Colfax County, New Mexico, Settlers 1870, Precinct 1, A-E

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Abeita, Carmelita 1833, Mexico;

Adams, Charles, 1850, Gold Miner, England;

Agelar, Franciscita, 1845, New Mexico; Mariano, 1866, New Mexico; Manuelita, 1868, New Mexico;

Aldridge, Hiram, 1841, Gold Miner, New York;

Allen, Charles, 1846, Butcher, New York;

?Allenius, Charles, 1846, Laborer, weden;

Anderson, Chas, 1828, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Anson, Robert H.W., 1829, Doctor, New York; Elizabeth 1846, Indiana; Ida 1862, Indiana;

Anson, Allen 1831, Laborer, New York; Annie 1838, Ireland;

Aragon, Jesusita, 1840, Servant, New Mexico;

Aragon, Juan, 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Jose, 1834, Laborer, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Juanita, 1858, New Mexico;

Archuleta, Refujio, 1847, New Mexico;

Archulita (Archuleta), Sefrina, 1840, New Mexico;

Armijo, Antonio, 1842, Laborer, New Mexico; Egnagia, 1863, New Mexico; Stephen, 1866, New Mexico;

                            Aliandro, 1867, New Mexico; Frank, 1869, New Mexico;

Arrington, Melisa?, 1845, Gold Miner, Iowa;

Arthur, John, 1848, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania; Albert, 1827, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Atwood, James 1846, Laborer, Missouri;

Babcock, Henry S., 1830, Carpenter, New York;

Babbit, Frank, 1845, Laborer, New york;

Baca, Cesaria 1838, New Mexico;

Baca, Desidaria, 1843, New Mexico;

Baca, Levona A., 1840, New Mexico;

Bailey, George W., 1830, Physician and Druggist, New York;

Baker, Edward, 1844, Laborer, Iowa;

Barges (Barajos), Anisella 1839, New Mexico; Cleofa 1869, New Mexico; Moses 1855, New Mexico, Benito 1864, (NM); 

                           Francisca 1859 (NM); Juanita 1861 (NM);

Barnes, Thomas N., 1833, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Barnum, Albert, 1843, Lawyer, Indiana;

Barr, Charles, 1836, Gold Miner, Ohio;

?Bartholomas, Nathan, 1831, Gold Miner, Italy;

Bartlett, Samuel, 1832, Gold Miner, Louisiana;

?Baruell, Henry, 1837, Blacksmith, France;

Beardslee, Andrew, 1837, Teamster, Pennsylvania;

?Betire, Medino, 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Begas (Vegas), Tomisita, 1844, Servant, New Mexico;

Bell, John, 1840, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Bennett, Grove ?, 1846, Laborer, Missouri;

Biddle, Richard F., 1840, Carpenter, Maryland;

Bird, Thomas, 1848, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Blackwood, William, Cook, New York;

Blakely, Harry 1839 Engine Builder, Pennsylvania; Eliza 1844 New York; George 1864, (PA); Hattie, 1869, New Mexico;

Bloomfield, Morris, 1830, Gold Miner, Wirtemburg; Rebecca J., 1840, Illinois; Barbara, 1867, New Mexico;

                                        Stephen, 1868, New Mexico; Dolly, 1869, New Mexico;

Blosser, George, 1835, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Boggs, John R., 1833, Mining Engineer, Missouri; Martha R., 1844, Ohio;

?Bollie, Phillip, 1832, Carpenter, Canada;

Bollinger, William H., 1839, Printer, Pennsylvania;

Bowers, L Dow?, 1837, Carpenter, New Jersey;

Bowers, Lovey H., 1844, Gold Miner, Indiana;

Boyer, Henry, 1850, Gold Miner, New York;

Bradford, Fred G.H., 1837, Physician, Main;

Brando, Carlo, 1835, Laborer, Italy;

Brandt, Fred H., 1834, Tailor, Holstein;

Branigan, Steve, 1840, Laborer, Ireland;

Bridgeland, Richard, 1833, Carpenter, Ireland;

Bridges, Charles, 1846, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Brimmer, Hugh, 1844, GoldMiner, Canada;

Bronson, Fred L., 1835, Dry Goods Clerk, Ohio;

Brophy, John B 1839, Butcher, Maryland; Jennie 1843, Illinois; Hank 1843, Maryland

Brown, Henry, 1834, Cook, Ireland;

Brown, James 1848, Carpenter, Wirtemburg;

Brown, James, 1837, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Brown, William, 1820, Laborer, Tennessee;

Buck, George H., 1838, Gold Miner, Maine;

Buckley, Jesus C, 1842, Laborer, Illinois;

Buckley, John, 1830, Laborer, Ireland;

Buckman, Louis, 1842, Barber, Wurtemburg;

Buckner, Benjamin, 1834, Laborer, Tennessee;

Bullard, William H. 1850, Laborer, Missouri;

Burbank, Charles G., 1846, Laborer, Massachusetts;

Burdick, William C., 1830, Watch Maker, Connecticut;

?Burmeister, Helen, 1838, Holstein; Helena, 1863, Iowa; Matilda, 1865, Nebraska;

Burns, Theodore, 1837, Laborer, Ireland;

Burris, John, 1847, Gold Miner, New York;

?Buster, Samuel H., 1825, Gold Miner, New Hampshire;

Byers, James J 1840, Laborer, New York;

?Cagan, James, 1833, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Cameron, Samuel, 1830, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Candelaria, Guadalupe, 1830, New Mexico;

Candelaria, Jose, 1835, Laborer, New Mexico;

Cardines, Josefa 1840, New Mexico;

Carmel, Maria 1840, New Mexico;

?Carnier, James S., 1810, Mill Right, New Hampshire;

Carpenter, George M., 1833?, Gold Miner, New York;

Carr, Henry W., 1844, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Carr, John, 1835, Laborer, Ireland;

Carria,Juan 1841 Laborer, Mexico;

Carrier, Albert, 1840, Merchant Retail, Massachusetts; ?Visa, 1844, Missouri; James, 1837, Gold Miner, Massachusetts;

                               Rutha M., 1864, Iowa;

Cauker, Mary M 1818, New York; Samuel M 1845, Dry Goods Clerk, Illinois; Fannie 1847,. Illinois;

Chacon, Juan D., 1840, Laborer, New Mexico;

Chapman, Albert, 1847, Gold Miner, New York;

Chapman, Jno.? C., 1835, Engineer, Ohio; Lemuel A. 1837, Carpenter, Ohio;

?Chaponas, John, 1843, Laborer, Illinois;

Charleston, Thomas, 1844, Laborer, Rhode Island;

Chaves, Candelaria 1845, New Mexico;

Chaves, Dominga 1842, New Mexico;

Chaves, Maria 1846, New Mexico;

Chaves, Maria D 1840, New Mexico;

Chaves, Petra 1849, New Mexico; Juan 1866, New Mexico;

Chaves, Raphael, 1848, Laborer, Mexico;

Checerena (Chocerina), Lutasa 1846, New Mexico;

Clark, Thornton, 1846, Cook, Vermont;

Clair, Henry J., 1849, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

?Clayton, George W., Living Feed Stable, Illinois;

Cleary, Edward, 1845, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Clousen, Thomas, 1846, Shoemaker, Pennsylvania;

Cnar (Cuar), Herboso, 1838, Tailor, New Mexico;

?Coelter, John E 1840, Gold Miner, New Jersey;

Coleman, John, 1831, Laborer, New York;

Collins, Henry, 1824, Laborer, Kentucky;

Colman, Chas C., Gold Miner, Missouri;

Colman, Joseph, 1836, Dry Goods Merchant, Prussia;

?Colteus, Michael, 1849, Laborer, New York;

Conley, Walter, 1843, Gold Miner, New York;

Connelly, Thomas, 1849, Laborer, Thomas;

Cordoba, Jose, 1840, Tailor, New Mexico;

Cordoba, Isacllo, 1849, Laborer, New Mexico; 

Cordoba, Juan, 1849, New Mexico;

Cordoba, Juan, 1847, New Mexico;

Cortes, Jose, 1826, Laborer, New Mexico;

Cosgrove, Patrick, 1838, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Courtier?, George C. 1850, Laborer, California;

Cowley, John, 1845, Gold Miner, Kentucky;

Craft, Columbus, 1841, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Crawford, C. Perry, 1843, Gold Miner, Ohio;

?Creigh, Thomas, 1843, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Croninger?, Daniel, 1825, Miller, Ohio,  

Crothers, John, 1843, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Cummings, Martin, 1838, Gold Miner, Canada;

Davis, Edward, 1850, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Davis, Nicholas? S., 1826, Practical Engineer, Pennsylvania;

Davis, Robert, 1829, Painter, New York;

Dawson, William D., 1834, Publisher and Printer, Missouri;

?Deakin, James, 1840, Laborer, Ireland;

Desegeologes, Stephen, 1847, Laborer, France;

Dicky, John, 1847, Laborer, Tennessee;

Domingues, Pascual, 1854, Laborer, New Mexico;

Donnell, James S., 1833, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Donohour?, John, 1833, Laborer, Ireland;

Doyle, Catherine, 1832, Ireland; Bernard, 1859, New Mexico;

Duckett, Ellis, 1849, Laborer, Missouri;

Duncan, Herman, 1835, Gold Miner, Kentucky; Nannie, 1836, Kentucky; Edith, 1856, Kentucky; Harry, 1857, Kentucky;

                                 Nannie, 1861, Colorado;

?Dunick, Frank, 1838, Gold Miner, New York;

Edwards, Charles, 1840, Laborer, Ohio;

Edwards, Frank, 1850, Cook, Kentucky;

Edwards, William, 1838, Gold Miner, Indiana;

?Elanis, Marsidorio, Laborer, New Mexico;

Elario, Miguel, 1855, Servant, New Mexico;

Ellis, George F., 1848, Gold Miner, Massachusetts;

Ellis, William, 1842, Brush Maker, Illinois;

Ellwood, George, 1848, Hatter, New York;

Emery, William, 1837, laborer, New York;

Espinioso, Francisca, 1845, New Mexico;  

?Estervillo, Juan, 1841, Laborer, New Mexico;

Estes, Edward, 1846, Laborer, Missouri;


?Fairsula, Julius, 1827, Gold Miner, New York;

Falck, Earnest, 1831, Gambler, Hamburg;

?Farrand, Chas. M., 1824, Lumberman, Connecticut;

Faulkner, John, 1817, Gold Miner, New York;

Fisher, John, 1845, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Fisher, Michael, 1849, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Floorman, Robert 1835, Confectioner, Prussia; Ernestine 1839, England; Francisco 1864, Colorado; Louis 1866, Montana;

                             Arnst 1868, Colorado;

Flores, Francisco 1837, Laborer, New Mexico; Tomasita 1838, New Mexico;

Flores, Maria 1854, New Mexico;

Forrest, John, 1848, Cook, New York;

Foster, ?lancho G., 1841, Carpenter, Virginia;

Fox, William, 1846, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Fowler, William J 1843, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

?Fredez, James, 1834, Laborer, France: 

Freeman, Frank C., 1842, Laborer, Missouri;

Gagan, Jose 1825, Shoemaker, New Mexico; Ignassia 1838, New Mexico; Feliz 1869, New Mexico; Damon1864,  (NM);

                                  Guirme 1853, New Mexico;

Gail, Orlando, 1848, Gold Miner, Wisconsin;

Gallaher, John, 1840, Laboreer, Ireland;

Garcia, Jose, 1852, Laborer, New Mexico;

Garcia, Maria, 1818, New Mexico;

Garcia, Raphael, 1847, Laborer, New Mexico;

Garrison, Isaac, 1823, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Gates, Frank, 1844, Carpenter, New York;

Geary, John, 1846, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Gehrg (Gehsy), Juana, 1863, Mexico; Sabana 1849, Mexico;

Gertheisen, John, 1843, Retail Liquor Dealer, Ohio;

Gilliland, Frederick G., 1842, Gold Miner, Kentucky;

Gitskey, George 1840, Clothing Dealer, Prussia;

Glap, John M 1844, Plasterer, New York;

Glasgow, John, 1835, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Golden, George, 1835, Laborer, Missouri?;

Gondora, Francisco, 1835, Gold Miner, Mexico;

Gonzales, Margarito, 1847, Laborer, New Mexico;

Goodrich, Charles, 1846, Gold Miner, Illinois;

?Graves, Frederick O., 1826, Carpenter, New York; Nancy S., 1839, Illinois; Eva, 1864, California;

?Grago, Caspio, 1849, Laborer, New Mexico;

Graham, John T., 1848, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Green, Patrick, 1843, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Gregor, Antonio J 1842, Laborer, New Mexico;

?Greley, John, 1844, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Griego, Julian 1849, Laborer, New Mexico;

Griego, Julilan, 1853, Laborer, New Mexico;

Griego, Marcelina 1835, New Mexico;

Griffith, John, 1839, GoldMiner, Maryland;

Grover, James, 1842, Gold Miner, Vermont;

Hack, Chris, 1835, Shoemaker, Prussia;

Hallenback, Aaron 1840, Carpenter, New York; Isabell 1842, Ohio; Gertrude 1869, New Mexico;

Hamilton, John, 1830, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Hansford, john, 1830, Laborer, New Jersey;

Harburger, Joseph H 1830, Stone Mason, Tyrol; Delores, 1849, New Mexico; George, 1868 (NM); John 1869 (NM); 

Harden, Allis, 1869, Colorado;

Harkins, James, 1834, Laborer, Ireland;

Harrison, Anthony, 1844, Cook, Missouri;

Hart, John, 1847, Laborer, Ohio;

Hartman, John, 1845, Laborer, Ohio;

Hartwick, James W, 1838, Michigan;

Hattenbach, Isaac, 1838, Dry Goods Merchant, Prussia;

?Hayslip, Geo D 1833, Tinsmith, Ohio; Ellen P 1841, Michigan; Nettie M 1861, Iowa;

Hefflefinger, Jacob 1847, Laborer, Indiana;

Heller, Herman, 1822, Laborer, Prussia;

?Hendershit, Clark, 1838, Practical Engineer, Ohio;

Hendershot, Sanuel C., 1848, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Henderson, Will W., 1831, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Henry, John 1845, Laborer, New York;

Henry, William 1829, Laborer, New York;

Herera, Tomasa, 1846, New Mexico;

Hermisch, Louis, 1843, Druggist, Wurtemburg;

Hern, Madison, 1823, Laborer, Missouri;

Herschey, Samuel, 1840, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Hesterling, Richard, 1834, Physician, Sweden;

Hicks, Albert O., 1831, Gold Miner, New York;

Hidden, Charles, 1819, Mill Right, Vermont; Louisa, 1825 Vermont; Mary, 1850 Ohio; Laura 1853 Ohio; George 1855 (KY);

                            Horace, 1857, Kentucky; Otis, 1859, Kansas; Lulu, 1864, Kansas, Charles, 1866, Kansas;

Hill, Pleasant H 1835, Gambler, Alabama;

?Holford, Henry H., 1841, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Holliday, Oliver D., 1841,, Gold Miner, Missouri;

Hooper, Henry N, 1835, Mining Agent, Massachusetts;

Hopkins, Caleb S., 1830, Merchant Retail, Illinois;

Houx, Benj F 1829, Carpenter, Michigan; Agnes, 1830, Vermont;

Howard, George, 1841, Banker, Pennsylvania;

Hull, Charles, 1826, Gold Miner, Illinois;

Hurley, John, 1843, Gold Miner, New York;

Idle, Charles, 1839, Gold Miner, England;

Irwin, Thomas, 1840, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Jackson, William 1840, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Jacobs, Ella E., 1842, New York;

Johnson, Jacob, 1843, Laborer, Virginia;

Johnston, John, 1843, Carpenter, Ohio;

Jones, Colstein?, 1838, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Jones, George W., Blacksmith, England; Addie, 1847, New York;

Jones, John, 1848, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Jones, Lou M., 1846, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Kaig, William N., 1836, Freighter, Kentucky;

?Keep, Barton C., 1835, Gold Miner, Indiana; ?Oleta, 1846, Indiana; Isabell, 1860, Coloraado; Lizzie, 1864, Colorado;

                                   Eldorado?, 1868, New Mexico; Barta R., October 1870:

Kelly, Edward, 1843, Gold Miner, Ireland,

?Kempton, David W., 1832, Carpenter, Maine;

Kendall, John, 1843, Gold Miner, Indiana;

Kennedy, Charles, 1839, Carpenter, Tennessee: Gregoria 1853, New Mexico; Samuel, 1869, New Mexico;

?Kinnerman, William, 1840, Carpenter, Missouri;

Kinney, Joseph, 1834, Baker, Ireland;

?Kinsinger, Amatha, 1865, New Mexico

Kinsinger, Joseph 1835, Laborer, Ohio; Peter, 1831, Cooper, Ohio;

Knapp, William H., 1836, Laborer, New York;

Kuhl, Christine, 1827, Smith Right, Holstein;

?Labar, Alonzo, 1843, Slate Manufacturer, Pennsylvania;

?Labarth, Juan J., 1836, Laborer, New Mexico;

Lambert, Henry, 1839, Hotel Keeper, France; Mollie, 1849, Virginia;

?Lamon, Plazia, 1846, Laborer, New Mexico;

?Lanson, Augustus, 1835, Gold Miner, Sweden;

Lantz, Newton, 1841, Laborer, Ohio;

Lapenell, Juanita, 1867, New Mexico; Marcos 1869, New Mexico;

?Lashana, Maria, 1853, New Mexico;

?Lealo, Ceseria, 1863, New Mexico;

Lechusa, Francisco, 1837, Laborer, Mexico;

Lee, John C 1841, County Clerk, Ireland;

Leitle (Little), Chester C 1841, Carpenter, Michigan; Maria 1853, New Mexico;

Lesperance, Mitchel, 1837, Brick Layer, France;

Livingston, Sam, 1833, Tinsmith, New York;

?Lohr, George, 1835, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Lopez, Antonio, 1843, Laborer, New Mexico;

Lopez, Raphael, 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

?Louassagne, Etienne, 1837, Plasterer, France;

?Louglois, Frank, 1845, Laborer, Canada;

Lowry, Joseph, 1841, Gold Miner, Canada;

Loyd, John, 1835, Eng. Builder, Massachusetts;

Lucas, Domingus, 1835, Laborer, Mexico;

Lucero, Aniseta 1844, New Mexico; Sarah, 1869, New Mexico;

Lucero, Dorolita, 1860, New Mexico;

Lucero, Juana, 1840, New Mexico;

Lynch, Mathew 1844, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Lynch, Sandy, 1835, Carpenter, Ireland;

Lynds (Ly-ards), William J 1838, Carpenter, Nova Scotia;

Lyons, Patrick, 1846, Gold Miner, Ireland;


Madrid, Desiderio 1847, Laborer, New Mexico;

Maestas, Diago 1843, Laborer, New Mexico;

?Marchion, John, 1846, Laborer, Switzerland;

Markham, Joseph, 1827, Gold Miner, Tennessee; Maria, 1840, Missouri; John, 1864, Missouri; Ida, April 1870, New Mex;

Martin, Maria 1840, New Mexico;

Martin, Frank 1843, Louisiana;

Martin, Juan 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

Martin, Thomas, 1851, Cook, New Mexico;

Martin, Thomas, 1829, Gold Miner, Ireland; Josephine, 1828, New Mexico; Cestania, 1862, New Mexico;

Martin, Maximonio, 1851, Laborer, New Mexico;

Martin, Ramon, 1830, Laborer, New Mexico; Julian, 1850, Laborer, new Mexico;

Martinez, Antonio, 1828, Laborer, New Mexico; ?Timote, 1849, New Mexico; Rafugia, 1855, (NM); Abran, 1856, (NM):

                               Berallia, 1858, New Mexico; Amelia, 1868, New Mexico;

Martinez, Enasita, 1840, New Mexico;

Martinez, Lorenza, 1840, New Mexico;

Martinez, Manuel, 1842, Laborer, New Mexico;

Martinez, Maria, 1840, New Mexico;

Martinez, Romera, 1846, New Mexico;

Martinez, Teresita, 1848, New Mexico;

Martin (Ma-shia), Guadalupe, 1850, New Mexico; Daria (Dana) 1843, New Mexico;

Martz?, Elias, 1836, Butcher, Pennsylvania;

Maskaranio (Mascarenas), Ramon, 1817, Laborer, New Mexico;

?Masure, Henry, 1839, Gold Miner, Missouri;

Mata, Bruno 1840, Musician, Mexico;

Mathews, John B., 1848, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Maurice, John F 1836, Iron Moulder, New York; Isabell 1855, New Mexico;

McBride, Patrick, 1845, Gold Miner, Ireland; John C., 1846, Ireland;

McCallister, Henry, 1839, Gold Miner, Ireland; Sarah, 1842, Ireland;

McCollum, Frank, 1834, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

McCullough, Jno B 1844, Merchant Ret, Pennsylvania;

McGraw, Michael, 1842, Laborer, Ireland;

McIntyre, John, 1798, Gold Miner, New York;

McLaughlin, Patrick, 1837, Gold Miner, Ireland;

McManus, Michael, 1839, Laborer, Ireland;

McMasters, Jas E 1841, Painter, Ohio;

McRae, John, 1837, Carpenter, Canada:

Medina, Jose, 1830, Laborer, New Mexico;

Medina, Jose L 1857, New Mexico;

Medina, Teresita 1839, New Mexico;

Meis, Ruffina 1848, New Mexico;

?Mepick, Ed F., 1834, Merchant Retail, Maryland;

Mercer, Wm H. H., 1840, Gold Miner, Pennsylvania;

Mercier, Fred 1842, Laborer, France;

?Merrill, Mortimer, 1848, Gold Miner, Indiana; Walter ? E., 1850, Indiana;

Middaugh, Asa F., 1841, Grocer, Pennsylvania; William H., 1848, Grocer Clerk, Pennsylvania;

Middleton, William, 1840, Gold Miner, Tennessee;

Miller, Benjamin B., 1839, Laborer, Ohio;

Miller, Charles, 1845, Laborer, Ohio;

Miller, Oliver, 1843, Gold Miner, Canada;

Miller, Olmer?, 1837, Laborer, Canada;

Mills, Melvin W., 1846, Lawyer, Canada;

Milner, Webster, 1841, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Milton, William, 1843, Gold Miner, England;

Mitchell, J. Hobert, 1832, Gold Miner, New York;

Mondragon, Plasida, 1858, New Mexico;

Montana, Guadalupe, 1846, New Mexico;

Montoya, Esidora, 1852, New Mexico;

Montoya, Icannorio?, 1851, Laborer, New Mexico;

Montoya, Isabella, 1849, New Mexico;

Montoya, Juana, 1849, New Mexico;

Montoya, Juana, 1844, New Mexico;

Montoya, Raes, 1825, New Mexico;

Montoya, Raes, 1845, Laborer, New Mexico;

Moore, William, 1846, Laborer, Ireland;

Morris, Robert C., 1842, Eng Builder, Tennessee; Mary A 1843, Indiana; Josephine 1860, Missouri; Marieta 1862 Kansas;

                                    Samuel, 1867, Kansas; Willie 1864, Colorado;

Morton, Richard, 1845, Laborer, Missouri;

Morton, Thos B 1837, Laborer, Massachusetts; Eliza B 1838, Canada; Carrie 1863, Colorado; Ella 1869, Colorado;

Mould, Phillip, 1838, Gold Miner, New York;

?Moula, Moses R., 1840, Gold Miner, New York;

?Murren, Dennis, 1827, Laborer, Ireland;

Naranho (Naranjo), Ignassea, 1850, New Mexico;

Nesias, Jonah 1845, New Mexico;

?Nebb, Abel L 1844, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Nelson, Benjamin, 1816, Laborer, Denmark;

Nelson, James, 1843, Laborer, Pennsylvania;

Newkirk, William 1834, Gold Miner, Canada;

>Newton, Wm H., 1842, Laborer, England;

?Nible, Charles, 1841, Carpenter, Canada;

?Niles, George, 1839, Laborer, Michigan;

?Niles, Mary, 1849, Virginia; Oliver J., 1865, Kansas;

?Niles, Oliver J., 1808, Carpenter, New York; Addie, 1820, New York;

?Nithlehurst, Benj. W., 1834, Tinsmith, Hanover: Hattie, 1845, Illinois; Charles, 1867, Colorado;

?Nurris, Henry L 1842, Book Keeper, Pennsylvania;

O'Dwyer, Martin, 1843, Laborer, Canada;

O'Hare, Edward, 1835, Laborer, Ireland;

Olibas, Jose 1850, Laborer, New Mexico;

?Ollson, Magaris?, 1827, Laborer, Sender?;

Osborn, John G 1841, Dry Goods Clerk, Canada; Melissa 1847, Canada; Martha, 1868, Canada;

Ostrander, Ellis, 1843, Gold Miner, New York;

Otero, Carlos 1853, Jeweler, Mexico;

?Ottoney, Charles, 1832, Carpenter, England; Jennie, 1843, Ohio; Frank, 1861, Nebraska; Willie, 1862, Colorado;

                            Emma, 1865, Nebraska; May, 1868, Colorado; Lulu M., January 1870, New Mexico;

Pacheco, Ignasea, 1848, New Mexico;

Pacheco, Raphael, 1845, Laborer, New Mexico;

Pease, Charles F., 1831, Gold Miner, New York;

Penia, Francisca, 1852, New Mexico;

Perfalita, Jose, 1848, Laborer, New Mexico;

Perkins, William B., 1832, Book Keeper, Kentucky; ?Mipourri, 1845, Kentucky; Maud, 1861, Illinois; Willie, 1863, (Ill);

                            Jenine, 1868, New Mexico.

?Perlutose, Guadalupe, 1852, New Mexico;

Perrsson, Hans, 1831, Brick Layer, Norway;

?Perrsson, John, 1848, Laborer, Sweden;

Peter, George T., 1837, Gold Miner, Scotland;

Peterson, Charles, 1838, Gold Miner, Sweden;

Pffiffer, Frederick, 1843, Gold Miner, Prussia;

Phillips, Austin G., 1846, Laborer, New York;

Phillips, George W., 1834, Gold Miner, Missouri;

Pogue, George, 1845, Laborer, Illinois;

Pollock, Thomas, 1829, Gold Miner, New York; Sarah, 1846, Ohio; Jesse F., 1862, Colorado; Charles L., 1865, Nebraska;

                                      Josephine, 1868, Colorado; John, 1858, Arizona;

Porter, Henry M., 1841, Banker and Grocer, Pennsylvania;

Powers, Patrick, 1844, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Price, Andrew J., Gold Miner, Iowa;

Price, James, 1847, Laborer, Indiana;

Raines, Joseph S., 1843, Gold Miner, New York;

?Rapell, James S., 1813, Mill Right, New York;

Raught, Anchus? J., 1848, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Reese, Thomas, 1846, Gold Miner, Wales;

Reeves, Andrew, 1828, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Regan, Michael, 1833, Gold Miner, Canada;

Reynolds, John, 1848, Laborer, Wisconsin;

Rhodes, John L., 1840, Laborer, Maryland;

Rhotea, Rita 1847, New Mexico;

Richardson, Charles L., 1831, Gold Miner, Rhode Island;

Richmond, Samuel, 1849, Laborer, New York;

Ring, Timothy, 1845, Laborer, Ireland;

Risdon?, Samuel L., 1845, Carpenter, New Jersey; John, 1849, Miller, New Jersey;

Roach, Charles, 1840, Laborer, Ireland;

Roache, Callestro, 1840, Laborer, New Mexico

Roberts, Oliver, 1845, Gold Miner, New York;  

Roberts, Owen J., 1835, Gold Miner, Wales;

Roberts, ?Zoren, 1842, Gold Miner, Wales;

Romero, Carmelita, 1855, New Mexico;

Romero, Gregorio 1838, Laborer, New Mexico;

Romero, Leandro, 1848, New Mexico;

Romero, Pumisita?, 1833, New Mexico;

Romero, Timothe (Timotea), 1840, New Mexico; Antonia 1852, New Mexico;

Rose, Elizabeth 1817, New York;

Rounds, Thos. G., 1817, Brick Mason, Massachusetts;

?Rowe, Thomas G. 1821, Gold Miner, New York;

Ruchal, Ramon 1825, Laborer, New Mexico; Christobal 1862, New Mexico; Jose 1864, New Mexico; Josefita 1864 (NM);

                          Juan, 1868 New Mexico; George 1851, New Mexico, Escubal 1860, New Mexico;

Rues, Louis, 1825, Cook, Alabama;

Ruffner, George, 1833, Gold Miner, Kentucky;

Ruphina (Ruffina), Maria 1850, New Mexico;

Rupell, Hiram S 1831, Liquor Dealer, Maine; Racine 1852, Canada;

Rutledge, Andrew, 1845, Laborer, New Jersey;

Ryan, Charles, 1843, Shoemaker, New Hampshire;


?Saisburg, Samuel, 1834, Shoemaker, England;

Sales, Guadalupe 1845, New Mexico;

Sandobal, Carmelita 1845, New Mexico;

Sandobal, Jose 1842, Laborer, New Mexico;

Sandoval, Priscilla 1849, New Mexico;

Schaffer, Jacob, 1844, Gold Miner, Wirtemburg;

Schiffen?, Herman, 1845, Dry Goods Merchant, Bavaria;

?Schmelzer, William, 1833, Butcher, Prussia;

?Schuneman, Agustus, 1838, Gold Miner, Bavaria;

Schwenk, Henry 1831, Beer Brewer, Hepe Damstadt; Gertrude, 1835, Hepe Damstadt; Agusta, 1852, Missouri;

                       Amelia, 1856, Missouri; Lulu 1867, Colorado; Bertha, 1869, New Mexico;

Scullen, Thomas, 1845, Laborer, New Brunswick, Canada;

Sears, Jasper P, 1808, Groceryman, New York;

Sears, Henry ? C., 1847, Engineer, New York;

Sebastiano, Maria 1858, New Mexico;

Scott, Walter E. 1842 , Laborer, Ireland.

?Seely, Miron D., 1832, Gold Miner, New York;

Seligman, Adolph, 1843, Dry Goods Merchant, Hesse Damstadt;

?Sension, Cantana, 1835, New Mexico;

Service, Alonzo, 1838, laborer, Pennsylvania;

Shaughnessey?, John, 1846, Blacksmith, Maryland;

Sherod, Bu?y F., 1831, Gold Miner, Ohio;

Shipley, James, 1843, Laborer, Hanover?;

Smith, Charles J., 1846, Brick Layer, Kentucky;

Smith, Clark, 1845, Gold Miner, New York;

Smith, George, 1841, Laborer, New York;

Smith, George W., 1841, Gold Miner, Indiana;

Smith, James, 1838, Blacksmith, Ireland;

Smith, James, 1848, Gold Miner, New York;

Smith, James, 1838, Laborer, Russia;

Smith, Lafayette, 1826, Gold Miner, Missouri;

Smith, Thomas 1863, Mexico;

Smith, Orlando 1843, Carpenter, Ohio;

Snyder, Fred, 1835, Gold Miner, Hesse Damstadt;

Sombrano, Casimiro, 1839, Mexico; Catharine, 1855, Mexico; Francisco, 1861, Mexico;

?Stapp, Wm B., 1834, Merchant Retail, Illinois;

Steinberg, Alex, 1800, Physician, Pennsylvania; Susan, 1804, Delaware;

Stephens, David W., 1839, Gold Miner, New York;

?Stimerz, John, 1845, Laborer, Maryland;

Stinson, Joseph, 1838, Saloon Keeper, Maine;

Stipp, Nathan B 1854, Virginia;

Story, Chas N 1820, Gold Miner, New York;

Stowers, Charles, 1838, Laborer, Indiana;

Strang, David B., Gold Miner, Ohio;

Straubeau?, John, 1834, Laborer, Italy; Maria, 1846, New Mexico; Jesusita, 1864, New Mexico;

Suaso, Edwardo 1842, Musician, Mexico;

Sullivan, Daniel, 1842, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Sutton, John B 1831, Butcher, Maryland; Katie 1843, Iowa;

Swift, Amos 1829, Lawyer, Ohio; Dellia 1844, Massachusetts;

Taylor, Joseph M., 1842, Laborer, Missouri;

Taylor, Thomas F., 1845, Brick Layer, Pennsylvania;

Tegg, Henry, 1840, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Tere, (Tese), Frederick 1825, Laborer, Prussia;

Thomas, Beny? L., 1840, Carpenter, Ohio;

Thomas, Henry, 1832, Gold Miner, Virginia;

Thompson, Frank, 1842, Gold Miner, Iowa;

Thompson, George, 1835, Wagon Master, Pennsylvania;

?Thompson, Returce?, 1831, Blacksmith, Indiana; Mary F., 1831, Alabama; James C., 1864, Colorado;

                                   Mary F., 1867, Colorado, Ella G., February, 1869, Colorado;

Tison, Albert, 1843, Laborer, Missouri;

?Tittlebaum, Jno John J., 1847, Dry Goods Clerk, Hungary;

?Trioll, Chas N., 1849, Laborer, Illinois;

?Trochleigh, Herman, 1840, Baker, Wirtemberg;

?Trostel, Chris, 1836, Musician, Wurtemberg;

?Trownsberger, Frank, 1834, Gold Miner, Wirtemburg;

Trujillo, Pablita, 1840, New Mexico;

Turner, John, 1842, Blacksmith, Ohio;

Usener, William, 1822, Jeweler Manufacturer, Wirtemburg;

Valdez, Juana, 1820, New Mexico;

Vernon, Charles, 1841, Gold Miner, Denmark;

Vigil, Delores, 1851, New Mexico;

Vigil, Elario, 1851, Laborer, New Mexico; Amador, 1852, Laborer, New Mexico;

Vigil, Leonore, 1850, New Mexico;

Vigil, Manuelita, 1856, New Mexico;

Vigil, Pascualita, 1849, New Mexico;

Vigil, Ramona, 1840, New Mexico; Manuel 1850, New Mexico;

Wallace, Allen C., 1840, Gold Miner, New York;

Ward, William A., 1841, Laborer, Missouri;

Warie (Wasir), Raphael(a), 1844, New Mexico;

Watson, Thomas J., 1845, Missouri;

Wattles, Albert B., 1828, Doctor, New York;

Watts, Jno. H., 1839, Gold Miner, Indiana; Harriett, 1844, Missouri; John, 1860, New Mexico; William, 1863, New Mexico;

                             Lucia, 1878, New Mexico; Bell, 1869, New Mexico;

Weinest (Weinert), Agusta 1832, Hotel Keeper, Hanover;

Westmann, Oliver R., 1833, Artist, Hesse Damstadt;

White, John D 1809, Cooper, Tennessee; Jane 1814, Kentucky; Nathan 1844, Laborer, Kentucky;

White, Robert, 1842, Carpenter, Ohio;

Whitley, Walter, 1834, Gold Miner, Ireland;

Wiggins, Marvin, 1843, Blacksmith, New York;

Wills, Frank 1828, Beer Brewer, Baden; Namie, 1833, Bavaria; Emma, 1854, New York; Namie, 1856, Iowa;

                             Laura, 1862, Colorado; Frank, 1864, Colorado;

Williams, Amos 1849, Laborer, Ohio;

Williams, Edward, 1842, Laborer, Wisconsin;

Williams, Elias, 1830, Butcher, Connecticut;

Williams, John, 1844, Laborer, New York;

Williams, John, 1844, Gold Miner, Missouri;

Williams, Joseph 1845, Cook, Kentucky;

Williams, Robert, 1846, Gold Miner, Wales;

Williams, Robert R 1845, Wisconsin;

Wilson, John, 1846, Barber, New Brunswick, Canada;

?Wool, John E., 1840, Fir Skin Drepen, England;

Woolsey, John W., 1828, Gold Miner, New York;

Wright, William, 1839, Gold Miner, Illinois;

Young, Allen, 1836, Carpenter, Maine;

Young, Charles 1832, Living Stable Keeper, New York; Carrie 1836, Illinois; Ida 1858, Iowa; Cora 1864, Colorado;