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China Gotoarrow.png Chinese Research Helps

Several new tools are now available for Chinese speaking researchers. Please click on the links below to open guides that will teach you how to use the Chinese Family History Library Catalog, how to do Chinese research, and how to use PAF 5.2 Chinese version. 

Since, as noted below, different areas of the world where there may be written records in Chinese languages, it may be useful to view this Wikipedia article about the Chinese language as it will help in determining which writing system was used for those records. It is rather technical in nature as well.

Traditional Chinese

All documents linked to from this section are in Traditional Chinese.

Many records will be in Traditional Chinese, regardless of in what area the record was created, as the simplified Chinese was only introduced in the mid 20th Century. However, in practical use today, traditional Chinese characters are only used in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, and expatriate areas in other countries.


How to start Chinese Research

How to use PAF 5.2 Chinese Version

How to use online Chinese Catalog

Simplified Chinese

All documents linked to from this section are in Simplified Chinese.

Simplified Chinese appears on modern records only, since the mid 20th Century. That was the time the Chinese government (Peoples Republic of China) made it official and it is the most common form used there today, although there are still many who know traditional Chinese. Simplified Chinese is not as widely known in expatriate areas, or areas like Hong Kong or Macau. and outside of the immediate area of China itself, it is only used in Malaysia officially.


How to start Chinese research

How to use PAF 5.2 Chinese version

How to use online Chinese Catalog