Cemeteries of Brattleboro and West Brattleboro, Vermont

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Cemeteries of Brattleboro, Vermont and West Brattleboro, Vermont by Peter K. Bellville


Brattleboro Area Jewish Community Unitarian Church, South Street phone 802-257-1959 Morningside Cemetery contact Norma Shakun HC 63, Box 18 Williamsville, VT 05362 phone 802-348-7856

Locust Ridge Cemetery contact Butch Thomas C/O Locust Ridge Association P.O. Box 8314 Brattleboro, VT 05304 phone 802-254-2041

Meetinghouse Hill Cemetery Rick Sherman, president and treasurer 32 Hillwinds, phone 802-254-9392 contact Harold and Andrea Mitchell 36 Yorkshire Cir. Brattleboro, VT 05301 phone 802-257-0712

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Cemetery contact Fran Duggan 47 Walnut St. Brattleboro, VT 05301 phone 802-257-5101

W Brattleboro Mather Cemetery contact Edna Fletcher 525 Sunset Lake Brattleboro, VT 05301 phone 802-254-2583

Cemeteries maintained by the town of Brattleboro Vermont: Morningside Cemetery Prospect Hill Cemetery Barrows Cemetery a.k.a. Winchester Cemetery Hamilton Cemetery a.k.a. Carpenter Cemetery Glen Cemetery

source: printed sheet of cemeteries and caretakers from town clerk's office Brattleboro Vermont.

Prospect Hill Cemetery is located at N 42° 50.7818 ' and W 72° 33.3845 ' off of S. Main St. in Brattleboro Vermont.

Morningside Cemetery entrance is located off S. Main St. in Brattleboro Vermont at N 42° 50.6355 ' and W 72° 33.4133 '.

St. Michael's Roman Catholic Church entrance is located off White Birch Ave., N 42° 50.50 819 ' and W 72° 33.4936 '.

Jewish Community Cemetery is located within Morningside Cemetery at N 42° 50.4202 ' and W 72° 33.2529 '. Saul Bellows is found here.

Meetinghouse Hill Cemetery is located off Orchard Street at N 42° 51.8406 ' and W 72° 35.5488 '.

Locust Ridge Cemetery is located off Black Mountain Road at N 42° 52.9167 ' and W 72° 33.6667 '. A local VFW unit has many veterens here.

Glen Cemetery is located off Glen Street in W Brattleboro at N 42° 51.3396 ' and W 72° 36.0202 '.

Mather Cemetery is located off Mather Road in W Brattleboro at N 42° 51.0908 ' and W 72° 36.6085 '.

Barrows or Winchester Cemetery is located off Ames Hill Road in W Brattleboro at N 42° 51.0202 ' and W 72° 40.4078 '.

Hamilton or Carpenter Cemetery is located off Hamilton Road in W Brattleboro at N 42° 52.6167 ' and W 72° 39.80 340 '.

Brattleboro Retreat Cemetery, which is not listed as being maintained by the town of Brattleboro, is located at N 42° 51.5599 ' and W 72° 33.8531 '. The Brattleboro Retreat is a private institution for the mentally ill.

Also not listed was a cemetery located on Fox Road in W Brattleboro at N 42° 51.3573 ' and W 72° 41.1880 '. Google maps indicated this as King Cemetery. This is actually over the town line of Brattleboro and located in Marlboro.

All the above cemeteries seemed well-maintained. Many of the headstones in the Brattleboro Retreat Cemetery were damaged.

Source: GPS readings by the author.

The above list of cemeteries was meant to be all-inclusive for Brattleboro and W Brattleboro. However, the author knows of a private plot that seems to no longer exist. Also, Google maps indicated a Dalem Cemetery which I was unable to locate. Other private cemeteries may exist in the area.

Many other cemeteries exist in bordering communities. For instance, in Guilford there is Christ Church Cemetery, and Guilford Center Cemetery. The Vernon area includes the following cemeteries: Billings, Groll, Baker, Tyler, Maplehurst, and N Cemetery. This list is not all-inclusive and the cemeteries were not visited.

Peter K. Bellville