Colfax County, New Mexico, Biographies

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Charles Miller Bayne, Judge: p.117

Louis A Chandler: p.114

William Albert Chapman:p.115

Mason G Chase: p.112

Louis Clausing: p.111

Dennis J. Devine: p.120

Lewis J Edmunds:p.117

H. G. Frankenburger: p.109

George Robert Fryman: p.108

C. Willard Fulton, MD: p.125

Abe Hixenbaugh: p.122

John T Hixenbaugh: p.121

W.J. Horan: p.121

Alfred Jelfs: p.124

Walter L. Johnson: p.126.

H.B. Masten, MD: p.119

Thomas F Murphy: p.126

Carl A Nyhus: p.109

Thomas H. O'Brien: p.110

George James Pace: p.127

William Paulson: p.119

Alfred Colfax Price: p.112

Albert E Schroeder: p.113

Chester D Stevens: p.122

Elmer E. Studley: p.116, photo p.112,

Charles B Thacker: p.123


1. The Leading Facts of New Mexican History. Ralph Emerson Twitchell. Volume 3.  Colfax County Chapter.pp -133.