California State Census, 1852 (FamilySearch Historical Records)

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Collection Description

The collection consists of a name index of population schedules listing the inhabitants of the state of California in 1852.

The first federal census of California was taken in 1850. However, many of the residents had come to California because of the Gold Rush and were continually on the move. This made the accuracy of the 1850 census questionable. In addition, the records for the counties of Contra Costa, San Francisco, and Santa Clara were lost or destroyed. As a result, the State of California conducted its own census in 1852. This is the only state census for California. 

The census was compiled to obtain an accurate count of the population of the state. Accuracy of the information in the census is determined by the accuracy of the knowledge of the informant, which could have been any member of the family or even a neighbor. As stated in Collection History, some information in this census was deliberately falsified.

Citation for This Collection

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{{Collection citation | text = California County Clerk. California State Census, 1852. California State Archives, Sacramento, California.