Colfax County, New Mexico, Settlers 1870, Precinct 1, A-E

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Source: 1870 US Census; Precinct 1, Colfax County, New Mexico. 5-13 July 1870. Post Office, Elizabeth City, NM

             For free access to the 1870 US Census, click here.

             Notes: 1. Items in parenthesis, are a second opinion for the interpretation of the writing on the census record.

                        2. Items with " * " denote that this family was found in the 1860 or 1850 census in New Mexico.


             Place of Birth: New Mexico (60); Total Others (155)

                                  Others =  Arkansas (1); California (1); Colorado (1); Connecticut (1); Georgia (1); Illinois (8);

                                  Indiana (5); Iowa (4); Kentucky (7); Louisiana (1); Maine (2); Maryland (4); Massachusetts (5); 

                                  Missouri (10); Nebraska (1); New Hampshire (2); New Jersey (2); New York (23); Ohio (11);

                                  Pennsylvania (17); Rhode Island (1); Tennessee (6); Vermont (1); Virginia (1);

                                 Canada (3); England (1); France (2); Germany (5); Ireland (19); Italy (2); Mexico (4); Prussia (2);

                                 Sweden (1);

             Occupations: Gold Miner (51); Laborer (56); Carpenter (7); Cook (4); Engineer (3); Physician (3); Servant (3);

                                 Tailor (3); Butcher (2); Dry Goods Clerk (2);  Merchant (2); Printer (2); Barber (1); Blacksmith (1);

                                 Brush Maker (1); Druggist (1); Engine Builder (1); Feed Stable (1); Hatter (1); Lawyer (1);Miller (1);

                                 Mill Right (1); Painter (1); ; Publisher (1); Shoemaker (1); Teamster (1); Watch Maker (1);

The following is an alphabetical list of persons in precinct 1, surnamed A through E.



Abilla, Carmalite (Carmelita) 1833, Mexico;

Adams, Charles, 1850, Gold Miner, England;

Agelar(Aguilar), Franciscita, 1845, New Mexico; Mariano, 1866, New Mexico; Manuelita, 1868, New Mexico;

Aldridge, Hiram, 1841, Gold Miner, New York;

Allen, Charles, 1846, Butcher, New York;

Allenius, Charles, 1846, Laborer, Sweden;

Anderson, Chas, 1828, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Anson, Robert H.W., 1829, Doctor, New York; Elizabeth 1846, Indiana; Ida 1862, Indiana;

Anson, Allen 1831, Laborer, New York; Annie 1838, Ireland;

Aragon, Antonia, 1840, New Mexico;

Aragon, Jesusita, 1840, Servant, New Mexico;

Aragon, Juan, 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archalita (Archuleta), Eleno (Elario), 1854, Laborer, New Mexico; Pastor?, 1838, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archalite (Archuleta), Sefrina, 1840, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Felis, 1848, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Jose, 1834, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Juanita, 1858, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Refujio, 1847, New Mexico;

Armijo, Antonio, 1842, Laborer, New Mexico; Egragio (Egnasia), 1863, New Mexico; Stephen, 1866, New Mexico;

                            Aliandro, 1867, New Mexico; Frank, 1869, New Mexico;

Arrington, Melises (Melisa), 1845, Gold Miner, Iowa;

Arthur, John, 1848, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania; Albert, 1827, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Atwood, James 1846, Laborer, Missouri;


Babbit, Frank, 1845, Laborer, New York;

Babcock, Henry S., 1830, Carpenter, New York;

Baca, Ceserca (Cesaria), 1838, New Mexico;

Baca, Desidaria, 1843, New Mexico;

Baca, Laura (Levona A), 1840, New Mexico;

Bailey, George W., 1830, Physician and Druggist, New York;

Baker, Edward, 1844, Laborer, Iowa;

Bara, Hyomie (Regina), 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

Bareneisten (Burmeister), Helen, 1838, Holstein; Helena, 1863, Iowa; Matilda, 1865, Nebraska;

Barges (Barajos), Anisella 1839, New Mexico; Cleofa 1869 New Mexico; Moses 1855 (NM); Binta (Benito) 1864, (NM); 

                           Francisca 1859 (NM); Juanita 1861 (NM);

Barnes, Thomas N., 1833, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Barnum, Albert, 1843, Lawyer, Indiana;

Barr, Charles, 1836, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Bartholomae (Bartholomas), Nathan, 1831, Gold Miner, Italy;

Bartlett, Samuel, 1832, Gold Miner, Louisiana;

Barwell (Baruell), Henry, 1837, Blacksmith, France;

Beardslee, Andrew, 1837, Teamster, Pennsylvania;

Begas (Vegas), Teresita (Tomisita), 1844, Servant, New Mexico;

Bell, John, 1840, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Bennett, Grove, 1846, Laborer, Missouri;

Berger, Julius, 1830, Gold Miner, Prussia, Saxton;

Betore, Medino, 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Biddle, Richard F., 1840, Carpenter, Maryland;

Bird, Thomas, 1848, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Blackwood, William, 1830, Cook, New York;

Blakely, Harry C.1839 Engine Builder, Pennsylvania; Eliza 1844 New York; George 1866, (PA); Hattie, 1869, New Mexico;

Bloomfield, Morris, 1830, Gold Miner, Wurtemburg; Rebecca J., 1840, Illinois; Barbara, 1867, New Mexico;

                                        Stephen, 1868, New Mexico; Dolly, 1869, New Mexico;

Blosser, George, 1835, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Boggs, James R., 1845, Gold Miner, Arkansas;

Boggs, John R., 1833, Mining Engineer, Missouri; Martha R., 1844, Ohio;

?Bollie, Phillip, 1832, Carpenter, Canada;

Bollinger, William H., 1839, Printer, Pennsylvania;

Bowers, L Dow, 1837, Carpenter, New Jersey;

Bowers, Lovey H., 1844, Gold Miner, Indiana;

Boyer, Henry, 1850, Gold Miner, New York;

Bradford, Fred G.H., 1837, Physician, Maine;

Brandt, Fred H., 1834, Tailor, Holstein;

Branigan, Steve, 1840, Laborer, Ireland;

Braudo (Brando), Carlo, 1835, Laborer, Italy;

Bridgeland, Richel (Richard), 1833, Carpenter, Ireland;

Bridges, Charles, 1846, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Brimmer, Hugh, 1844, GoldMiner, Canada;

Brophy, John B 1839, Butcher, Maryland; Jennie 1843, Illinois; Hank 1843, Maryland ;

Brouson (Bronson), Fred L., 1835, Dry Goods Clerk, Ohio;

Brown, Henry, 1834, Cook, Ireland;

Brown, Henry T., 1837, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Brown, James 1848, Carpenter, Wirtemburg;

Brown, James, 1837, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Brown, William, 1820, Laborer, Tennessee;

Buck, George H., 1838, Gold Miner, Maine;

Buckley, James C., 1842, Laborer, Illinois;

Buckley, John, 1830, Laborer, Ireland;

Buckman, Louis, 1842, Barber, Wurtemburg;

Buckner, Benjamin, 1834, Laborer, Tennessee;

Bullard, William H. 1850, Laborer, Missouri;

Burbank, Charles G., 1846, Laborer, Massachusetts;

Burdick, William C., 1830, Watch Maker, Connecticut;

Burns, Theodore, 1837, Laborer, Indiana (Ireland);

Burris, John, 1847, Gold Miner, New York;

Buther (Buster), Samuel H., 1825, Gold Miner, New Hampshire;

Byers, James J 1840, Laborer, New York;


Cady (Cody), Martin, 1830, Gold Miner, Ireland;

?Cagan, James, 1833, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Callen, Patrick, 1842, Ireland;

Cameron, Samuel, 1830, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Candelaria, Guadalupe, 1830, New Mexico;

Candetana (Candelaria), Jose, 1835, Laborer, New Mexico;

Cardinez (Cardenas), Josefa 1840, New Mexico;

Caricer (Carrier), Albert, 1840, Merchant Retail, Massachusetts; Viser, 1844, Missouri; James, 1837, Gold Miner (Mass);

                                              Rutha M., 1864, Iowa;
Carmel, Maria 1840, New Mexico;

Caroier (Carnier), James S., 1809, Mill Right, New Hampshire;

Carpenter, George M., 1833, Gold Miner, New York;

Carr, Henry W., 1844, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Carr, John, 1835, Laborer, Ireland;

Carria,Juan 1841 Laborer, Mexico;

Cawker (Cauker), Mary M 1818, New York; Samuel M 1845, Dry Goods Clerk, Illinois; Fannie 1847,. Illinois;

Chaan (Chacon), Juan D., 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Chapman, Albert, 1847, Gold Miner, New York;

Chapman, John C., 1835, Engineer, Ohio; Lemuel A. 1837, Carpenter, Ohio;

Chapman, John, 1843, Laborer, Illinois;

Charleston, Thomas, 1844, Laborer, Rhode Island;

Chares (Chaves), Candelaria 1845, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Dominga 1842, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Maria, 1842, Mexico;

Chaves, Marie (Maria), 1846, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Maria D 1840, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Petra 1849, New Mexico; Juan 1866, New Mexico;

Chares (Chaves), Raphael, 1848, Laborer, Mexico;

Checerena (Chocerina), Lutara 1846, New Mexico;

Chichester, Joseph, 1830, Gold Miner, New York;

Clair, Henry J., 1844, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Clark, Thornton, 1846, Cook, Vermont;

Clayton, George W., 1840, Living Feed Stable, Illinois;

Clearg (Cleary), Edward, 1845, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Clouser (Clousen), Thomas, 1846, Shoemaker, Pennsylvania;

Cnar (Cuar), Herboso, 1838, Tailor, New Mexico;

Coach (Couch), John C., 1825, Gold Miner, Maryland;

Codlten (Coelter), John E 1840, Gold Miner, New Jersey;

Cogan, Christopher, 1830, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Cogan, James, 1833, Ireland;

Coleman, John, 1831, Laborer, New York;

Collins, Henry, 1824, Laborer, Kentucky;

Colman, Chas C., 1844, Gold Miner, Missouri;

Colman, Joseph, 1836, Dry Goods Merchant, Prussia;

Colteus, Michael, 1849, Laborer, New York;

Conley, Walter, 1843, Gold Miner, New York;

Connelly, Thomas, 1849, Laborer, Missouri;

Cordoba, Carmelita, 1820, New Mexico;

Cordoba, Isacllo, 1849, Laborer, New Mexico; 

Cordoba, Jose, 1840, Tailor, New Mexico;

Cordeta (Cordoba), Juan, 1849, New Mexico;

Cordoba, Juan, 1847, New Mexico;

Cortes, Jose, 1826, Laborer, New Mexico;

Cortez, Jon (Jose), 1830, Laborer, New Mexico;

Cosgrove, Patrick, 1838, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Courtier, George C. 1850, Laborer, California;

Cowley, John, 1845, Gold Miner, Kentucky;

Craft, Columbus C., 1841, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Crawford, C. Perry, 1843, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Creigh, Thomas, 1843, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Croninger, Daniel, 1825, Miller, Ohio,  

Crothers, John, 1843, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

?Cullen, Patrick, 1842, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Cummings, Martie (Martin), 1838, Gold Miner, Canada;


Davis, Edward, 1850, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Davis, Nicholas S., 1826, Practical Engineer, Pennsylvania;

Davis, Robert, 1829, Painter, New York;

Dawson, William D., 1834, Publisher and Printer, Missouri;

Deakin, James, 1840, Laborer, Ireland;

Desegeologers, Stephen, 1847, Laborer, France;

Dicky, John, 1847, Laborer, Tennessee;

Dill, Frank, 1851, Missouri;

Domingos (Domingues), Pascual, 1854, Laborer, New Mexico;

Donnell, James S., 1833, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Doushom (Donohour), John, 1833, Laborer, Ireland;

Doyle, Catherine, 1832, Ireland; Bernard, 1859, New Mexico;

Duckett, Ellis, 1849, Laborer, Georgia;

Dugan, Patrick, 1835, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Duke, Stephen, 1844, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Dumawen (Dumarren), Henry, 1852, Gold Miner, Massachusetts;

Duncan, Herman, 1835, Gold Miner, Kentucky; Nannie, 1836, Kentucky; Edith, 1856, Kentucky; Harry, 1857, Kentucky;

                                 Nannie, 1861, Colorado;

Dunick, Frank, 1838, Gold Miner, New York;


Edwarda (Edwards), Charles, 1840, Laborer, Ohio;

Edwards, Frank, 1850, Cook, Kentucky;

Edwards, William, 1838, Gold Miner, Indiana;

Elaine (Elanis), Marsidoue (Marsidorio), 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

Elavia (Elario), Miguel, 1855, Servant, New Mexico;

Ellis, George F., 1848, Gold Miner, Massachusetts;

Ellis, William, 1842, Brush Maker, Illinois;

Ellwood, George, 1848, Hatter, New York;

Emery, William, 1837, Laborer, New York;

Esphiose (Espinioso), Francisca, 1845, New Mexico;  

Estervillo, Juan, 1841, Laborer, New Mexico;

Estes, Edward C., 1846, Laborer, Missouri;