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Histories and Tidbits

“Bohemia Mannor”
Granted 1662 as 4000 acres in the “farr remote, then unknown wilderness” to Augustine Herman, native of Bohemia, for “making a mapp of this province” regranted 1663 as 6000 acres erected a manor in 1676. Not open to the public. — Historical Marker    Map (db m7672)

“Labadie Tract” — Comprising 3750 Acres
Obtained in 1684 from Augustine Herman by the religious sect called Labadists. Here they led an austere form of communistic life but disintegrated about 1698. — Historical Marker    Map (db m1566)

C & D Canal
Built 1824–1829 this former 13–5/8 mile long lock canal connected the Chesapeake and Delaware Bays, nearby Chesapeake City was the canal’s western terminus and steadily grew in the mid to late 19th century serving canal traffic. — Historical Marker    Map (db m1563)

St. Augustine School
Still visible close by is the 20-foot square pre-1850 stone foundation for an historic school house. Rebuilt in 1880 at a cost of $488, this one room school was typical of those found in rural 19th century Cecil County. The Maryland State Teachers Association marked their 100th anniversary in 1966 by dedicating the old school that previously existed here. — Historical Marker   Map (db m9663)

St. Augustine’s Church
First called “Mannour Chappel” a chapel of ease of North Sassafras Parish. Established in Bohemia Manor in compliance with an act of the Maryland Assembly, 1692. Erected as a separate parish in 1744. — Historical Marker   Map (db m1565)

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  • Bethel  CE MSA S 1512-2036 00/59/06/47
  • Bethel Cemetery CE MSA S 1512-2109 00/59/06/48
  • St. Basil the Great (Greek) Chesapeake City, MD CE MSA S 1512-2100 00/59/06/48
  • St. Basil's Ukrainian Catholic Church Chesapeake City, MD 21915-4799 CE
  • St. Rosa of Lima 301 Lock Street Chesapeake City, MD 21915-6153 CE MSA SC 4641
  • Trinity M.E. Church Chesapeake City, MD

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