British Military Personal Papers and Possessions

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British Military Personal Papers and Possessions


Soldier's Record and Pay Book was issued to each soldier in the Army and had two parts to it. Part I was to be in their possession at all times and contained all identifying information pertaining to the soldier. Part II pertains to active service and is a record of pay. These books changed very little over time and may contain any of the following bits of information:

  • Sizes of their clothing
  • Personal information: Name, Birth, Regiment, Date of Attestation (enlistment) along with age at that time and a description of themselves, their trade at the time of attestation
  • Specific types of training and dates
  • Promotions with dates of such
  • Record of Leave time
  • Medical Issues with dates
  • Inoculations with dates
  • Name of an individual to be notified if necessary
  • Dates and amounts of Pay (Part II)

Much detail on these books is provided online by ab64



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