Catskill, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers

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Source: 1900 US Census, District 34, Precinct No. 14 - Catskill

Note: All households are listed alphabetically. Boarders, workers, or other persons living in a household are listed in that household.


Antonio Abeyta, April 1875, Colorado, Tie Maker; Leonides (wife) January 1879, Colorado, 4 children, 1 living; Amalia (daughter) March 1900, New Mexico;

Casimiro Abeyta, February 1835, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Seferina (wife) January 1865, New Mexico, 11 children, 8 living; Roberto (son) May 1886, New Mexico; Rubel (son) May 1888, Colorado; Librada (daughter) July 1889, Colorado; Lucia (daughter) April 1894, New Mexico; Rafael (son) May 1897, New Mexico; Eleuterio (son) February 1899, New Mexico.

Jeff Acree, September 1864, Iowa, Day laborer; Maggie (wife) August 1859, Indiana, 8 children, 8 living; Jessie M. (son) June 1883, Nebraska, Day laborer; John F. (son) August 1884, Nebraska; William W. (son) October 1886, Iowa; Charlie A. (son) November 1888, Nebraska; James (son) December 1890, Nebraska; Harry A. (son) March 1893, Colorado; Grace (daughter) April 1896, Colorado; Bruselee (daughter) February 1897, Colorado.

Domingo Almara, May 1840, Mexico, emigrated 1854, Wood chopper; Refugio (wife) February 1856, New Mexico, 4 children, 2 living; Claudia (daughter) July 1887, New Mexico; Sixto (son) May 1892, New Mexico

Manuel Alvarado see Gregoria Martinez.
Juan Apodaca, February 1859, New Mexico, Teamster; Emilia (wife) May 1864, New Mexico, 10 children, 6 living; Elias (son) August 1885, New Mexico; Alfredo (son) March 1887, New Mexico; Reyes (son) January 1889, New Mexico; Virginia (daughter) October 1892, New Mexico; Faustin (son) February 1894, New Mexico; Isabelita (daughter) December 1896, New Mexico.

Pedro Aragon, October 1865, New Mexico, Day laborer; Virginia (wife) March 1873, New Mexico, 5 children, 5 living; Emilia (daughter) December 1889, New Mexico; Fidelia (daughter) December 1891, New Mexico; Concepcion (daughter) May 1894, New Mexico; Reginia (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Miguel (son) February 1899, New Mexico.

Bernardino Archuleta see Antonio Ensignias

Tomasa Archuleta, (widow) October 1874, New Mexico, 2 children, 2 living; Lucinda (daughter) June 1892, New Mexico; Benito (son) March 1894, New Mexico.

Guadalup Arellano see Luis Martinez

Isabel Arguello (widow) March 1840, New Mexico, 7 children, 5 living; Antonio (son), June 1873, New Mexico, Day laborer; Carmen (son) July 1876, New Mexico, Day laborer; Juan P. (son) June 1885, New Mexico.

Sims Arnold, August 1869, New Mexico, Day laborer; Teodora (wife) June 1875, New Mexico, 4 children, 4 living; Eufrasia (daughter) June 1888, New Mexico; Estefana (daughter) July 1891, New Mexico; Lucia (daughter) July 1893, New Mexico; Clorinda (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico.

J.J. Arnoll, June 1871, Missouri, Teamster; M.E. (wife) August 1876, Iowa, 3 children, 3 living; Arthur (son) October 1893, Colorado; Ethel (daughter) May 1897, Colorado; Grace (daughter) July 1899, Colorado; August Sigfredo (boarder) July 1881, Finland, emigrated 1899, Day laborer; Jakob Wik (boarder) September 1876, Finland, emigrated 1899, Day laborer; M. Kline (boarder) December 1861, Wisconsin, Day laborer; Pitter Johnson (boarder) August 1822, Mexico, emigrated 1841, Teamster; Jose Martinez (boarder) March 1883, New Mexico, Day Laborer.

Dionicio Baca see Antonio Ensignias

Trinidad Baca, (widow) June 1867,  New Mexico, Housekeeper; Florencia Pineda (daughter) November 1885, New Mexico; Cristobal Baca (son) July 1898, New Mexico.,

Cipriano Barela, March 1872, New Mexico, Wood maker/carpenter; Teresa (wife) June 1875, New Mexico, 9 children, 6 living; Susana (daughter), September 1889, New Mexico; Roberto (son) August 1890, New Mexico; Isabel (daughter) January 1894, New Mexico; Nicolas Jose (son) December 1898, New Mexico.

A.W. Bates, July 1861, Maine, work shop; Allice (sp?) (wife), November 1875, Missouri, no children.

W.R. Beebe, April 1868, Colorado, Day laborer; Eva (wife) July 1875, Arkansas, 2 children, 2 living; Lula (daughter) June 1894, New Mexico; Theodore (son) April 1896, New Mexico.

Edward J Beer, September 1873, Illinois, Farm laborer; Floris (wife) February 1873, Iowa, no children.

W.C. Biebuck, April 1865, Missouri, Telegraph Operator; Grace (wife) October 1873, New Jersey, 3 children, 3 living; Beatriz (daughter) April 1894, Colorado; Calvin (son) September 1895, New Mexico; Ernest (son) February 1898, New Mexico

William Bingman (sp?), February 1864, Germany, emigrated 1885. Rancher.

David Bitlupe, Jan. 1836, Michigan, Farm laborer; Susan (wife) April 1842, Missouri, 2 children, 2 living

L.J. Borughton, May 1844, Mississippi, Carpenter; S.A. (wife) October 1853, Arkansas, 8 children, 3 living; Golda (son) June 1895, Indian Territory; M.B. (son) October 1887, Texas, Driver; Pike P. Coleman (boarder) June 1883, Arkansas, Day laborer.

Scotty Brett, October 1848, Germany, emigrated 1854, Hotel Keeper; E.K. Crist (son) October 1871, Illinois, Station Foreman; Emily (daughter) December 1873, Illinois, Hotel servant; Amalia (daughter) December 1880, Illinois, Hotel servant.

Sam H. Burnett, Feb 1840, Virginia, Carpenter; MaryJane (wife) Aug 1841, Illinois, 7 children, 6 living.

M.R. Butler, April 1849, Missouri, Store clerk; Florence (wife) January 1859, Indiana, 5 children, 4 living; Wylie (son) January 1879, New Mexico, Day laborer; Roy, May 1887, New Mexico; Ebert (son) October 1884, New Mexico; Nora (daughter) June 1886, New Mexico.


Antonio Cadena, June 1855, New Mexico, Day laborer; Terecita (wife) March 1865, New Mexico, 3 children, 1 living; Seferina (daughter) April 1884, New Mexico.

Ricardo Casados, February 1865, New Mexico, Teamster;  Sara (wife) August 1876, New Mexico, 1 child, not living. 

Harry Carrel, November 1861, Illinois, Teamster; Anna (wife) March 1867, Michigan, 2 children, 2 living; Tenike (son) Spril 1892, New Mexico; Fay (daughter) July 1893, New Mexico.

Pedro Casias, April 1873, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Socorrito (wife) November 1882, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Beatriz (son) May 1899, New Mexico.

E.K. Cassell (Ca?sell), May 1871, Virginia, Blacksmith; Fanny (wife) May 1877, Michigan, no children;

Andres Ceballos, December 1870, New Mexico, Day laborer; Ursula (wife) October 1877, Colorado, 2 children, 2 living; Ramona (daughter) August 1898, New Mexico;  Eliza (daughter) December 1899, New Mexico

Pike Coleman see L. Borughton

Elvin Collins, April 1873, Kansas, Store clerk; Sophia M. (wife) May 1881, Missouri, 1 child, 1 living; Elva May (daughter) June 1896, Colorado.

Carolina Cordova see Polito Trujillo

Cipriano Cordova see Manuel Vigil

Lucas Cortez, June 1847, New Mexico, Teamster; Eleonor (wife) February 1858, New Mexico, 10 children, 5 living; Cruz (son) February 1887, Colorado; Felecita (daughter) May 1890, New Mexico; Zenaida (daughter) November 1895, New Mexico; Antonio Romero (boarder) June 1837, New Mexico

John Coscone (Corcorn?) January 1850, Ireland, emigrated 1870, Log chopper.

Nero T. Cots, March 1871, Missouri, Day Laborer; Nancy (wife) February 1876, Texas, 3 children, 3 living; Erznith (daughter) July 1895, Montana; Linard (son) June 1897, New Mexico; James (son) January 1900, New Mexico.

Emiterio Crespin, May 1864, New Mexico, Tie maker; Maria (wife) April 1871, New Mexico, 7 children, 6 living; Alvino (son) January 1888, New Mexico, herder; Juanita (daughter) Sept 1890, New Mexico; Avelino (son) April 1892, Colorado; Teresita (daughter) July 1894, New Mexico; Elijio (son) February 1895, New Mexico; Epifania (daughter) July 1896, New Mexico.

Encarnacion Cruz, January 1856, New Mexico, Tie maker; Perfecta (wife) April 1860, New Mexico, 11 children, 5 living; Florencio (son) November 1880, New Mexico, day laborer;  Graciano (son) December 1882, New Mexico, Tie maker;  Pedro (son) June 1883, New Mexico, Tie maker; Semon (son) July 1888, New Mexico; Hilario (son) November 1893, New Mexico;

Christopher Dailey (Bailey?), December 1844, Missouri, Teamster; Sallia (wife) May 1854, Missouri, 8 children, 7 living; Pearcy (stepson) August 1876, Missouri, Farm laborer; Eben (son) December 1881, New Mexico, Cowboy; Harry (son) July 1883, New Mexico; Hugh (son) December 1886, New Mexico; Florence (daughter) September 1889, New Mexico; Floyd (son) September 1889, New Mexico; Loren (son) April 1894, New Mexico; Polly Gentry (mother in law) September 1812, Kentucky, 11 children, 9 living.

Henry Dargel, January 1852, Germany, emigrated 1868, Farmer; Dora (wife) September 1866, Germany, emigrated 1887, 5 children, 5 living; Ida (daughter) June 1890, New Mexico; Finer (daughter) September 1892, Kansas; Mary (daughter) June 1897, New Mexico; Leisle (son) April 1895, New Mexico; Allies (daughter) November 1899, New Mexico.

Dartula Davis see James Sackett

Robert Davison, April 1857, Nova Scotia, family emigrated 1893, Clerk; Clara (wife) April 1860, Nova Scotia, 1 child, 1 living; Budd (son) June 1880, Nova Scotia.

Daniel Dominguez, May 1875, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Rosario (wife) March 1869, New Mexico, 5 children, 4 living; Abrelio (stepson) March 1888, New Mexico; Beatriz (step daughter) February 1890, New Mexico; Pablo (son) May 1895, New Mexico; Rafael (son) May 1899, New Mexico.

Vicente Dominguez, April 1861, New Mexico, Tie subcontractor; Sesaria (wife) May 1867, New Mexico, 12 children, 6 living; Marselino (son) February 1886, New Mexico; Jose Maria (son) May 1889, New Mexico; Severiano (son) May 1890, New Mexico; Dionicia (daughter) May 1894, New Mexico; Juan (son) December 1895, New Mexico; Melquiades (son) August 1899, New Mexico; Vidal (brother) January 1876, New Mexico, Driver; Pedro Gutierrez (boarder) August 1855, Mexico, Day laborer.

A.C. Duewl, August 1859, Missouri, Engineer; Ida M. (wife) October 1863, Illinois, 2 children, 2 living; Ceil (son) June 1885,, Missouri; Gart (son) August 1886, Missouri.

Jane Dufrend (widow) August 1867, South Dakota, rents teams; 1 child, 1 living; Lue (son) October 1892, Wyoming.

William M Dunlow (Dunlaw), March 1865, Illinois, Farm laborer; G.W. Gillum (boarder), January 1845, Missouri, Carpenter.

Antonio Ensignias, August 1857, New Mexico, Tie maker; Felipa (wife) March 1862, New Mexico, no children; Dionicio Baca (boarder) April 1874, New Mexico, Tie maker; Bernardino Archuleta (boarder) May 1880, New Mexico, Tie maker;  Amado Martinez (boarder) January 1874, Colorado, Tie Maker.

Ernest Ermerly see C. Fuwler.

Anastacio Espinoza, February 1861, New Mexico, Teamster; Pascuala (wife) January 1863, New Mexico, 4 children, 1 living; Ramoncita (daughter) March 1886, New Mexico.

Antonio Espinoza, March 1820, New Mexico, Day laborer; Ramona (wife) November 1847, New Mexico, 7 children, 3 living; Isabel (daughter) November 1876, New Mexico.

Doloritas Espinoza (divorced) April 1881, Colorado, 3 children, 2 living.

Jesus Espinoza, November 1871, New Mexico, Tie maker; Agustina (wife) January 1875, New Mexico, 5 children, 3 living; Rosendo (son) March 1894, New Mexico; Estefana (daughter) August 1895, Colorado; Elois (son) June 1898, New Mexico.

Matias Espinoza, February 1865, New Mexico, Teamster; Rayos (wife) May 1873, New Mexico, 8 children, 5 living; Clausa (daughter) June 1892, New Mexico; Daniel (son) June 1896, New Mexico; Clara (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Fulgencio (son) January 1898, New Mexico; Casimo (son) March 1900, New Mexico.

HiginioEsquibel see Antonio Valdez

Charles Evans, March 1854, Pennsylvania, Manufacture shop;

Elmer Evans, July 1865, Pennsylvania, Saw Filer; Gus (Gers?) Melson (boarder) January 1867, Sweden, emigrated 1887, Day laborer.


John Felix, May 1875, Colorado, Day laborer; Julian (son) May 1898, New Mexico.

J.Y Fowler, May 1858, Missouri, Saloon Keeper.

A.E. Fritz, June 1848, Tennessee, Day laborer; Margaret (wife) April 1860, Missouri, 5 children, 3 living; John M. (son) January 1881, Colorado, Day Laborer; Ida (daughter) September 1885, Colorado; Carrie (daughter) September 1889, Colorado.

C. R. Fuwler, December 1842, Michigan, Day laborer; Carl (son) June 1884, Kansas, Timber/log chopper; G.W. Stomabo (boarder) October 1849, Kansas, Day laborer; Davis Stomabo (boarder) May 1880, Nebraska, Day laborer; George Melton (boarder) February 1866, Missouri, Day laborer; Lon (?) L. Leon (boarder) February 1873, Kansas, Day laborer; Ernest Ermerly, February 1865, New York, Station engineer; Ralph Owrr (Ourr?) August 1879, Iowa, Day laborer; C.W. Wandruff (boarder) September 1872, Pennsylvania, Bookkeeper.

Rafael Gallegos, May 1854, New Mexico, Tie maker; Josefina (wife) March 1859, New Mexico; Sabina (adoptive daughter) May 1898, New Mexico.

Santiago Gallegos, October 1861, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Eleonor (wife) September 1865, New Mexico, 4 children, 4 living; Santos (son) November 1888, New Mexico; Maria (daughter) August 1895, New Mexico

Victor Gallegos, February 1860, New Mexico, Day laborer; Versabel, February 1876, Colorado, 7 children, 2 living; Bacilio (son) June 1892, New Mexico; Carmelita (daughter) May 1900, New Mexico.

Francisco Galvan, March 1870, Colorado, Day laborer; Fabiana (wife) February 1878, Colorado, 3 children, 3 living; Agustina (daughter) June 1894, New Mexico; Annie (daughter) August 1897, Colorado; Donaciana (daughter) February 1899, New Mexico.

Preciliano Galvan, April 1844, Mexico, emigrated 1854, Day laborer; Juanita (wife) March 1865, Colorado, 7 children, 3 lliving; Martina (daughter) December 1889, Colorado; Francisco Jr. (son) September 1894, New Mexico; Maclovia (daughter) February 1899, New Mexico.

Abel Garcia, June 1865, New Mexico, Day laborer;

Bernabe Garcia, June 1852, New Mexico, Farmer; Lucinda (wife) December 1856, New Mexico, 6 children, 3 living; Juan F (son) June 1885, New Mexico; Jose T (son) August 1888, New Mexico; Eulalia (daughter) February 1895, Colorado;

Juan Garcia see Julian Martinez

Santos Garcia, November 1862, New Mexico, Day laborer; Julian (son) June 1881, New Mexico, day laborer; Marina (daughter) May 1890, New Mexico; Lorenzo Montoya (boarder) August 1875, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Jose Maria Mestas (boarder) January 1877, New Mexico, Day laborer; Ignacio Montoya (boarder) September 1878, New Mexico, Day Laborer.

Marcelino Garduno, August 1855, New Mexico, Day laborer; Rumalda (wife) June 1857, New Mexico, 11 children, 4 living; Matilda (daughter) February 1892, Colorado; Marcelino (son) July 1897, New Mexico.

Hever Gavin, January 1865, Canada, Day laborer; Lula T. (wife) May 1869, Missouri, 2 children, 2 living; Susan (daughter) January 1890, Colorado; Lula (daughter) February 1892, New Mexico;

John Gentry, April 1839, Missouri, Farm laborer.

Polly Gentry see Christopher Dailey

G.W. Gillum see William Dunlow

Federico Giron, January 1878,  New Mexico, Day laborer; Fermina (wife) July 1880, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Daniel (son) October 1899, New Mexico.

Alcario Gold, September 1863, New Mexico, workshop; Francisca (wife) October 1875, New Mexico, 7 children, 6 living; Guillermo (son) July 1890, New Mexico; Isabelita (daughter) October 1892, New Mexico; Marina (daughter) February 1894, New Mexico; Rosa (daughter) July 1896, New Mexico; J. Pedro (son) May 1898, New Mexico;  Sabina, March 1900, New Mexico.

Petter Golden (Goldem), January 1844, Ohio, Farmer; Catharine (wife) February 1844, Missouri, 9 children, 4 living.

Juan Gonzales, November 1875, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Juan Gonzales, May 1850, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Silviana (wife) April 1870, Colorado, no children

Maria Gonzalez (widow) September 1848, New Mexico, 9 children, 3 living.

Vicente Gonzalez, April 1853, New Mexico, Day laborer; Eutimia (wife) January 1863, New Mexico, 7 children, 4 living; Jose Natividad (son) December 1881, New Mexico, Day laborer; Ezequiel (son) January 1885, New Mexico, Day laborer; Magdalena (daughter) July 1889, New Mexico.

L. Gortner, September 1872, Colorado, Log chopper.

Jose B. Griego, February 1836, New Mexico, Freighter; Rafaela (wife) October 1843, New Mexico, 19 children, 4 living; Margarito (son) June 1875, New Mexico, Tie maker.

Preciliano Griego, April 1853, New Mexico, Tie maker; Emiteria (wife) January 1874, New Mexico, 4 children, 3 living; Marcelina (daughter) June 1889, Colorado; Doroteo (son) February 1894, Colorado; Ursinia (daughter) April 1896, New Mexico; Luz Rebeterano (brother in law) May 1862, New Mexico, Day laborer; Jose D Griego (brother) October 1861, New Mexico, Tie Maker.

John Griffin, September 1853, Tennessee, Tie Inspector; Maggie (sister) March 1874, Boston, Mass.

Pedro Gutierrez see Vicente Dominguez.

Elfido Gutierrez, November 1877, New Mexico, Day laborer; Mariquita (wife) February 1884, New Mexico, no children; Eliazar (brother) November 1884, New Mexico, Day laborer; Jose Ortiz (boarder) March 1876, New Mexico, Day laborer.


J. Benit Hanbery, July 1849, Maine, School Teacher; Eva (wife) March 1853, Maine, 1 child, 1 living; Matty (daughter) April 1882, Colorado.

MorrisHart see J. Whitiley

A. S. Harvey, July 1872, Massachusetts, Store clerk; Elenor (wife) November 1873, Ireland, emigrated 1876, no children.

Irvin Hoffman, May 1848, Illinois, Cook.

Pitter Johnson see J.J. Arnoll

Arthur Kesteben, August 1854, England, emigrated 1870, Timber Agent;

E.A. Kline, February 1866, Wisconsin, Railroad conductor.

M. Kline see J. Arnoll

L.Leon see C.R. Fuwler

Antonio Lobato, February 1862, New Mexico, Day laborer; Candelaria (wife) June 1870, New Mexico, 9 children, 3 living; Louis (son) December 1885, New Mexico; Eloisa (daughter) January 1895, New Mexico; Guadalupe (daughter) January 1897, New Mexico.

Tobias Lobato, January 1865, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Lucinda (wife) April 1870, New Mexico, 2 children, 2 living; Trenio (son) June 1886, New Mexico, Day laborer; Sirilio (son) June 1897, New Mexico; Teodoro (father) May 1837, New Mexico, Tie Maker;

W. F. Mackie, Sep 1874, Colorado, day laborer; Elizabeth (wife) December 1873, Missouri, 1 child, 1 living; Nettie (daughter) March 1897, New Mexico.

SelsoMaes see Matias Vargas

Hipolito Maes, August 1879, New Mexico, Tie Maker.

Claudio Marques, May 1877, Colorado, Tie maker; Andreya (wife) November 1883, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Nestor (son) Mar 1899, New Mexico.

Amado Martinez see Antonio Ensignias

JoseMartinez see J.J. Arnoll

Cosme Martinez, January 1853, New Mexico, Teamster; Antonia (wife) january 1861, New Mexico, 11 children, 8 living; Librada (daughter) September 1880, New Mexico; Francisca (daughter) April 1888, New Mexico; Adela (daughter) April 1892, New Mexico; Cruz (daughter) May 1895, New Mexico; Clofes (daughter) October 1898, New Mexico;

Doloritus Martinez (widow) April 1850, New Mexico, 13 chuildren, 8 living; Filimon (son) December 1878, New Mexico, Tie maker; Felipe (son) November 1882, New Mexico, Day laborer; Alfredo (son) December 1885, New Mexico; Manuel (son) November 1888, Colorado, Herder; Adela (daughter) August 1891, New Mexico.

Esquipula Martinez, March 1854, New Mexico, Day laborer; Perfilia (wife) April 1863, New Mexico, 3 children, 1 living. (living nextdoor to Luis Martinez)

Fernando Martinez, May 1866, New Mexico, Day laborer; Andrella (wife) June 1870, New Mexico, 6 children, 4 living; Onofre (daughter) January 1892, New Mexico; Francisco (son) December 1894, New Mexico; Alejandro (son) November 1897, New Mexico; Ruben (son) November 1899, New Mexico.

Francisco Martinez, October 1832, New Mexico, Day laborer; Porfiria (wife) September 1844, New Mexico, no children.

Gregoria Martinez (divorced), March 1867, New Mexico, 10 children, 4 living; Fructuoso (son) October 1888, Colorado; Elvidia (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Emiterio (son) April 1899, New Mexico; Manuel Alvarado (boarder) March 1865, New Mexico, manual work/day labor.

Gregorio Martinez, May 1835, New Mexico, Day laborer; Trinidad (wife) October 1847, New Mexico, 6 children, 5 living; Martin (son) November 1875, New Mexico, Day laborer; Elias (son) March 1881, New Mexico, Driver;

Jesus Martinez, August 1867, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Virginia (wife) November 1876, New Mexico, 5 children, 4 living; Rebeca (daughter) November 1893, Colorado; Filadelfo (son) February 1895, New Mexico; Francisco (son) November 1897, New Mexico; Jose (son) March 1900, New Mexico.

Julian Martinez, February 1868, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Juanita (wife) May 1876, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living;Amalia (daughter) May 1899, New Mexico;Juan Garcia (boarder) Dec.1868, New Mexico, Tie maker.

Luis Martinez, June 1876, New Mexico, Teamster; Clara (wife) August 1882, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Amalia (daughter) March 1900, New Mexico; Guadalupe Arellano, December 1892, New Mexico.

Manuel C. Martinez, December 1864, New Mexico, Teamster; Getrudes (wife) November 1879, New Mexico, 4 children, 4 living; Josefina (daughter) April 1893, New Mexico; Eleonor (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Luciano (son) Dec 1897, New Mexico; Fedelina (daughter) Sep 1899, New Mex

Marcos Martinez, April 1861, New Mexico, Driver; Celia (wife) May 1883, Colorado, 2 children, 0 living.

Pedro Martinez, May 1871, New Mexico, Tie maker; Luisa (wife) April 1880, New Mexico, no children.

Bacilio Mascarenas, March 1870, New Mexico, Teamster; Andrellita (wife) November 1870, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Jesus (son) September 1889, New Mexico.

Benito Medina, January 1870, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Juanita (wife) December 1869, New Mexico, 2 children, 2 living; Elois (son) July 1896, New Mexico; Alfonso (son) February 1898, New Mexico.

Andres Medrano, February 1876, New Mexico, Driver; Catarina (wife) July 1871, Pennsylvania, 2 children 0 living.

Gus Melson see Elmer Evans

George Melton see C.R. Fuwler.

Jose Maria Mestas see Santos Garcia

Charles Milllinger, December 1868, Michigan, Log chopper.

FrankMoher see John Narron

Teodoro Montes, November 1874, New Mexico, Woodmaker/carpenter; Josefita (wife) March 1865, New Mexico, no children;

IgnacioMontoya see Santos Garcia

James Morrison, April 1844, Missouri, Day laborer;

L.C. Murray, January 1873, Texas, Day laborer; Noray (wife) April 1876, Texas, no children.


John Narron, January 1866, Missouri, Farm laborer; Maud (wife) June 1875, Missouri, 2 children, 2 living; Charlie (son) September 1892, Oklahoma; Mary (daughter) September 1896, Oklahoma; Milton Thorp (boarder) Sept.1869, Texas, Day laborer; Frank Moher (boarder) October 1877, Nebraska, Lumberman

Louis Narron, March 1875, Kansas, Day laborer; Willie (brother) September 1885, Kansas, Day laborer; Jessie Scory (boarder) December 1885, Nebraska, day laborer.  

Francisco Olguin, May 1870, New Mexico, Driver; Eulalid (wife) February 1873, New Mexico, 4 children, 3 living; Luciano (son) December 1897, New Mexico; Josefita (daughter) March 1894, New Mexico; Isabel (daughter) November 1899, New Mexico.

Edwin Oliver, March 1864, Iowa, Day laborer; Acloria (wife) September 1868, Missouri, 3 children, 3 living; Omer (son) April 1888, Colorado; Myrtle (daughter) May 1891, Colorado; Flora (daughter) December 1895, Colorado.

Jose Ortiz see Elfido Gutierrez

Jose Antonio Ortiz, March 1820, New Mexico; Marselina (wife) May 1830, New Mexico, 5 children, 3 living; Manuel (son) June 1867, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Abran (son) August 1896, New Mexico;

Joseph Owrr, August 1851, Pennsylvania, Teamster; Allies (wife) April 1857, Iowa, 8 children, 8 living; Ralph (son) August 1879, Iowa, Day laborer; William (son) December 1881, Kansas, Teamster; Pearl (daughter) December 1883, Kansas; Earl (son) December 1883, Kansas, Teamster; Lula (daughter) June 1885, Kansas; Fred (son) November  1887, Kansas; Robert (son) September 1889, Colorado.

Ralph Owrr (Ourr) see C.R. Fuwler

Samuel Padia, March 1878, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Manuel Padre (sp?) March 1875, New Mexico, Tie maker;

R.L. Pearson, April 1866, Pennsylvania, Teamster; Frank (brother), May 1871, Colorado, Log chopper.

Charles C. Phelps, April 1859, Illinois, bartender

Pineda see Baca

Eugene T. Porter, April 1862, Maryland, book keeper; Sallie E. (wife) June 1868, Missouri, 1 child, 1 living; Lawrence (son) March 1898, New Mexico;

Mary Priddy, (widow) April 1836, Tennessee, Hotel Keeper, 11 children, 2 living; Charles (son) April 1879, Missouri, Day laborer;

L. James Pring, August 1842, England, emigrated 1870, Doctor; Richard (wife) July 1870, New Zealand, emigrated 1877, 1 child, 1 living; John Lock (son) September 1893, New Mexico;

Douglas Putnam, May 1853, Iowa, Day laborer; Louis (wife) September 1864, Arkansas, 6 children, 4 living; Horace (son) December 1892, Arkansas; Rohsie (Rotsie?) (son) January 1895, Arkansas; Mathildie (daughter) October 1897, Arkansas; Nemrod (son) February 1899, Oklahoma.

Andres Ramires, November 1840, Mexico, emigrated 1855, Teamster; Rufina (wife) August 1846, New Mexico, no children; Nicolas Antonio (adoptive son) December 1894, New Mexico.

William Ray, July 1867, Missouri, Day Laborer; Mary (wife) February 1869, Texas, 2 children, 1 living; Bessie (daughter) March 1888, Texas.

Rebeterano see P. Griego.

Arch O. Redd, September 1851, Kentucky, Farm laborer; Allin (wife) November 1854, Missouri, 2 children, 2 living; Eland  (Cland) (son) August 1872, Missouri, day laborer.

Frank Redd, February 1878, Missouri, Bookkeeper; Amy (wife) March 1880, Nebraska, i child, 1 living; Ilba (son) December 1899, New Mexico.

Jose Rena, March 1872, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Clofes (wife) April 1872, New Mexico, 6 children, 2 living; Benjamin (son) June 1888, Colorado; Rosendo (son) May 1897, Colorado.

Amanda Rhondes (sp?), December 1840, Missouri, 5 children, 4 living; Perry (son) January 1879, Missouri, Day Laborer; Marry (daughter) June 1881, New Mexico.

Reyes Rivera, January 1868, New Mexico, Tie maker; Virginia (wife) December 1869, New Mexico, 6 children, 4 living; Reyes (son) February 1889, New Mexico; Eutimia (daughter) November 1894, New Mexico; Conrado (son) December 1897, New Mexico; Estelan (daughter) June 1898, New Mexico.

A Romero see Cortez

Abran Romero, August 1863, New Mexico, Railroad laborer; Alejandra (wife) September 1865, New Mexico, 8 children, 8 living; Adelfino (son) November 1883, New Mexico; Eloisa M. (daughter) August 1886, New Mexico; Endelecia (daughter) September 1888, Colorado; Jose Evaristo (son) November 1891, New Mexico; Jose Pedro (son) January 1894, Colorado; Martina (daughter) January 1895, New Mexico; Leopoldo (son) February 1897, New Mexico; Louis (son) March 1899, New Mexico;

Quirino Romero, March 1876, New Mexico, Tie maker; Manuela (wife) April 1880, Colorado, 2 children, 1 living; Maximo (son) April 1899, Colorado.


James Sackett, September 1854, Indiana, Blacksmith; Annie (wife) November 1858, Iowa, 2 children 2 living; Inece (daughter) February 1890, Kansas; Dartula Davis (mother in law) October 1833, Tennessee,   1 child, 1 living.

David Salas, April 1881, Colorado, Mail carrier;

Aurelio Salazar, February 1864, New Mexico, Farm laborer; Felicita (wife) June 1876, New Mexico, 12 children, 3 living; Brigido (son) December 1891, New Mexico; Socorro (daughter) February 1893, New Mexico; Geronima (daughter) June 1898, New Mexico.

Manuel Salazar, May 1837, New Mexico, Farm laborer; Virginia (wife) April 1850, New Mexico, 12 children, 2 living; Mauricio (son) October 1877, Colorado, musician.

Manuel Salazar, January 1847, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Antonia (wife) April 1858, New Mexico, 7 children, 2 living; Manuelita (daughter) February 1883, Colorado.

Manuel Sanchez, February 1869, New Mexico, farm laborer; Juanita (wife) March 1874, New Mexico, 7 children, 5 living; Beatriz (daughter) March 1893, New Mexico; Tomas (son) December 1894, New Mexico; Adilia (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Leonor (daughter) January 1898, New Mexico; Celia (daughter) April 1900, New Mexico.

Sandberg see Stiewtt.

Petter Schoonover, January 1831, Ohio, Driver; Erzeneith (wife) January 1840, Texas, 8 children, 3 living; Hanna (daughter) May 1885, Texas.

Scory see Narron

Jessie Scott, June 1888, Iowa, 2 children, 2 living; Ruth M. (daughter) May 1897, Colorado; Maud (son) June 1898, New Mexico.

Sigfredo see Arnoll

George Smith, August 1877, Missouri, day laborer. Bertha (wife) December 1879, Kansas, 1 child, 1 living; Willie (son) October 1899, New Mexico.

John FSnyder, September 1846, Switzerland, emigrated 1851, Farm laborer; Ealeanor, November 1846, Wisconsin, 3 children, 2 living; Alton H. (son) July 1879, Minnesota, Day laborer.

Columbus Stapleton, October 1864, Mississippi, Day laborer; Jane E. (wife) April 1880, Texas, 2 children, 2 living; James A. (son) June 1897, New Mexico; Marion F. (son) May 1899, New Mexico.

Allen Stiewtt, September 1860, Iowa, Carpenter; Harry (son) February 1890, Arkansas; Frank Sandberg (boarder) December 1855, Sweden, emigrated 1865, Lumber agent.

Stomabo see Fuwler

Fidel Stroke, Februiaury 1874, New Mexico, Day laborer; Manuela (wife) March 1882, New Mexico, 2 children, 2 living; Amada (daughter) December 1896, New Mexico; Maria (daughter) July 1898, New Mex.

Suazo see Vigil

Antonio Tafoya, March 1858, New Mexico, Day laborer; Felecita (wife) May 1873, New Mexico, 10 children, 6 living; Ramona (daughter) August 1888, Colorado; Clara (daughter) August 1890, Colorado; Carolina (daughter) August 1891, New Mexico; Guillermo (son) February 1896, New Mexico; Eliseo (son) February 1898, Colorado; Trenia (daughter) February 1900, Colorado.

Juan Ignacio Tafoya, April 1856, New Mexico, Tie maker; Maria de la Luz (wife) January 1861, New Mexico, 7 children, 4 living; Clotilde (dau) July 1885, New Mexico; Marta (dau) April 1891, New Mexico.

Thorp see Narron

Bonifacio Torres, January 1881, New Mexico, Day laborer; Secundina (wife) May 1881, Colorado, no child

Jose de Jesus Torres, March 1873, Colorado, Day laborer; Perfilia (wife) September 1883, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Placido (son) October 1899, New Mexico.

Polito Trujillo, March 1877, New Mexico, Teamster; Catalina (wife) December 1880, Colorado, 3 children 2 living; Erinea (daughter) october 1895, New Mexico; Leonarda (daughter) February 1897, Colorado; Carolina Cordova (sister in law) April 1891, Colorado.

Antonio Valdez, May 1873, Colorado, Tie maker; Rayitos (wife) October 1880, New Mexico, no children; Higinio Esquibel (boarder) January 1882, New Mexico, Tie Maker.

Jose La Luz Valdez, February 1865, New Mexico, Tie maker; Carmen (wife) July 1867, New Mexico, 6 children, 4 living; Julian (son) January 1888, New Mexico; Juanita (daughter) October 1892, New Mexico; Albina (daughter) June 1896, New Mexico; Juan (son) June 1897, New Mexico.

Matias Vargas, May 1865, New Mexico, Teamster; Gregoria (wife) March 1868, New Mexico, no children; Bernardo (adoptive son) May 1889, New Mexico, teamster; Selso Maes (uncle) February 1848, New Mexico, teamster

Ricardo Vensor, October 1871, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Antonio Vigil, March 1875, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Maria (wife) May 1877, New Mexico, 6 children, 1 living; Maria Lillie (daughter) May 1900, Colorado.

Francisco Vigil, May 1867, New Mexico, Day laborer; Jenny (wife) June 1872, Colorado, 4 children, 4 living; Emilio (son) August 1890, Colorado; Carlos (son) July 1892, Colorado; Lazaro (son) October 1895, Colorado; Elias (son) march 1899, New Mexico.

Gavino Vigil, February 1877, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Demecia (wife) November 1873, New Mexico, 5 children, 3 living; Clara Suazo (step daughter) August 1888, New Mexico; Margarita Suazo (step daughter) August 1889, New Mexico; Ufracia Suazo (step daughter) January 1893, New Mexico.

Manuel Vigil, February 1863, Colorado, Musician; Manuela (wife) April 1870, New Mexico, 2 children, 1 living; Cipriano Cordova (stepson) September 1885, Colorado.

N.A. Waer, September 1864, Scotland, emigrated 1868, Work Shop; Mary M. (wife) December 1858, Illinois, no children.

W.H. Walp, February 1851, ohio, Miner.

Wandruff see Fuwler

Ruff Whitely, February 1853, Arkansas, Farm laborer; Loty (wife) March 1857, Iowa, 9 children, 9 living; Offa (daughter) May 1885, Arkansas; Cleveland (son) May 1888, Arkansas; Charlie (son) march 1891, Arkansas; Loty (daughter) February 1894, Choctaw Territory.

Billie Whiteman, July 1872, Colorado, Clerk; Dellen (wife) october 1872, Colorado, 2 children, 2 living; Vera (daughter) January 1897, New Mexico; Eunice (daughter) July 1899, New Mexico.

J.E. Whitiley, February 1875, Arkansas, Farm laborer; Settie (wife) January 1877, Arkansas, 1 child, none living; Moris Hart (boarder) January 1867, Wisconsin, Day laborer.

Wik see Arnoll

Joseph Wilcox, July 1842, Michigan, Farm laborer; Malina (wife) July 1844, Michigan, 4 children, 2 living

Louis Wilcox, September 1877, Michigan, Railroad pumper; Julia (wife) October 1880, Iowa, no children

Mary E. Williams, (widow) October 1851, Canada.

Morrow Williams, November 1874, Kansas, Teamster; Marthael (wife) March 1880, Arkansas; Joseph (son) September 1898, New Mexico.

Wilbur Wolcott, March 1864, Michigan, Merchant; Harrett (wife) January 1868, Michigan, 4 children, 3 living; Rose (son) December 1887, Michigan; Ida (daughter) July 1890, Michigan; Ray (son) March 1893, New Mexico.

Annie Woodruff, (widow) September 1861, Ohio, House Keeper, 9 children, 6 living.

John L.Woodruff, June 1842, New Jersey, Blacksmith; Alvira (wife) December 1848, Pennsylvania, 3 children, 3 living.


Places of Birth

New Mexico Total (283)

United States Total : Arkansas (3); Colorado (47); Illinois (9); Indiana (2); Indian Territory (1); Iowa (6); Kansas (7); Kentucky (1); Maine (3); Massachusetts (2); Michigan (5); Mississippi (1); Missouri (25); Montana (1); Nebraska (7); New Jersey (1); New York (1); Ohio (1); Oklahoma (2); Pennsylvania (4); South Dakota (1); Tennessee (2); Texas (5); Virginia (2); Wisconsin (2); Wyoming (1); 

Other Total : Canada (1); England (1); Finland (2); Germany (4); Ireland (2); Mexico (3); Nova Scotia (3); Sweden (1)


Blacksmith (1); Bookkeeper (1); Carpenter (5); Clerk (1); Cook (1); Cowboy (1); Day laborer (64); Driver (6); Engineer (1); Farmer (2); Farm laborer (6); Freighter (1); Herder (2); Hotel Keeper (1); Hotel servant (2); House keeper (1); Log Chopper (4); Lumberman (1); Manufacture Shop (1); Railroad Conductor (1); Rancher (1); Saloon Keeper (1); Saw Filer (1); School Teacher (1); Station Engineer (1); Station Foreman (1); Store Clerk (3); Teamster (13); Telegraph Operator (1); Tie Inspector (1); Tie Maker (30); Tie Subcontractor (1); Timber Agent (1); Wood Chopper (1); Work Shop (2);