Ceredigion, Wales Genealogy

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The County of Ceredigion is a modern county in Wales.

It was created during the local government reorganisation in 1996, out of the County of Dyfed. Its boundaries are, more or less, identical to the historical county of Cardiganshire.

Ceredigion is a coastal county, bordered by Cardigan Bay to the west, Gwynedd to the north, Powys to the east, Carmarthenshire to the south and Pembrokeshire to the south-west.

The county was formed on 1 April 1996 following major reorganisation of local government in Wales. It was previously part of the County of Dyfed, and, before this in the former county of Cardiganshire which as abolished in 1974.

The modern county takes its name from the ancient Kingdom of Ceredigion.