emery, William

                    5,000 (RE) Chapman, John C.    5,000 (RE) Chapman, Lemuel A.   15,000 (RE) Aldridge, Hiram

           Persons listed with Personal Property Only:

                      150 (P) Allen, Charles                150 (P) Babcock, Henry S.           150 (P) Carpenter, George M.

                      200 (P) Cleary, Edward              200 (P) ?Coellin, John E.              300 (P) Beardslee, Andrea

                      300 (P) ?Burmeister, Helen        400 (P) Bara, Hymin?                   500 (P) Bailey, George W.

                      500 (P) Dawson, William D.       500 (P) Deakin, James                  600 (P) Aragon, Jesusita

                      600(P) Bradford, Fred G.H.       1,511 (P) Dicky, John

           Persons listed with combined Real Estate and Personal Property:

                     650 (RE=500+P=150) Edwards, William                  1,000 (RE=700+P=300) Burdick, William

                  1,000 (RE=500+P=500) Conly, Walter                       1,100 (RE=600+P=500) Anson, Robert 

                  3,000 (RE=1,000+P=2,000) Bowers, L Dow               7,500 (RE=2,500+P=5,000) Bloomfield, Morris

                  8,000 (RE=5,000+P=3,000) Brown, William               9,000 (RE=3,000+P=6,000) Colman, Joseph

                12,000 (RE=8,000+P=4,000) Clayton, George W.      16,000 (RE=15,000+P=1,000) Davis, Nicholas S.

                41,000 (RE=40,000+P=1,000) Cauker, Mary M.

The  following  is  an  alphabetical  list  of  persons  in  precinct 1,  surnamed  A  through  E.



Abilla, Carmalite (Carmelita) 1833, Mexico;

Adams, Charles, 1850, Gold Miner, England;

Agelar(Aguilar), Franciscita, 1845, New Mexico; Mariano, 1866, New Mexico; Manuelita, 1868, New Mexico;

Aldridge, Hiram, 1841, Gold Miner, New York;

Allen, Charles, 1846, Butcher, New York;

Allenius, Charles, 1846, Laborer, Sweden;

Anderson, Chas, 1828, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Anson, Robert H.W., 1829, Doctor, New York; Elizabeth 1846, Indiana; Ida 1862, Indiana;

Anson, Allen 1831, Laborer, New York; Annie 1838, Ireland;

Aragon, Antonia, 1840, New Mexico;

Aragon, Jesusita, 1840, Servant, New Mexico;

Aragon, Juan, 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archalita (Archuleta), Eleno (Elario), 1854, Laborer, New Mexico; Pastor?, 1838, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archalite (Archuleta), Sefrina, 1840, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Felis, 1848, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Jose, 1834, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Juanita, 1858, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Refujio, 1847, New Mexico;

Armijo, Antonio, 1842, Laborer, New Mexico; Egragio (Egnasia), 1863, New Mexico; Stephen, 1866, New Mexico;

                            Aliandro, 1867, New Mexico; Frank, 1869, New Mexico;

Arrington, Melises (Melisa), 1845, Gold Miner, Iowa;

Arthur, John, 1848, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania; Albert, 1827, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Atwood, James 1846, Laborer, Missouri;


Babbit, Frank, 1845, Laborer, New York;

Babcock, Henry S., 1830, Carpenter, New York;

Baca, Ceserca (Cesaria), 1838, New Mexico;

Baca, Desidaria, 1843, New Mexico;

Baca, Laura (Levona A), 1840, New Mexico;

Bailey, George W., 1830, Physician and Druggist, New York;

Baker, Edward, 1844, Laborer, Iowa;

Bara, Hyomie (Regina), 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

Bareneisten (Burmeister), Helen, 1838, Holstein; Helena, 1863, Iowa; Matilda, 1865, Nebraska;

Barges (Barajos), Anisella 1839, New Mexico; Cleofa 1869 New Mexico; Moses 1855 (NM); Binta (Benito) 1864, (NM); 

                           Francisca 1859 (NM); Juanita 1861 (NM);

Barnes, Thomas N., 1833, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Barnum, Albert, 1843, Lawyer, Indiana;

Barr, Charles, 1836, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Bartholomae (Bartholomas), Nathan, 1831, Gold Miner, Italy;

Bartlett, Samuel, 1832, Gold Miner, Louisiana;

Barwell (Baruell), Henry, 1837, Blacksmith, France;

Beardslee, Andrew, 1837, Teamster, Pennsylvania;

Begas (Vegas), Teresita (Tomisita), 1844, Servant, New Mexico;

Bell, John, 1840, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Bennett, Grove, 1846, Laborer, Missouri;

Berger, Julius, 1830, Gold Miner, Prussia, Saxton;

Betore, Medino, 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Biddle, Richard F., 1840, Carpenter, Maryland;

Bird, Thomas, 1848, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Blackwood, William, 1830, Cook, New York;

Blakely, Harry C.1839 Engine Builder, Pennsylvania; Eliza 1844 New York; George 1866, (PA); Hattie, 1869, New Mexico;

Bloomfield, Morris, 1830, Gold Miner, Wurtemburg; Rebecca J., 1840, Illinois; Barbara, 1867, New Mexico;

                                        Stephen, 1868, New Mexico; Dolly, 1869, New Mexico;

Blosser, George, 1835, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Boggs, James R., 1845, Gold Miner, Arkansas;

Boggs, John R., 1833, Mining Engineer, Missouri; Martha R., 1844, Ohio;

?Bollie, Phillip, 1832, Carpenter, Canada;

Bollinger, William H., 1839, Printer, Pennsylvania;

Bowers, L Dow, 1837, Carpenter, New Jersey;

Bowers, Lovey H., 1844, Gold Miner, Indiana;

Boyer, Henry, 1850, Gold Miner, New York;

Bradford, Fred G.H., 1837, Physician, Maine;

Brandt, Fred H., 1834, Tailor, Holstein;

Branigan, Steve, 1840, Laborer, Ireland;

Braudo (Brando), Carlo, 1835, Laborer, Italy;

Bridgeland, Richel (Richard), 1833, Carpenter, Ireland;

Bridges, Charles, 1846, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Brimmer, Hugh, 1844, GoldMiner, Canada;

Brophy, John B 1839, Butcher, Maryland; Jennie 1843, Illinois; Hank 1843, Maryland ;

Brouson (Bronson), Fred L., 1835, Dry Goods Clerk, Ohio;

Brown, Henry, 1834, Cook, Ireland;

Brown, Henry T., 1837, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Brown, James 1848, Carpenter, Wirtemburg;

Brown, James, 1837, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Brown, William, 1820, Laborer, Tennessee;

Buck, George H., 1838, Gold Miner, Maine;

Buckley, James C., 1842, Laborer, Illinois;

Buckley, John, 1830, Laborer, Ireland;

Buckman, Louis, 1842, Barber, Wurtemburg;

Buckner, Benjamin, 1834, Laborer, Tennessee;

Bullard, William H. 1850, Laborer, Missouri;

Burbank, Charles G., 1846, Laborer, Massachusetts;

Burdick, William C., 1830, Watch Maker, Connecticut;

Burns, Theodore, 1837, Laborer, Indiana (Ireland);

Burris, John, 1847, Gold Miner, New York;

Buther (Buster), Samuel H., 1825, Gold Miner, New Hampshire;

Byers, James J 1840, Laborer, New York;


Cady (Cody), Martin, 1830, Gold Miner, Ireland;

?Cagan, James, 1833, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Callen, Patrick, 1842, Ireland;

Cameron, Samuel, 1830, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Candelaria, Guadalupe, 1830, New Mexico;

Candetana (Candelaria), Jose, 1835, Laborer, New Mexico;

Cardinez (Cardenas), Josefa 1840, New Mexico;

Caricer (Carrier), Albert, 1840, Merchant Retail, Massachusetts; Viser, 1844, Missouri; James, 1837, Gold Miner (Mass);

                                              Rutha M., 1864, Iowa;
Carmel, Maria 1840, New Mexico;

Caroier (Carnier), James S., 1809, Mill Right, New Hampshire;

Carpenter, George M., 1833, Gold Miner, New York;

Carr, Henry W., 1844, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Carr, John, 1835, Laborer, Ireland;

Carria,Juan 1841 Laborer, Mexico;

Cawker (Cauker), Mary M 1818, New York; Samuel M 1845, Dry Goods Clerk, Illinois; Fannie 1847,. Illinois;

Chaan (Chacon), Juan D., 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Chapman, Albert, 1847, Gold Miner, New York;

Chapman, John C., 1835, Engineer, Ohio; Lemuel A. 1837, Carpenter, Ohio;

Chapman, John, 1843, Laborer, Illinois;

Charleston, Thomas, 1844, Laborer, Rhode Island;

Chares (Chaves), Candelaria 1845, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Dominga 1842, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Maria, 1842, Mexico;

Chaves, Marie (Maria), 1846, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Maria D 1840, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Petra 1849, New Mexico; Juan 1866, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Raphael, 1848, Laborer, Mexico;

Checerena (Chocerina), Lutara 1846, New Mexico;

Chichester, Joseph, 1830, Gold Miner, New York;

Clair, Henry J., 1844, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Clark, Thornton, 1846, Cook, Vermont;

Clayton, George W., 1840, Living Feed Stable, Illinois;

Clearg (Cleary), Edward, 1845, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Clouser (Clousen), Thomas, 1846, Shoemaker, Pennsylvania;

Cnar (Cuar), Herboso, 1838, Tailor, New Mexico;

Coach (Couch), John C., 1825, Gold Miner, Maryland;

Codlten (Coelter), John E 1840, Gold Miner, New Jersey;

Cogan, Christopher, 1830, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Cogan, James, 1833, Ireland;

Coleman, John, 1831, Laborer, New York;

Collins, Henry, 1824, Laborer, Kentucky;

Colman, Chas C., 1844, Gold Miner, Missouri;

Colman, Joseph, 1836, Dry Goods Merchant, Prussia;

Colteus, Michael, 1849, Laborer, New York;

Conley, Walter, 1843, Gold Miner, New York;

Connelly, Thomas, 1849, Laborer, Missouri;

Cordoba, Carmelita, 1820, New Mexico;

Cordoba, Isacllo, 1849, Laborer, New Mexico; 

Cordoba, Jose, 1840, Tailor, New Mexico;

Cordeta (Cordoba), Juan, 1849, New Mexico;

Cordoba, Juan, 1847, New Mexico;

Cortes, Jose, 1826, Laborer, New Mexico;

Cortez, Jon (Jose), 1830, Laborer, New Mexico;

Cosgrove, Patrick, 1838, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Courtier, George C. 1850, Laborer, California;

Cowley, John, 1845, Gold Miner, Kentucky;

Craft, Columbus C., 1841, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Crawford, C. Perry, 1843, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Creigh, Thomas, 1843, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Croninger, Daniel, 1825, Miller, Ohio,  

Crothers, John, 1843, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

?Cullen, Patrick, 1842, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Cummings, Martie (Martin), 1838, Gold Miner, Canada;


Davis, Edward, 1850, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Davis, Nicholas S., 1826, Practical Engineer, Pennsylvania;

Davis, Robert, 1829, Painter, New York;

Dawson, William D., 1834, Publisher and Printer, Missouri;

Deakin, James, 1840, Laborer, Ireland;

Desegeologers, Stephen, 1847, Laborer, France;

Dicky, John, 1847, Laborer, Tennessee;

Dill, Frank, 1851, Missouri;

Domingos (Domingues), Pascual, 1854, Laborer, New Mexico;

Donnell, James S., 1833, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Doushom (Donohour), John, 1833, Laborer, Ireland;

Doyle, Catherine, 1832, Ireland; Bernard, 1859, New Mexico;

Duckett, Ellis, 1849, Laborer, Georgia;

Dugan, Patrick, 1835, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Duke, Stephen, 1844, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Dumawen (Dumarren), Henry, 1852, Gold Miner, Massachusetts;

Duncan, Herman, 1835, Gold Miner, Kentucky; Nannie, 1836, Kentucky; Edith, 1856, Kentucky; Harry, 1857, Kentucky;

                                 Nannie, 1861, Colorado;

Dunick, Frank, 1838, Gold Miner, New York;


Edwarda (Edwards), Charles, 1840, Laborer, Ohio;

Edwards, Frank, 1850, Cook, Kentucky;

Edwards, William, 1838, Gold Miner, Indiana;

Elaine (Elanis), Marsidoue (Marsidorio), 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

Elavia (Elario), Miguel, 1855, Servant, New Mexico;

Ellis, George F., 1848, Gold Miner, Massachusetts;

Ellis, William, 1842, Brush Maker, Illinois;

Ellwood, George, 1848, Hatter, New York;

Emery, William, 1837, Laborer, New York;

Esphiose (Espinioso), Francisca, 1845, New Mexico;  

Estervillo, Juan, 1841, Laborer, New Mexico;

Estes, Edward C., 1846, Laborer, Missouri;