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==== Baptist  ====
==== Baptist  ====
See [http://www.canterburykfhs.co.uk/non-conformist_2.htm+ Kent Family History Society]<br>
==== Unitarian Baptists  ====
==== Unitarian Baptists  ====

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Anglican places of worship

Anglican places of worship in the City of Canterbury are described both in Kent Parishes and additionally are partially reflected in Comprehensive List of Parishes and Churches within the City of Canterbury

Non- Conformist Places of worship




See Kent Family History Society

Unitarian Baptists

See Kent Family History Society

Zoar Particular Baptists

See Kent Family History Society

Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion

The modern Canterbury St Andrew's United Reformed Church replaces the building lost to the Whitefriars redevelopment which had been built in the 1950's as a Congregational Church.

The history of the original Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion Church dating from 1797, the replacement church of 1863 in Watling Street and the 1942 merger with the Congrgational Church and destruction of the building in 1942 bombing are told at Kent Family History Society with description of the records held at the Canterbury Cathedral Archives.

Wincheap Burial Ground

Wincheap Burial Ground records 1911-1927 contain Baptist, Congregational and Countess of Huntingdon's Connexion burials and are found in the Canterbury Cathedral Archives

Wesleyan Methodists


The French protestant refugees were initially assigned to "The Strangers Church" in 1575 see Canterbury St Alphege, Kent but later were transferred to the western crypt of Canterbury Christchurch Cathedral, Kent The present day French Protestant Chapel is located in the Black Prince's Chantry in a small area of the Western Crypt.

Records are held at the National Archives with copies at the Centre for Kentish Studies Maidstone

See also Kent Family History Society for description of the record holdings.

Society of Friends (Quakers)

The earlier Friends Meeting House in Canterbury was lost in 1942 bombing of the city.

See description of the history of the Religious Society of Friends in Canterbury and description of the record holdings at the National Archives at Kent Family History Society

The Old Synagogue Canterbury

The Old Synagogue Canterbury dates from 1846-1848, a replacement for a 1763 building and the history of the Jewish Community in Canterbury is included Old Synagogue Canterbury Wikipedia  The building is now used for religious worship only occasionally and is a recital hall within the King's School The King's School Wikipedia and The Old Synagogue King's School

For an early history of the Canterbury Jewish community Medieval Jewish Community Canterbury

Canterbury and District Jewish Community

The records deposited in the Canterbury Cathedral Archives are described at Kent Family History Society