Catskill, Colfax County, New Mexico, 1900 Settlers

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Source: 1900 US Census, District 34, Precinct No. 14 - Catskill

Note: All households are listed alphabetically. Boarders, workers, or other persons living in a household are listed in that household.


Antonio Abeyta, April 1875, Colorado, Tie Maker; Leonides (wife) January 1879, Colorado, 4 children, 1 living; Amalia (daughter) March 1900, New Mexico;

Casimiro Abeyta, February 1835, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Seferina (wife) January 1865, New Mexico, 11 children, 8 living; Roberto (son) May 1886, New Mexico; Rubel (son) May 1888, Colorado; Librada (daughter) July 1889, Colorado; Lucia (daughter) April 1894, New Mexico; Rafael (son) May 1897, New Mexico; Eleuterio (son) February 1899, New Mexico.

Jeff Acree, September 1864, Iowa, Day laborer; Maggie (wife) August 1859, Indiana, 8 children, 8 living; Jessie M. (son) June 1883, Nebraska, Day laborer; John F. (son) August 1884, Nebraska; William W. (son) October 1886, Iowa; Charlie A. (son) November 1888, Nebraska; James (son) December 1890, Nebraska; Harry A. (son) March 1893, Colorado; Grace (daughter) April 1896, Colorado; Bruselee (daughter) February 1897, Colorado.

Domingo Almara, May 1840, Mexico, emigrated 1854, Wood chopper; Refugio (wife) February 1856, New Mexico, 4 children, 2 living; Claudia (daughter) July 1887, New Mexico; Sixto (son) May 1892, New Mexico

Manuel Alvarado see Gregoria Martinez.
Juan Apodaca, February 1859, New Mexico, Teamster; Emilia (wife) May 1864, New Mexico, 10 children, 6 living; Elias (son) August 1885, New Mexico; Alfredo (son) March 1887, New Mexico; Reyes (son) January 1889, New Mexico; Virginia (daughter) October 1892, New Mexico; Faustin (son) February 1894, New Mexico; Isabelita (daughter) December 1896, New Mexico.

Pedro Aragon, October 1865, New Mexico, Day laborer; Virginia (wife) March 1873, New Mexico, 5 children, 5 living; Emilia (daughter) December 1889, New Mexico; Fidelia (daughter) December 1891, New Mexico; Concepcion (daughter) May 1894, New Mexico; Reginia (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Miguel (son) February 1899, New Mexico.

Bernardino Archuleta see Antonio Ensignias

Tomasa Archuleta, (widow) October 1874, New Mexico, 2 children, 2 living; Lucinda (daughter) June 1892, New Mexico; Benito (son) March 1894, New Mexico.

Guadalup Arellano see Luis Martinez

Isabel Arguello (widow) March 1840, New Mexico, 7 children, 5 living; Antonio (son), June 1873, New Mexico, Day laborer; Carmen (son) July 1876, New Mexico, Day laborer; Juan P. (son) June 1885, New Mexico.

Sims Arnold, August 1869, New Mexico, Day laborer; Teodora (wife) June 1875, New Mexico, 4 children, 4 living; Eufrasia (daughter) June 1888, New Mexico; Estefana (daughter) July 1891, New Mexico; Lucia (daughter) July 1893, New Mexico; Clorinda (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico.

J.J. Arnoll, June 1871, Missouri, Teamster; M.E. (wife) August 1876, Iowa, 3 children, 3 living; Arthur (son) October 1893, Colorado; Ethel (daughter) May 1897, Colorado; Grace (daughter) July 1899, Colorado; August Sigfredo (boarder) July 1881, Finland, emigrated 1899, Day laborer; Jakob Wik (boarder) September 1876, Finland, emigrated 1899, Day laborer; M. Kline (boarder) December 1861, Wisconsin, Day laborer; Pitter Johnson (boarder) August 1822, Mexico, emigrated 1841, Teamster; Jose Martinez (boarder) March 1883, New Mexico, Day Laborer.

Dionicio Baca see Antonio Ensignias

Trinidad Baca, (widow) June 1867,  New Mexico, Housekeeper; Florencia Pineda (daughter) November 1885, New Mexico; Cristobal Baca (son) July 1898, New Mexico.,

Cipriano Barela, March 1872, New Mexico, Wood maker/carpenter; Teresa (wife) June 1875, New Mexico, 9 children, 6 living; Susana (daughter), September 1889, New Mexico; Roberto (son) August 1890, New Mexico; Isabel (daughter) January 1894, New Mexico; Nicolas Jose (son) December 1898, New Mexico.

A.W. Bates, July 1861, Maine, work shop; Allice (sp?) (wife), November 1875, Missouri, no children.

W.R. Beebe, April 1868, Colorado, Day laborer; Eva (wife) July 1875, Arkansas, 2 children, 2 living; Lula (daughter) June 1894, New Mexico; Theodore (son) April 1896, New Mexico.

Edward J Beer, September 1873, Illinois, Farm laborer; Floris (wife) February 1873, Iowa, no children.

W.C. Biebuck, April 1865, Missouri, Telegraph Operator; Grace (wife) October 1873, New Jersey, 3 children, 3 living; Beatriz (daughter) April 1894, Colorado; Calvin (son) September 1895, New Mexico; Ernest (son) February 1898, New Mexico

William Bingman (sp?), February 1864, Germany, emigrated 1885. Rancher.

David Bitlupe, Jan. 1836, Michigan, Farm laborer; Susan (wife) April 1842, Missouri, 2 children, 2 living

L.J. Borughton, May 1844, Mississippi, Carpenter; S.A. (wife) October 1853, Arkansas, 8 children, 3 living; Golda (son) June 1895, Indian Territory; M.B. (son) October 1887, Texas, Driver; Pike P. Coleman (boarder) June 1883, Arkansas, Day laborer.

Scotty Brett, October 1848, Germany, emigrated 1854, Hotel Keeper; E.K. Crist (son) October 1871, Illinois, Station Foreman; Emily (daughter) December 1873, Illinois, Hotel servant; Amalia (daughter) December 1880, Illinois, Hotel servant.

Sam H. Burnett, Feb 1840, Virginia, Carpenter; MaryJane (wife) Aug 1841, Illinois, 7 children, 6 living.

M.R. Butler, April 1849, Missouri, Store clerk; Florence (wife) January 1859, Indiana, 5 children, 4 living; Wylie (son) January 1879, New Mexico, Day laborer; Roy, May 1887, New Mexico; Ebert (son) October 1884, New Mexico; Nora (daughter) June 1886, New Mexico.


Antonio Cadena, June 1855, New Mexico, Day laborer; Terecita (wife) March 1865, New Mexico, 3 children, 1 living; Seferina (daughter) April 1884, New Mexico.

Ricardo Casados, February 1865, New Mexico, Teamster;  Sara (wife) August 1876, New Mexico, 1 child, not living. 

Harry Carrel, November 1861, Illinois, Teamster; Anna (wife) March 1867, Michigan, 2 children, 2 living; Tenike (son) Spril 1892, New Mexico; Fay (daughter) July 1893, New Mexico.

Pedro Casias, April 1873, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Socorrito (wife) November 1882, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Beatriz (son) May 1899, New Mexico.

E.K. Cassell (Ca?sell), May 1871, Virginia, Blacksmith; Fanny (wife) May 1877, Michigan, no children;

Andres Ceballos, December 1870, New Mexico, Day laborer; Ursula (wife) October 1877, Colorado, 2 children, 2 living; Ramona (daughter) August 1898, New Mexico;  Eliza (daughter) December 1899, New Mexico

Pike Coleman see L. Borughton

Elvin Collins, April 1873, Kansas, Store clerk; Sophia M. (wife) May 1881, Missouri, 1 child, 1 living; Elva May (daughter) June 1896, Colorado.

Carolina Cordova see Polito Trujillo

Cipriano Cordova see Manuel Vigil

Lucas Cortez, June 1847, New Mexico, Teamster; Eleonor (wife) February 1858, New Mexico, 10 children, 5 living; Cruz (son) February 1887, Colorado; Felecita (daughter) May 1890, New Mexico; Zenaida (daughter) November 1895, New Mexico; Antonio Romero (boarder) June 1837, New Mexico

John Coscone (Corcorn?) January 1850, Ireland, emigrated 1870, Log chopper.

Nero T. Cots, March 1871, Missouri, Day Laborer; Nancy (wife) February 1876, Texas, 3 children, 3 living; Erznith (daughter) July 1895, Montana; Linard (son) June 1897, New Mexico; James (son) January 1900, New Mexico.

Emiterio Crespin, May 1864, New Mexico, Tie maker; Maria (wife) April 1871, New Mexico, 7 children, 6 living; Alvino (son) January 1888, New Mexico, herder; Juanita (daughter) Sept 1890, New Mexico; Avelino (son) April 1892, Colorado; Teresita (daughter) July 1894, New Mexico; Elijio (son) February 1895, New Mexico; Epifania (daughter) July 1896, New Mexico.

Encarnacion Cruz, January 1856, New Mexico, Tie maker; Perfecta (wife) April 1860, New Mexico, 11 children, 5 living; Florencio (son) November 1880, New Mexico, day laborer;  Graciano (son) December 1882, New Mexico, Tie maker;  Pedro (son) June 1883, New Mexico, Tie maker; Semon (son) July 1888, New Mexico; Hilario (son) November 1893, New Mexico;

Christopher Dailey (Bailey?), December 1844, Missouri, Teamster; Sallia (wife) May 1854, Missouri, 8 children, 7 living; Pearcy (stepson) August 1876, Missouri, Farm laborer; Eben (son) December 1881, New Mexico, Cowboy; Harry (son) July 1883, New Mexico; Hugh (son) December 1886, New Mexico; Florence (daughter) September 1889, New Mexico; Floyd (son) September 1889, New Mexico; Loren (son) April 1894, New Mexico; Polly Gentry (mother in law) September 1812, Kentucky, 11 children, 9 living.

Henry Dargel, January 1852, Germany, emigrated 1868, Farmer; Dora (wife) September 1866, Germany, emigrated 1887, 5 children, 5 living; Ida (daughter) June 1890, New Mexico; Finer (daughter) September 1892, Kansas; Mary (daughter) June 1897, New Mexico; Leisle (son) April 1895, New Mexico; Allies (daughter) November 1899, New Mexico.

Dartula Davis see James Sackett

Robert Davison, April 1857, Nova Scotia, family emigrated 1893, Clerk; Clara (wife) April 1860, Nova Scotia, 1 child, 1 living; Budd (son) June 1880, Nova Scotia.

Daniel Dominguez, May 1875, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Rosario (wife) March 1869, New Mexico, 5 children, 4 living; Abrelio (stepson) March 1888, New Mexico; Beatriz (step daughter) February 1890, New Mexico; Pablo (son) May 1895, New Mexico; Rafael (son) May 1899, New Mexico.

Vicente Dominguez, April 1861, New Mexico, Tie subcontractor; Sesaria (wife) May 1867, New Mexico, 12 children, 6 living; Marselino (son) February 1886, New Mexico; Jose Maria (son) May 1889, New Mexico; Severiano (son) May 1890, New Mexico; Dionicia (daughter) May 1894, New Mexico; Juan (son) December 1895, New Mexico; Melquiades (son) August 1899, New Mexico; Vidal (brother) January 1876, New Mexico, Driver; Pedro Gutierrez (boarder) August 1855, Mexico, Day laborer.

A.C. Duewl, August 1859, Missouri, Engineer; Ida M. (wife) October 1863, Illinois, 2 children, 2 living; Ceil (son) June 1885,, Missouri; Gart (son) August 1886, Missouri.

Jane Dufrend (widow) August 1867, South Dakota, rents teams; 1 child, 1 living; Lue (son) October 1892, Wyoming.

William M Dunlow (Dunlaw), March 1865, Illinois, Farm laborer; G.W. Gillum (boarder), January 1845, Missouri, Carpenter.

Antonio Ensignias, August 1857, New Mexico, Tie maker; Felipa (wife) March 1862, New Mexico, no children; Dionicio Baca (boarder) April 1874, New Mexico, Tie maker; Bernardino Archuleta (boarder) May 1880, New Mexico, Tie maker;  Amado Martinez (boarder) January 1874, Colorado, Tie Maker.

Ernest Ermerly see C. Fuwler.

Anastacio Espinoza, February 1861, New Mexico, Teamster; Pascuala (wife) January 1863, New Mexico, 4 children, 1 living; Ramoncita (daughter) March 1886, New Mexico.

Antonio Espinoza, March 1820, New Mexico, Day laborer; Ramona (wife) November 1847, New Mexico, 7 children, 3 living; Isabel (daughter) November 1876, New Mexico.

Doloritas Espinoza (divorced) April 1881, Colorado, 3 children, 2 living.

Jesus Espinoza, November 1871, New Mexico, Tie maker; Agustina (wife) January 1875, New Mexico, 5 children, 3 living; Rosendo (son) March 1894, New Mexico; Estefana (daughter) August 1895, Colorado; Elois (son) June 1898, New Mexico.

Matias Espinoza, February 1865, New Mexico, Teamster; Rayos (wife) May 1873, New Mexico, 8 children, 5 living; Clausa (daughter) June 1892, New Mexico; Daniel (son) June 1896, New Mexico; Clara (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Fulgencio (son) January 1898, New Mexico; Casimo (son) March 1900, New Mexico.

HiginioEsquibel see Antonio Valdez

Charles Evans, March 1854, Pennsylvania, Manufacture shop;

Elmer Evans, July 1865, Pennsylvania, Saw Filer; Gus (Gers?) Melson (boarder) January 1867, Sweden, emigrated 1887, Day laborer.


John Felix, May 1875, Colorado, Day laborer; Julian (son) May 1898, New Mexico.

J.Y Fowler, May 1858, Missouri, Saloon Keeper.

A.E. Fritz, June 1848, Tennessee, Day laborer; Margaret (wife) April 1860, Missouri, 5 children, 3 living; John M. (son) January 1881, Colorado, Day Laborer; Ida (daughter) September 1885, Colorado; Carrie (daughter) September 1889, Colorado.

C. R. Fuwler, December 1842, Michigan, Day laborer; Carl (son) June 1884, Kansas, Timber/log chopper; G.W. Stomabo (boarder) October 1849, Kansas, Day laborer; Davis Stomabo (boarder) May 1880, Nebraska, Day laborer; George Melton (boarder) February 1866, Missouri, Day laborer; Lon (?) L. Leon (boarder) February 1873, Kansas, Day laborer; Ernest Ermerly, February 1865, New York, Station engineer; Ralph Owrr (Ourr?) August 1879, Iowa, Day laborer; C.W. Wandruff (boarder) September 1872, Pennsylvania, Bookkeeper.

Rafael Gallegos, May 1854, New Mexico, Tie maker; Josefina (wife) March 1859, New Mexico; Sabina (adoptive daughter) May 1898, New Mexico.

Santiago Gallegos, October 1861, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Eleonor (wife) September 1865, New Mexico, 4 children, 4 living; Santos (son) November 1888, New Mexico; Maria (daughter) August 1895, New Mexico

Victor Gallegos, February 1860, New Mexico, Day laborer; Versabel, February 1876, Colorado, 7 children, 2 living; Bacilio (son) June 1892, New Mexico; Carmelita (daughter) May 1900, New Mexico.

Francisco Galvan, March 1870, Colorado, Day laborer; Fabiana (wife) February 1878, Colorado, 3 children, 3 living; Agustina (daughter) June 1894, New Mexico; Annie (daughter) August 1897, Colorado; Donaciana (daughter) February 1899, New Mexico.

Preciliano Galvan, April 1844, Mexico, emigrated 1854, Day laborer; Juanita (wife) March 1865, Colorado, 7 children, 3 lliving; Martina (daughter) December 1889, Colorado; Francisco Jr. (son) September 1894, New Mexico; Maclovia (daughter) February 1899, New Mexico.

Abel Garcia, June 1865, New Mexico, Day laborer;

Bernabe Garcia, June 1852, New Mexico, Farmer; Lucinda (wife) December 1856, New Mexico, 6 children, 3 living; Juan F (son) June 1885, New Mexico; Jose T (son) August 1888, New Mexico; Eulalia (daughter) February 1895, Colorado;

Juan Garcia see Julian Martinez

Santos Garcia, November 1862, New Mexico, Day laborer; Julian (son) June 1881, New Mexico, day laborer; Marina (daughter) May 1890, New Mexico; Lorenzo Montoya (boarder) August 1875, New Mexico, Day Laborer; Jose Maria Mestas (boarder) January 1877, New Mexico, Day laborer; Ignacio Montoya (boarder) September 1878, New Mexico, Day Laborer.

Marcelino Garduno, August 1855, New Mexico, Day laborer; Rumalda (wife) June 1857, New Mexico, 11 children, 4 living; Matilda (daughter) February 1892, Colorado; Marcelino (son) July 1897, New Mexico.

Hever Gavin, January 1865, Canada, Day laborer; Lula T. (wife) May 1869, Missouri, 2 children, 2 living; Susan (daughter) January 1890, Colorado; Lula (daughter) February 1892, New Mexico;

John Gentry, April 1839, Missouri, Farm laborer.

Polly Gentry see Christopher Dailey

G.W. Gillum see William Dunlow

Federico Giron, January 1878,  New Mexico, Day laborer; Fermina (wife) July 1880, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Daniel (son) October 1899, New Mexico.

Alcario Gold, September 1863, New Mexico, workshop; Francisca (wife) October 1875, New Mexico, 7 children, 6 living; Guillermo (son) July 1890, New Mexico; Isabelita (daughter) October 1892, New Mexico; Marina (daughter) February 1894, New Mexico; Rosa (daughter) July 1896, New Mexico; J. Pedro (son) May 1898, New Mexico;  Sabina, March 1900, New Mexico.

Petter Golden (Goldem), January 1844, Ohio, Farmer; Catharine (wife) February 1844, Missouri, 9 children, 4 living.

Juan Gonzales, November 1875, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Juan Gonzales, May 1850, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Silviana (wife) April 1870, Colorado, no children

Maria Gonzalez (widow) September 1848, New Mexico, 9 children, 3 living.

Vicente Gonzalez, April 1853, New Mexico, Day laborer; Eutimia (wife) January 1863, New Mexico, 7 children, 4 living; Jose Natividad (son) December 1881, New Mexico, Day laborer; Ezequiel (son) January 1885, New Mexico, Day laborer; Magdalena (daughter) July 1889, New Mexico.

L. Gortner, September 1872, Colorado, Log chopper.

Jose B. Griego, February 1836, New Mexico, Freighter; Rafaela (wife) October 1843, New Mexico, 19 children, 4 living; Margarito (son) June 1875, New Mexico, Tie maker.

Preciliano Griego, April 1853, New Mexico, Tie maker; Emiteria (wife) January 1874, New Mexico, 4 children, 3 living; Marcelina (daughter) June 1889, Colorado; Doroteo (son) February 1894, Colorado; Ursinia (daughter) April 1896, New Mexico; Luz Rebeterano (brother in law) May 1862, New Mexico, Day laborer; Jose D Griego (brother) October 1861, New Mexico, Tie Maker.

John Griffin, September 1853, Tennessee, Tie Inspector; Maggie (sister) March 1874, Boston, Mass.

PedroGutierrez see Vicente Dominguez.

Elfido Gutierrez, November 1877, New Mexico, Day laborer; Mariquita (wife) February 1884, New Mexico, no children; Eliazar (brother) November 1884, New Mexico, Day laborer; Jose Ortiz (boarder) March 1876, New Mexico, Day laborer.


J. Benit Hanbery, July 1849, Maine, School Teacher; Eva (wife) March 1853, Maine, 1 child, 1 living; Matty (daughter) April 1882, Colorado.

Hart see Whitiley

A. S. Harvey, July 1872, Massachusetts, Store clerk; Elenor (wife) November 1873, Ireland, emigrated 1876, no children.

Irvin Hoffman, May 1848, Illinois, Cook.

Johnson see Arnoll

Arthur Kesteben, August 1854, England, emigrated 1870, Timber Agent;

Kline see Arnoll

E.A. Kline, February 1866, Wisconsin, Railroad conductor.

Leon see Fuwler

Antonio Lobato, February 1862, New Mexico, Day laborer; Candelaria (wife) June 1870, 9 children, 3 living; Louis (son) December 1885, New Mexico; Eloisa (daughter) January 1895, New Mexico; Guadalupe (daughter) January 1897, New Mexico.

Tobias Lobato, January 1865, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Lucinda (wife) April 1870, New Mexico, 2 children, 2 living; Trenio (son) June 1886, New Mexico, Day laborer; Sirilio (son) June 1897, New Mexico; Teodoro (father) May 1837, New Mexico, Tie Maker;

W. F. Mackie, Sep 1874, Colorado, day laborer; Elizabeth (wife) December 1873, Missouri, 1 child, 1 living; Nettie (daughter) March 1897, New Mexico.

Maes see Vargas

Hipolito Maes, August 1879, New Mexico, Tie Maker.

Claudio Marques, May 1877, Colorado, Tie maker; Andreya (wife) November 1883, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Nestor (son) Mar 1899, New Mexico.

Martinez see Arnoll

A.Martinez see Ensignias

Cosme Martinez, January 1853, New Mexico, Teamster; Antonia (wife) january 1861, New Mexico, 11 children, 8 living; Librada (daughter) September 1880, New Mexico; Francisca (daughter) April 1888, New Mexico; Adela (daughter) April 1892, New Mexico; Cruz (daughter) May 1895, New Mexico; Clofes (daughter) October 1898, New Mexico;

Doloritus Martinez (widow) April 1850, New Mexico, 13 chuildren, 8 living; Filimon (son) December 1878, New Mexico, Tie maker; Felipe (son) November 1882, New Mexico, Day laborer; Alfredo (son) December 1885, New Mexico; Manuel (son) November 1888, Colorado, Herder; Adela (daughter) August 1891, New Mexico.

Esquipula Martinez, March 1854, New Mexico, Day laborer; Perfilia (wife) April 1863, New Mexico, 3 children, 1 living. (living nextdoor to Luis Martinez)

Fernando Martinez, May 1866, New Mexico, Day laborer; Andrella (wife) June 1870, New Mexico, 6 children, 4 living; Onofre (daughter) January 1892, New Mexico; Francisco (son) December 1894, New Mexico; Alejandro (son) November 1897, New Mexico; Ruben (son) November 1899, New Mexico.

Francisco Martinez, October 1832, New Mexico, Day laborer; Porfiria (wife) September 1844, New Mexico, no children.

Gregoria Martinez (divorced), March 1867, New Mexico, 10 children, 4 living; Fructuoso (son) October 1888, Colorado; Elvidia (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Emiterio (son) April 1899, New Mexico; Manuel Alvarado (boarder) March 1865, New Mexico, manual work.

Gregorio Martinez, May 1835, New Mexico, Day laborer; Trinidad (wife) October 1847, New Mexico, 6 children, 5 living; Martin (son) November 1875, New Mexico, Day laborer; Elias (son) March 1881, Driver;

Jesus Martinez, August 1867, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Virginia (wife) November 1876, New Mexico, 5 children, 4 living; Rebeca (daughter) November 1893, Colorado; Filadelfo (son) February 1895, New Mexico; Francisco (son) November 1897, New Mexico; Jose (son) March 1900, New Mexico.

Julian Martinez, February 1868, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Juanita (wife) May 1876, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living;Amalia (daughter) May 1899, New Mexico;Juan Garcia (boarder) Dec.1868, New Mexico, Tie maker.

Luis Martinez, June 1876, New Mexico, Teamster; Clara (wife) August 1882, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Amalia (daughter) March 1900, New Mexico; Guadalupe Arellano, December 1892, New Mexico.

Manuel C. Martinez, December 1864, New Mexico, Teamster; Getrudes (wife) November 1879, New Mexico, 4 children, 4 living; Josefina (daughter) April 1893, New Mexico; Eleonor (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Luciano (son) Dec 1897, New Mexico; Fedelina (daughter) Sep 1899, New Mex

Marcos Martinez, April 1861, New Mexico, Driver; Celia (wife) May 1883, Colorado, 2 children, 0 living.

Pedro Martinez, May 1871, New Mexico, Tie maker; Luisa (wife) April 1880, no children.

Bacilio Mascarenas, March 1870, New Mexico, Teamster; Andrellita (wife) November 1870, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Jesus (son) September 1889, New Mexico.

BenitoMedina, January 1870, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Juanita (wife) December 1869, 2 children, 2 living; Elois (son) July 1896, New Mexico; Alfonso (son) February 1898, New Mexico.

Andres Medrano, February 1876, New Mexico, Driver; Catarina (wife) July 1871, Penn, 2 children 0 living.

Melson see Evans

Melton see Fuwler.

Mestas see Garcia

Charles Milllinger, December 1868, Michigan, Log chopper.

Moher see Narron

Teodoro Montes, November 1874, New Mexico, Woodmaker; Josefita (wife) March 1865, New Mexico, no children;

Montoya see Garcia

James Morrison, April 1844, Missouri, Day laborer;

L.C. Murray, January 1873, Texas, Day laborer; Noray (wife) April 1876, Tezxas, no children.


John Narron, January 1866, Missouri, Farm laborer; Maud (wife) June 1875, Missouri, 2 children, 2 living; Charlie (son) September 1892, Oklahoma; Mary (daughter) September 1896, Oklahoma; Milton Thorp (boarder) Sept.1869, Texas, Day laborer; Frank Moher (boarder) October 1877, Nebraska, Lumberman

Louis Narron, March 1875, Kansas, Day laborer; Willie (brother) September 1885, Kansas, Day laborer; Jessie Scory (boarder) December 1885, Nebraska, day laborer.  

Francisco Olguin, May 1870, New Mexico, Driver; Eulalid (wife) February 1873, New Mexico, 4 children, 3 living; Luciano (son) December 1897, New Mexico; Josefita (daughter) March 1894, New Mexico; Isabel (daughter) November 1899, New Mexico.

Edwin Oliver, March 1864, Iowa, Day laborer; Acloria (wife) September 1868, Missouri, 3 children, 3 living; Omer (son) April 1888, Colorado; Myrtle (daughter) May 1891, Colorado; Flora (daughter) December 1895, Colorado.

J.Ortiz see Gutierrez

Jose Antonio Ortiz, March 1820, New Mexico; Marselina (wife) May 1830, New Mexico, 5 children, 3 living; Manuel (son) June 1867, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Abran (son) August 1896, New Mexico;

Owrr (Ourr) see Fuwler

Joseph Owrr, August 1851, Pennsylvania, Teamster; Allies (wife) April 1857, Iowa, 8 children, 8 living; Ralph (son) August 1879, Iowa, Day laborer; William (son) December 1881, Kansas, Teamster; Pearl (daughter) December 1883, Kansas; Earl (son) December 1883, Kansas, Teamster; Lula (daughter) June 1885, Kansas; Fred (son) November  1887, Kansas; Robert (son) September 1889, Colorado.

Samuel Padia, March 1878, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Manuel Padre (sp?) March 1875, New Mexico, Tie maker;

R.L. Pearson, April 1866, Pennsylvania, Teamster; Frank (brother), May 1871, Colorado, Log chopper.

Charles C. Phelps, April 1859, Illinois, bartender

Pineda see Baca

Eugene T. Porter, April 1862, Maryland, book keeper; Sallie E. (wife) June 1868, Missouri, 1 child, 1 living; Lawrence (son) March 1898, New Mexico;

Mary Priddy, (widow) April 1836, Tennessee, Hotel Keeper, 11 children, 2 living; Charles (son) April 1879, Missouri, Day laborer;

L. James Pring, August 1842, England, emigrated 1870, Doctor; Richard (wife) July 1870, New Zealand, emigrated 1877, 1 child, 1 living; John Lock (son) September 1893, New Mexico;

Douglas Putnam, May 1853, Iowa, Day laborer; Louis (wife) September 1864, Arkansas, 6 children, 4 living; Horace (son) December 1892, Arkansas; Rohsie (Rotsie?) (son) January 1895, Arkansas; Mathildie (daughter) October 1897, Arkansas; Nemrod (son) February 1899, Oklahoma.

Andres Ramires, November 1840, Mexico, emigrated 1855, Teamster; Rufina (wife) August 1846, New Mexico, no children; Nicolas Antonio (adoptive son) December 1894, New Mexico.

William Ray, July 1867, Missouri, Day Laborer; Mary (wife) February 1869, Texas, 2 children, 1 living; Bessie (daughter) March 1888, Texas.

Rebeterano see P. Griego.

Arch O. Redd, September 1851, Kentucky, Farm laborer; Allin (wife) November 1854, Missouri, 2 children, 2 living; Eland  (Cland) (son) August 1872, Missouri, day laborer.

Frank Redd, February 1878, Missouri, Bookkeeper; Amy (wife) March 1880, Nebraska, i child, 1 living; Ilba (son) December 1899, New Mexico.

Jose Rena, March 1872, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Clofes (wife) April 1872, New Mexico, 6 children, 2 living; Benjamin (son) June 1888, Colorado; Rosendo (son) May 1897, Colorado.

Amanda Rhondes (sp?), December 1840, Missouri, 5 children, 4 living; Perry (son) January 1879, Missouri, Day Laborer; Marry (daughter) June 1881, New Mexico.

Reyes Rivera, January 1868, New Mexico, Tie maker; Virginia (wife) December 1869, New Mexico, 6 children, 4 living; Reyes (son) February 1889, New Mexico; Eutimia (daughter) November 1894, New Mexico; Conrado (son) December 1897, New Mexico; Estelan (daughter) June 1898, New Mexico.

A Romero see Cortez

Abran Romero, August 1863, New Mexico, Railroad laborer; Alejandra (wife) September 1865, New Mexico, 8 children, 8 living; Adelfino (son) November 1883, New Mexico; Eloisa M. (daughter) August 1886, New Mexico; Endelecia (daughter) September 1888, Colorado; Jose Evaristo (son) November 1891, New Mexico; Jose Pedro (son) January 1894, Colorado; Martina (daughter) January 1895, New Mexico; Leopoldo (son) February 1897, New Mexico; Louis (son) March 1899, New Mexico;

Quirino Romero, March 1876, New Mexico, Tie maker; Manuela (wife) April 1880, Colorado, 2 children, 1 living; Maximo (son) April 1899, Colorado.


James Sackett, September 1854, Indiana, Blacksmith; Annie (wife) November 1858, Iowa, 2 children 2 living; Inece (daughter) February 1890, Kansas; Dartula Davis (mother in law) October 1833, Tennessee,   1 child, 1 living.

David Salas, April 1881, Colorado, Mail carrier;

Aurelio Salazar, February 1864, New Mexico, Farm laborer; Felicita (wife) June 1876, New Mexico, 12 children, 3 living; Brigido (son) December 1891, New Mexico; Socorro (daughter) February 1893, New Mexico; Geronima (daughter) June 1898, New Mexico.

Manuel Salazar, May 1837, New Mexico, Farm laborer; Virginia (wife) April 1850, New Mexico, 12 children, 2 living; Mauricio (son) October 1877, Colorado, musician.

Manuel Salazar, January 1847, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Antonia (wife) April 1858, New Mexico, 7 children, 2 living; Manuelita (daughter) February 1883, Colorado.

Manuel Sanchez, February 1869, New Mexico, farm laborer; Juanita (wife) March 1874, New Mexico, 7 children, 5 living; Beatriz (daughter) March 1893, New Mexico; Tomas (son) December 1894, New Mexico; Adilia (daughter) February 1896, New Mexico; Leonor (daughter) January 1898, New Mexico; Celia (daughter) April 1900, New Mexico.

Sandberg see Stiewtt.

Petter Schoonover, January 1831, Ohio, Driver; Erzeneith (wife) January 1840, Texas, 8 children, 3 living; Hanna (daughter) May 1885, Texas.

Scory see Narron

Jessie Scott, June 1888, Iowa, 2 children, 2 living; Ruth M. (daughter) May 1897, Colorado; Maud (son) June 1898, New Mexico.

Sigfredo see Arnoll

George Smith, August 1877, Missouri, day laborer. Bertha (wife) December 1879, Kansas, 1 child, 1 living; Willie (son) October 1899, New Mexico.

John FSnyder, September 1846, Switzerland, emigrated 1851, Farm laborer; Ealeanor, November 1846, Wisconsin, 3 children, 2 living; Alton H. (son) July 1879, Minnesota, Day laborer.

Columbus Stapleton, October 1864, Mississippi, Day laborer; Jane E. (wife) April 1880, Texas, 2 children, 2 living; James A. (son) June 1897, New Mexico; Marion F. (son) May 1899, New Mexico.

Allen Stiewtt, September 1860, Iowa, Carpenter; Harry (son) February 1890, Arkansas; Frank Sandberg (boarder) December 1855, Sweden, emigrated 1865, Lumber agent.

Stomabo see Fuwler

Fidel Stroke, Februiaury 1874, New Mexico, Day laborer; Manuela (wife) March 1882, New Mexico, 2 children, 2 living; Amada (daughter) December 1896, New Mexico; Maria (daughter) July 1898, New Mex.

Suazo see Vigil

Antonio Tafoya, March 1858, New Mexico, Day laborer; Felecita (wife) May 1873, New Mexico, 10 children, 6 living; Ramona (daughter) August 1888, Colorado; Clara (daughter) August 1890, Colorado; Carolina (daughter) August 1891, New Mexico; Guillermo (son) February 1896, New Mexico; Eliseo (son) February 1898, Colorado; Trenia (daughter) February 1900, Colorado.

Juan Ignacio Tafoya, April 1856, New Mexico, Tie maker; Maria de la Luz (wife) January 1861, New Mexico, 7 children, 4 living; Clotilde (dau) July 1885, New Mexico; Marta (dau) April 1891, New Mexico.

Thorp see Narron

Bonifacio Torres, January 1881, New Mexico, Day laborer; Secundina (wife) May 1881, Colorado, no child

Jose de Jesus Torres, March 1873, Colorado, Day laborer; Perfilia (wife) September 1883, New Mexico, 1 child, 1 living; Placido (son) October 1899, New Mexico.

Polito Trujillo, March 1877, New Mexico, Teamster; Catalina (wife) December 1880, Colorado, 3 children 2 living; Erinea (daughter) october 1895, New Mexico; Leonarda (daughter) February 1897, Colorado; Carolina Cordova (sister in law) April 1891, Colorado.

Antonio Valdez, May 1873, Colorado, Tie maker; Rayitos (wife) October 1880, New Mexico, no children; Higinio Esquibel (boarder) January 1882, New Mexico, Tie Maker.

Jose La Luz Valdez, February 1865, New Mexico, Tie maker; Carmen (wife) July 1867, New Mexico, 6 children, 4 living; Julian (son) January 1888, New Mexico; Juanita (daughter) October 1892, New Mexico; Albina (daughter) June 1896, New Mexico; Juan (son) June 1897, New Mexico.

Matias Vargas, May 1865, New Mexico, Teamster; Gregoria (wife) March 1868, New Mexico, no children; Bernardo (adoptive son) May 1889, New Mexico, teamster; Selso Maes (uncle) February 1848, New Mexico, teamster

Ricardo Vensor, October 1871, New Mexico, Day laborer.

Antonio Vigil, March 1875, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Maria (wife) May 1877, New Mexico, 6 children, 1 living; Maria Lillie (daughter) May 1900, Colorado.

Francisco Vigil, May 1867, New Mexico, Day laborer; Jenny (wife) June 1872, Colorado, 4 children, 4 living; Emilio (son) August 1890, Colorado; Carlos (son) July 1892, Colorado; Lazaro (son) October 1895, Colorado; Elias (son) march 1899, New Mexico.

Gavino Vigil, February 1877, New Mexico, Tie Maker; Demecia (wife) November 1873, New Mexico, 5 children, 3 living; Clara Suazo (step daughter) August 1888, New Mexico; Margarita Suazo (step daughter) August 1889, New Mexico; Ufracia Suazo (step daughter) January 1893, New Mexico.

Manuel Vigil, February 1863, Colorado, Musician; Manuela (wife) April 1870, New Mexico, 2 children, 1 living; Cipriano Cordova (stepson) September 1885, Colorado.

N.A. Waer, September 1864, Scotland, emigrated 1868, Work Shop; Mary M. (wife) December 1858, Illinois, no children.

W.H. Walp, February 1851, ohio, Miner.

Wandruff see Fuwler

Ruff Whitely, February 1853, Arkansas, Farm laborer; Loty (wife) March 1857, Iowa, 9 children, 9 living; Offa (daughter) May 1885, Arkansas; Cleveland (son) May 1888, Arkansas; Charlie (son) march 1891, Arkansas; Loty (daughter) February 1894, Choctaw Territory.

Billie Whiteman, July 1872, Colorado, Clerk; Dellen (wife) october 1872, Colorado, 2 children, 2 living; Vera (daughter) January 1897, New Mexico; Eunice (daughter) July 1899, New Mexico.

J.E. Whitiley, February 1875, Arkansas, Farm laborer; Settie (wife) January 1877, Arkansas, 1 child, none living; Moris Hart (boarder) January 1867, Wisconsin, Day laborer.

Wik see Arnoll

Joseph Wilcox, July 1842, Michigan, Farm laborer; Malina (wife) July 1844, Michigan, 4 children, 2 living

Louis Wilcox, September 1877, Michigan, Railroad pumper; Julia (wife) October 1880, Iowa, no children

Mary E. Williams, (widow) October 1851, Canada.

Morrow Williams, November 1874, Kansas, Teamster; Marthael (wife) March 1880, Arkansas; Joseph (son) September 1898, New Mexico.

Wilbur Wolcott, March 1864, Michigan, Merchant; Harrett (wife) January 1868, Michigan, 4 children, 3 living; Rose (son) December 1887, Michigan; Ida (daughter) July 1890, Michigan; Ray (son) March 1893, New Mexico.

Annie Woodruff, (widow) September 1861, Ohio, House Keeper, 9 children, 6 living.

John L.Woodruff, June 1842, New Jersey, Blacksmith; Alvira (wife) December 1848, Pennsylvania, 3 children, 3 living.


Places of Birth

New Mexico Total (198)

United States Total : Arkansas (3); Colorado (36); Illinois (8); Indiana (2); Indian Territory (1); Iowa (5); Kansas (5); Kentucky (1); Maine (1); Massachusetts (1); Michigan (4); Mississippi (1); Missouri (20); Montana (1); Nebraska (5); New Jersey (1); New York (1); Ohio (1); Pennsylvania (3); South Dakota (1); Tennessee (2); Texas (2); Virginia (2); Wisconsin (1); Wyoming (1); 

Other Total : Canada (1); Finland (2); Germany (4); Ireland (1); Mexico (3); Nova Scotia (3); Sweden (1)


Blacksmith (1); Bookkeeper (1); Carpenter (4); Clerk (1); Cowboy (1); Day laborer (47); Driver (2); Engineer (1); Farmer (2); Farm laborer (5); Freighter (1); Herder (1); Hotel Keeper (1); Hotel servant (2); House keeper (1); Log Chopper (3); Manufacture Shop (1); Rancher (1); Saloon Keeper (1); Saw Filer (1); Station Engineer (1); Station Foreman (1); Store Clerk (2); Teamster (9); Telegraph Operator (1); Tie Inspector (1); Tie Maker (19); Tie Subcontractor (1); Wood Chopper (1); Work Shop (2);