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*[http://www.distantcousin.com/Directories/CA/ Distant Cousin]
*[http://www.distantcousin.com/Directories/CA/ Distant Cousin]

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United States of America > United States Directories > California Directories

Directories of heads of households were published for major cities of California. The Family History Library, for example, has:

Los Angeles

1873-1935 Family History Library films 1376980
1910, 1942, etc. Family History Library book 979.493 E4LL

The Los Angeles Public Library has the following with a few small gaps in the years available.  The 1872 directory is a combination city-county one.  

1872-1942 Los Angeles Public Library microfilm
1873-1942 Los Angeles Public Library books

1929,1936,1938, 1939,1942

Los Angeles Public Library digital images


San Francisco

1850-1861 Family History Library fiche 6044468-83
1861/62-1934 Family History Library films 1377422
1910, 1936, etc. Family History Library films 1321020,
1935, 1945-46, 1961,1962 Family History Library films 1321020

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